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Monday, March 23, 2009

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Monday, Late Edition

Following President Obama's remarks during his recent Tonight Show appearance associating his poor bowling performance with the "Special Olympics" a disabled man who is a national Special Olympics champion in blowling says to the President "Bring it." Kolan McConiughey, a mentally disabled man considered one of the nation's top Special Olympics bowlers, with five perfect games to his credit told the AP "He bowled a 129. I bowl a 300. I could beat that score easily."

Meghan McCain writing at the Daily Beat interviews Supriya Jindal, the first lady of Louisiana.  Surpiya, a chemical engineer regularly completes Soduku Samurai puzzles.

Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota may be about to join the big government league of so called Republicans like Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Pawlenty wants to hatch a scheme where the state would attach a device to your car and bill for the miles driven. At what point does government get out of our lives?

Some of the great promise of social networking sites like Twitter includes getting a peak into the mundane personal lives of celebrities. For example, We learn that Kim Kardashian didn't invite her sister Kourtney to dinner with some old high school chums.

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Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

Here are some topic starters:

Meurello Maddox: Downtown L.A.'s "Enron" scandal. Look for a big chunk of Downtown L.A. property to be taken over by SOMEONE, like a bank. And when whoever that is, looks into the books, wait until you see what happens. (Ooops, City of L.A. took a bulk of fraudulent permits from the biggest campaign contributor to Antonio Villaraigosa when he was elected mayor.

DWP: First of all, forget about solar. That knucklhead boondoggle was defeated, now it's time to focus on the real issue/problem -- and it isn't producing a small amount of solar kilowatts. It's about finally addressing the DWP infrastructure, like the transformers, that were installed back in the "Leave it to Beaver," when the worst doomsday scenario predictor could not have predicted this type of high-density demand.



HOW ABOUT USING THEM FOR THE REAL TASK AT HAND! Now get to it, Dummiragosa with your partner in crime David "Al Godfather Pachino"

WATER: Zuma Dogg declared a Sierra snowcap water crisis a couple years ago, and the prediction I made, that the Sierra snowcaps would not be producing enough water for all of this "Dumb Growth" high-density, developer-driven madness. People will be dropping dead from lack of water, and I will be blaming Villarigosa and Garcetti. (Both of whom think they are going to advance to the next political level.)

TRAFFIC: First of all, has anyone in V-Ragosa's office started to fix the left hand turn signal "auto sensor" timing patterns that do not work in real life traffic situations, and is making traffic worse and more unsafe? Also, traffic on Tues, Wed and Thurs is always the worst, because a lot of city workers chose to work four days instead of five, so Mondays and Fridays are lighter, as people create weekly three day weekends. How about offering free parking at the meters downtown on Monday and Friday since traffic is lighter and you could entice more people to come down on those days.

And regarding traffic, something must be done about the pedestrian traffic and the signals. It doesn't do any good to have the signals timed out, when all it takes is one slow moving pedestrian to jump out into the crosswalk, and the entire intersection has to come to a stop. Then, just when they make it across the street, the light turns red and cars don't move. So they go through the red light to compensate. IF YOU WANT THE ONE AND ONLY SOLUTION, BOOK ZUMA DOGG FOR A DEMING 14 POINT SEMINAR ($10,000 for 8 hours to make sure you are really paying attention and really want to fix the traffic problem) AND I WILL PRESENT YOU WITH THE ONE AND ONLY SOLUTION.

SPECIAL EVENT FEE WAIVERS: The people really appreciated paying for the L. Ron Hubbard birthday party and Alarcon/Cardenas' "protest march parade" and all the other non-essential bull-crap these joker-ass clowns are jamming down your throats. I really can't believe you people reading this that do not ever lift a finger or show up at city hall to tell these bigshots what you think to their face.

VENICE BEACH STABBING: Doesn't look like the mayor's office has done a thing to address the issue at Venice Beach. So Zuma Dogg will be carrying on with his "Why Antonio Villaragiosa Cannot Be Governor" that I will be posting on the NEW http://Villaragiosa.Blogspot.com and other related "Villaraigosa" themed blogs. (It's gonna be a real "Google" search engine bitch, BITCH!)

Now get to fixing some of that stuff you inept dummy mayor and weak-ass, no-spine, powerless councilosers.

AND REMEMBER, you WILL be implementing Deming's 14 points. Just a matter of before, or after you do not get to advance to the next level.

And Antonio, you better send some of your strategists down to the Mexican border. I hear the Feds are going to have to start getting tough, or else we (I mean U.S.) will lose the border to the cartel. So you better get down there and make sure the criminals rights are not being violated and tell them some of the ways they can legally keep doing what they are doing. Because remember people...it's not their fault! They HAVE to resort to these types of things because of the oppressive non-Mexican powers that be. Isn't that right, Antonio? (I've seen your old speeches on YouTube. NICE!)

March 23, 2009 5:26 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zuma, can we donate to you anonymously without having to give our names on that paypal account?

Do we have to put cash in an envelope and send it to the address on your blog?

March 24, 2009 12:41 AM  

Anonymous Phil Jennerjahn said:

This idea that the government has the right to tax you for miles driven is nonsense.

It would be the breaking point for all voters and every incumbent would lose his job.

It is pure government intrusion into your life.
It would also be unfair to people who drive for a living.

The idea is pure Statism, Big Brother and Communism.

I'm not interested in that. Never have been. Never will be.

We need LESS government interference in our lives. Not more.

March 24, 2009 7:23 AM  

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