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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Tuesday

Civic activist Jane Usher is a thoughtful and articulate person who makes some good points about billboards.  That being said a "one size fits all" policy regarding billboards is not appropriate for the city.  We don't need NIMBYs from one part of town telling folks in another part of town what to do.  Further billboards are not a crisis issue in Los Angeles.  Crime is and the fact that young people can not get a job looms far larger but apparently doesn't catch the attention of the Trade Joe shopping, latte sipping cranks that fill many Neighborhood Councils.

The City Council wants to try to make up the budget shortfall by going after the funds of Neighborhood Councils. Council Member Richard Alarcon is however stepping up on behalf of the Councils. Rick Orlov quotes Alarcon as saying "I'm getting frustrated that the CAO is not identifying major savings while we're intimidating the neighborhood councils."

Here's something that Flap is right about - Senator Dianne Feinstein will probably not run for Governor.  Thought she would be a formidable candidate in many ways there's not an upside.  But I believe that DiFi realizes she's better off remaining in the Senate than taking on a race she might lose but even if she wins inherits a whole pack of troubles a Senator doesn't have to deal with.  Flap is wrong however that candidates such as Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa will best Jerry Brown.  Both Newsom and Villaraigosa have extraordinarily high negatives and Brown is the candidate who appeals most to faithful and likely Democratic voters across the board.

Zuma Dogg is right when he says there isn't a future for the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Saltsburg says "Even if the right answers were out there, you would never get all the powers that be to agree to move in one, focused direction."  Yes that's correct and its time once and for all to break up this train wreck of a District.

And finally pop diva Britney Spears has been ordered to read the Bible an hour every day.  Her father and co-conservator Jamie Spears issued the edict as a series of requirments Britney must follow including banning her from using the Internet.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

so what does it take to break up LAUSD? Is it like secession, where LAFCO is involved, or is it a petition/ LAUSD district initiative/proposition, or does it take an act of the State legislature (god help us all)?

Want to do something usefull with your blog Mike? Lay out the ground rules for breakup and lead the call to arms...I'm down to help lay out the road map...

March 17, 2009 9:13 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

It is time to rescue Brittney from this lunatic. He is interested in preserving his cash cow and nothing more.

Forcing someone to read the Bible? What better way to have them turn against religion?

March 17, 2009 10:21 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


intersting dust up on school break up...

March 17, 2009 11:22 AM  

Anonymous Opressed in CD7 said:

I'm sorry.... but Alarcon steps up for NCs? You must be ef-ing kidding me! What a load of ****.

That's all politics. And lies.

In practice, his office overtly threatens, intimidates, and bypasses NCs whose boards aren't filled with his yes-men at every turn!

What a two-faced, abusive piece of ****.

March 17, 2009 11:44 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

If Zuma is a true activist he should be at the Miguel Contreras school where Obama is speaking on Thursday to get publicity for the sham the Mayor is.

Obama townhall school faces massive layoffs, academic questions
The Miguel Contreras Learning Complex at which President Barack Obama will offer a townhall on Thursday threatens to lose up to 40% of its instructors should the Sacramento budget mess break badly.

Last week, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa took Monica Garcia and Ramon Cortines to "lobby Secretary of Education Arne Duncan for increased support for school construction and local education reform."

It's not known if the Obama administration is aware that the LAUSD has received pledges of $26 billion dollars from taxpayers through 2044 for school construction and rehabilitation.

The Contreras school's Global Studies school slid 22 points in Academic Performance Index metrics from 2007-2008. The school cost $168 million dollars to build, and services 2,000 students, mostly overflow from Belmont. "Social Justice" is part of the curriculum; journalism is not.

Posted on Street Hassle

March 17, 2009 12:42 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Higby is once again editing comments, and selectively not posting those with whose opinions he disagrees.

March 17, 2009 1:25 PM  

Blogger Michael Higby said:

No, dumbass, at our readers' request I'm not posting your ad nauseum 100% not new copy and pasted Zuma Dogg comments.

Come up with something new and we'll talk.

