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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Say No to Credential-Lacking and Scandal-Prone Terri McDonald for Interim Sheriff

A retire State of California Parole Officer Caroline Aguirre, states the multiple reasons why Terri McDonald deserves not to be appointed the Interim Sheriff, replacing a retiring Lee Baca. ´╗┐
Sheriff Lee Baca's under qualified choice to replace him as Interim Sheriff, Terri McDonald.
** Blogger's Note: On Tuesday, the LA County Board of Supervisors will meet and decide whether to follow the recommendation of scandal-laden, retiring Sheriff Lee Baca, by naming Baca underling Terri McDonald as Interim Sheriff. McDonald herself, has "baggage" from her recent times with California Department of Corrections and was recently disclosed in a LA Times expose (or an accidental Act of Journalism), to be not qualify for the appointment. But behind the scenes speculation, is that a McDonald appointment would be seen favorably by California Governor Jerry Brown, who valued McDonald's help in pushing the AB 109 Prison Realignment Debacle during her time in the Department of Corrections. Thus, the LA County Board of Supervisors, despite McDonald's lack of credentials ( ** and scandals of her own as noted by Caroline Aguirre), may anoint McDonald as the county's top cop in return for additional state-funding via Governor Brown---Scott Johnson´╗┐
Who is the real Terri McDonald ? When she departed from her employment with the California Department of Corrections she like so many others decided to go into double dipping and obtain new employment now with an appointment by Sheriff Lee Baca as a new Assistant Sheriff to be in charge of Los Angeles County' Jail facilities. McDonald like Margareta Perez ( one of the new Assistant Chiefs with the Los Angeles County Probation Department ) left the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation  and the Division of Adult Parole Operations in complete shambles.
McDonald covered up investigations of misconduct by both Prison Administrators and Parole Administrators.  Contributed to the elimination of both vocational and rehabilitative programs within the California Prison System.derailed the Division of Adult Parole Operations .
She also played a role in the coverup of the current investigation where more than 100 females inmates claimed that they were swayed to sign off on documentation for sterilization. The signed off sterilization forms were not sent up to a special medical committee in Sacramento for approval. A major violation of Corrections policy. A law suit has been filed. Responsible to a degree for the continued lack of oversight to monitor the Federal Courts mandates surrounding the California Prison system. Failure to provide updated truthful documentation for the Federal Courts.
Failure to find solutions for the massive California State Prison overcrowding without causing damage to the overall health and welfare to the residents of the state of California.  Coverup and or the  destruction of documentation surrounding  the true data and numbers of parolees failures as a result  AB 109. Mandated that hundreds of parolees be discharged early from continued parole supervision as to save the state money. Many of those individuals have been rearrested for new very violent criminal offenses  to include  murders, rape and other violent assaults .
Already the first of many wrongful death law suits have been filed surrounding AB 109. A High Risk Sex offender raped , and then beat his grandmother to Death. More recently prior to her departure from her employment with Corrections she played a role in having a parole supervisor  served with adverse actions because she dared to come forward and tell the news media that she was ordered and instructed by both Corrections and Parole Administrators ( Perez ) not to submit parole violation reports on  those parolees classified as High Risk Sex offenders who removed their GPS tracking devises. California State Senator Ted Lieu in response to the news media reports wrote SB 57 , which states that any paroled sex offender who tampers or removes their GPS device must receive a parole violation and a revocation time of 180 days.
CNN did an excellent TV special on this topic and the failures of AB 109.  McDonald was a key player in pushing forth AB 109. One should ask if she received her appointment as a result of her connections to Jerry Brown. We have already seen here in our county the horrible outcome of AB 109. Four people shot in the head and killed by a gang member who was placed under AB 109 in Northridge. A young child kidnapped and raped by yet another individual under AB 109 and again in Northridge. A young female in Hollywood killed by a male under AB 109 because she refused to give him a dollar. A young mother in Long Beach killed by a hard core gang member under AB 109, a Sixteen year civilian employee of the LA.Co. Sheriff's Department killed after being caught in the crossfire  of a gang shooting in Pasadena and a young father working two jobs to support his family killed by yet another hard core gang member in Highland Park.
The California Department of Corrections is currently facing hundreds of civil law suits and yet today in the Sacramento Bee, there is mention of yet another law suit which has just been filed. A Federal Judge has demanded an immediate investigation surrounding an inmates death  and also told the Department of Corrections  "Not to Destroy or lose any written Documentation " 
Now I ask you  , how many of these current  pending law suits against the California of Corrections  have Terri McDonald' name on them ? McDonald should never have been hired on by Lee Baca.  But how many members of our County Board of Supervisors already knew about McDonald'  questionable past ?  One should ask McDonald why she consented to and failed to object to the multiple promotions of Maria Franco  aka Queen of the Sex Offender Shuffle ( David Goldstein TV Special ), Protest marches by community residents in 2008 , a large Community meetings in Alhambra also in 2008 aired on TV # 5.
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14´╗┐

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Oh so many ol mcdonald stories to share,come on up to the stockton prison or ask ccpoa how many suits in cdcr it takes to change a lite bulb, we dont know as it has not been changed yet...check out pacovilla.com for ideas . I will email you some ideas that reach far and wide of LA. For obvious reasons and fear for my life i will remain anonymous.

January 27, 2014 4:24 PM  

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