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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Morning Law and Order Briefs regarding the Los Angeles Political Machine for Hump Day 1-29-14

The LA County Board of Supervisors selection of Orange County Sheriff Official John Scott as Interim Sheriff, reaffirms the elective body's commitment to move on with needed reforms within the LA Sheriff Department.
New LA County Interim Sheriff John Scott speaks to the media.
For once the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors did something right, and legal, behind close doors.
With no apologies to retiring LA Scandalous Sheriff Lee Baca, his scandalous underling Terri McDonald and scandalous AB-109 supporting Governor Jerry Brown, the LA County Board of Supervisors emerge from behind close doors, making the right decision in selecting Orange County Under Sheriff John Scott as Interim Sheriff, starting Friday.
Scott, who rose up through the ranks of the LA County Sheriff Department before moving down the I-5 to take a top position in the Orange County counterpart, will take a leave from his current job to oversee a scandal-plague department he knows well.
The backlash against retiring Sheriff Lee Baca's choice to replace him, former Department of Corrections Official Terri McDonald, was an obvious factor in returning a moment of legal sanity to the closed door proceedings at the Hall of Administration. Thus, the "Four Kings (with "Renovation-Thomas" abstaining) and a Queen" should be commended for making the right decision.
** The "Greece on the Pacific One Party State" (aka the formerly "Two Party, Golden State"), will be minus one Collectivist Dependentcrat State Senator as Roderick Wright was found guilty of eight felony county of perjury and voter fraud, originating from his fictitious residency claims. As the successful LA County District Attorney Office of Public Integrity's prosecution highlights, lying about your domicile status has consequences and somewhere within CD 2/7, a certain former "Zorro Marxist, City Clowncil Central Committee Member" awaits his (and wife) "Day of Judgment".
** Our friends at the LA County District Attorney Office of Public Integrity, fresh off yesterday's court victory, are apparently joining the growing legal investigation involving the Joint DWP/ IBEW Safety Training Non-Profits expenditure of $40 Million dollars of ratepayer money. With the DA joining the growing legal investigation of this joint Public/ Union Partnership, we ponder when DWP/ IBEW Strongman Brian "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo" will turn on the DWP-powered lights in his Sun Valley Bunker, to illuminate the requested documents?
** Lastly, as LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Renovation-Thomas" was abstaining from the selection of Interim Sheriff John Scott, the Daily News was gladly replicating the noted Bitter Dad's response to their Editorial regarding his "Publicly-Financed, Garage to Man Cave Conversion". This rant is worthy of a bloggin deconstruction ........, pending further disclosures.
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


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