March 17, 2009 1:36 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What I don't like is when Michael starts putting up commentaries like they're coming from someone other than him. It's sometimes so easy to read through that. It's disappointing, since I used to enjoy this blog more. Michael I would like to see that type of blog here again. This ain't what it used to be.

March 17, 2009 2:31 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yeah. why are they continuing to build new schools but going to layoff thousands of teachers?

March 17, 2009 2:51 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

OH, when you said "rescue Brittany from the lunatic" I thought you were talking about Higby, who's blog-stalking her again.

That dude REALLY has it bad for all the damaged, little-girl pop stars out there. The Lindsay Down-Lohan thing must just have been the final straw for him.

Geez, Hugby! Someone as old as you, who isn't a gay guy, or someone writing for a tabloid, REALLY shouldn't devote this much space to bubble-gum kiddie icons.

It's just not healthy.

March 17, 2009 4:21 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

MOTION (PARKS - LABONGE) relative to declaring the L. Ron Hubbard Birthday Event on March 21, 2009 a Special Event (fees and costs absorbed by the City = $3,000).

just what scientology needed, a 3K break from the city!

March 17, 2009 4:46 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

4:21 is one of those readers like Alger, Mailander, Valley Dolt, etc. that have up their ass with some kind of anti-Higby obsession. They don't even read the blog who wrote what what was actually said.


Higby writes "The City Council met today in the Valley."

They would comment

"Higby has this odd obsession with where the Council is at any given moment. Better warn Wendy Greuel he is stalking her."

March 17, 2009 5:50 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

4:21 PM is mad at the world.

March 17, 2009 6:03 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

4:21 is blog-stalking Higby.

It's just not healthy.

March 17, 2009 6:13 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Reality check creepy old person @ 4:21. Brittney Spears isn't a little girl nor a kiddie icon any longer.

March 17, 2009 6:30 PM  

Blogger Michael Higby said:

4:21 isn't Valley Doll, J. Mailander or Alger but otherwise the rest of the analysis is spot on.

March 17, 2009 8:17 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

I would like to be at Obama's appearance at Miguel C High School. If I have the gas money, I want to head over to see the crowd and take in the event and try and get the message out as you suggested. So hope I have gas.

March 17, 2009 8:17 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Michael, you definitely have a creepy white guy rescuer-of-teeny-boppers thing going on.

I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm guessing this is an outgrowth of your obesity and that you didn't have many, if any, dates in high school.

Now it's manifesting some creepy personality traits in you. At least that's what it looks like from here. And I don't even have something against you. I like your blog. But it's the way you conduct yourself sometimes when it comes to sexy teenies half of your age or less.

March 17, 2009 8:30 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

8:30 PM You just described yourself Furry Loon. Not Michael, because he's just putting hot stories on his blog, but yourself. Admit it. You got hot looking at Spears and you had to transfer your sick obsession to Michael. Like you project all your sickness on someone else. Get help if there's still time.

March 17, 2009 9:29 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

OMG -- 8:30, you don't get it, do you?

The whole Brittney thing? It's a joke. Duh. It's actually very funny and it makes me laugh every time I read one of these Britney Reports. Absurdity, anyone? .... Anyone? Anyone?

Your own very presence here on this blog is just as absurd as Britney's foibles being reported here on this blog. And equally as absurd as half the crap that gets pulled in LA on a daily baasis and which you read about on this blog. And almost as absurd as all the rest of the commenters here.

That, and ... you're both just awful trainwrecks. We luvs us some trainwrecks!

Nevermind. Pearls before Swine, Michael. Pearls before swine.

March 18, 2009 12:32 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Those damn special event waivers are a joke. And the morons on council pass them without blinking an eye. Not one city employee has been cut, the Mayor has 4 press people making over $100,000, 16 Deputy Mayors making over $`135,000, 15 city vehicles, 93 staffers just for his office alone. Then add all the city vehicles for clowncil staffers, gas, insurance, blackberries, and NO ONE HAS CUT A DAMN THING FROM ANY OF THEM. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE PEOPLE?

March 18, 2009 6:49 AM  

Anonymous g said:


March 19, 2009 6:22 PM  

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