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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Morning Brief on a retiring West LA "Nostril" Political Machine for Thursday

Longtime West LA Congressman Henry "The Nostril" Waxman will not run for re-election, bring the end to the legendary "Berman-Waxman Political Machine Era". 
 Will the "Nostril" of the West LA Collectivist Dependentcrat Political Machine become the portal for the proposed Sepulveda Pass Tunnels in retirement?
** Blogger's Note: Local longtime political observers and national commentators are musing over the "surprise" (?, naught) retirement announcement of uber-partisan West LA Collectivist Dependentcrat Congressman Henry Waxman. The retirement of the "Nostril" of the formerly dominant Political Machine of West LA (and beyond), may be a barometer on the forbidding chances of the Collectivist Dependentcrats to win back the House and retain its majority in the Senate (unless the Establishment Republicans snatch defeat from victory again). But in hindsight, the surprise here should be naught. With the Berman half of the machine going down to defeat to the Valley Sherman-Gatto Machine last year, Waxman was becoming a political relic, further diluted by the political fact that his Collectivists Dependentcrats comrades will not regain control of Congress in 2014 ( thanks to Obamacare). Thus, now is the time for the last half of the "Berman-Waxman Machine" to march off into a "Black and Blue, West LA Political Sunset"---Scott Johnson in CD 14.   
 Washington D.C partisan politics will not be the same without the signature sneer of the shorter half of the once-formidable "Berman-Waxman Machine".   
Will the voters of retiring Congressman Henry Waxman's congressional district want to embrace "the pick" of its longtime representative to replace him in Congress?
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

This post would be a lot more credible without making fun of Waxman's looks.

January 31, 2014 4:31 PM  

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