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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Hump Day

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As the first full work week of 2014 reaches the hump, all in the world of local political print commentary is normal with the return of the reigning "Scribe of Wit", Downtown News Editor Jon Regardie from his Holiday Season Hiatus.
Never straying far from our CD 14 centric bloggin center of being, we bring you an excerpt on one of Regardie's seven subject matters, who's recent actions east of Downtown, has caught the attention of the noted Clippers Fan.
Ana Guerrero: Ana Guerrero has been with Eric Garcetti since 2001 and currently serves as the mayor’s chief of staff. But for how long? City Hall is abuzz with speculation that Guerrero will jump into the 14th District City Council race in an attempt to unseat incumbent José Huizar. She hasn’t copped to a campaign yet, but you can be sure that the consultants are doing the background work and assessing how wounded Huizar is following the revelations of an affair with a former deputy. Guerrero likely won’t enter the 2015 election without the blessing and backing of her boss. This could be a test of her viability and, more intriguingly, Garcetti’s patronage.
...... we ponder if the "Monkey Butler" will entertain a response?

** Despite the riveting appeals of LAUSD School Board Member Steve Zimmer, the remaining Failure Mayor Antonio Villar allies on the School Board, stood together in blocking an appointment to replace the Late District One School Board Member Marguerite Poindexter-LaMotte during last evening's looooooong, devisive meeting on Beaudry. Reigning School Board President Richard Vladovic acted as the Dr, Death in killing the appointment option.  
** The fallout of the surprise, sudden resignation (and the number of declared candidates) of Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, continues to grow. While the short term fixation is on who will replace Sheriff Baca at the end of the month. the Los Cerritos News is reporting that Assistant Sheriff and City of Lakewood Vice-Mayor Todd Rogers is "100% intent" on seeking to be elected the next Los Angeles County Sheriff. Sheriff Baca during his morning press conference had stated that Assistant Sheriff Rogers should be consider as his possible interim replacement. 
** With a changeover of City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Commissioners, just on the other side of the playground, the out-going cast of commissioners have a nice present on their last agenda for a certain "Uber Wannabee Griffith Park Superintendent", that would cause the late Col. Griffith consternation, via the Griffith Park Wayist Blog. We should also note that longtime Rec & Parks Commission Frontperson Barry Sanders is being replace by the wife of CD 3 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Bob Blumenfield.
** Lastly, as the controversy grows over the potentially disastrous Hollywood Millennium Project, another accidental act of geologic fact will take place in the late A.M. 
Opponents to Hold News Conference at City Hall
At 11 am tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan. 8), the California Geological Survey will hold a news conference in the Carmel Room at the Junipero Serra Building, 320 W. 4th Street, Los Angeles. At that time CGS officials, led by State Geologist Dr. John Parrish, will release the agency’s earthquake map for the Hollywood area.
That map is likely to have a very significant impact on the controversial Millennium Hollywood Project.
Fifteen minutes or so after the CGS news conference, Robert P. Silverstein, attorney for the city-wide coalition of community groups opposed to the project, will join Hollywood community activists at a news conference on the First Street Steps of City Hall to comment on the new earthquake map and its impact on the Millennium project.
Silverstein expects to be present at the CGS news conference but he will not be speaking to the media at that time. He will reserve his comments for the subsequent news conference at City Hall.
WHEN: Tomorrow, Jan. 8th, 15 minutes after the CGS news conference
WHERE: First Street Steps of City Hall
WHAT: Attorney Robert P. Silverstein, representing Stopthemillenniumhollywood.org, will comment on the CGS map and how it will impact the Millennium project. Community activists involved in the Millennium fight will be present as well, carrying signs.
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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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