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Monday, January 27, 2014

Workplace Dysfunction (mixed with Punitive Actions against NC Members) reigns at Empower LA?

Is the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment becoming the domain of dysfunctional and disgruntle employees,  who are failing to Empower LA's Neighborhood Councils? 
Former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar with current DONE/ Empower LA General Manager Grayce Liu. 
**Blogger's Note: When not bloggin musing, working, or tending to daily life issues, this commentator is most likely to be found spending his quality evening hours in fulfilling duties accorded to myself as a member of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council. As the elective body's Recording Secretary, Chairperson of its Education Committee and Committee Member of the important Land Use Committee, many evenings and spare time is spent in executing responsibilities that come with the respective positions. Normally, I choose not to regale you with the on-going affairs of the current incarnation of the LA-32 NC. After all, with our Councilman making news on occasion (more like daily), why should we use precious bloggin time in recapping the monthly NC theatrics of LA-32? Believe me, you can view each meeting here via the You Tube Webpage of the El Sereno Delusional, whoops, supposed Historical Society (** when not edited for its political motives, but I digress). But today, my self-imposed bloggin embargo on LA-32 NC proceedings will come to a end today, thanks to a growing dysfunctional Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE). In recent weeks, the likes of Paul Hatfield and Denyse Selesnick, both San Fernando Valley NC Members, have opine on the current state of affairs involving disgruntled employees and issues pertaining to accounting protocols within DONE. Recently, the LA-32 NC has been the recipient of DONE directives (see letter below) involving fiscal issues that are now targeting the current NC Treasurer with punitive threats of removal, for past actions, some three-plus years ago (which were ordering business cards for all board members). Make no doubt, that personalities come into play when being a part of any NC (especially LA-32). But when selected board members (with enabling of DONE employees?) attempt to retaliate against a fellow NC board member for petty personal and political reasons, then the community and the General Manager of the Department need to be aware of this waste of time ...... and city resources---Scott Johnson in CD 14. 
Good morning to all,
I hope this email response finds everyone and their respective families well.
Sadly, I can't say the same in regards to the arbitrary actions of the "Powers to Be" at Empower LA (and maybe, a few disgruntle LA-32 residing individuals).
In December of 2013, a majority of LA-32 General Board Members came together in supposedly bring about a positive resolution to the outstanding fiscal issues that were outlined by Empower LA officials.
During the proceeding months, board members have sought answers to fiscal questions, as outlined by Empower LA, from its employees, in the spirit of arriving at a collective positive resolution of these issues, that reaffirms our commitment of being open and transparent stewards of public resources.
Yet, just when it seems that this body has achieved the positive resolutions, as outline by the multiple directives of Empower LA, from out of a dysfunctional filing system, comes another outstanding fiscal issue regarding "Business Cards" that originated from the previous incarnation of the LA-32 NC General Board.
Further, it seems that Empower LA officials are targeting the current LA-32 Treasurer, who as a Board Member on the previous LA-32 General Board, was responsible for the ordering and dissimilation of the "board requested business cards". In reviewing the attached documentation and in corresponding with other board members from that seated LA-32 Board, there is no evidence of any nefarious conduct by the board member in question, only the fact that Empower LA officials failed to make the appropriate inter-departmental transfer of funds to cover the cost of producing the requested product.
But what is more troubling in regards to this latest Empower LA Directive, is the targeting of a selective board member, without protocols in place, that protect the supposed Due Process Rights, which should be accorded anyone accuse of personal or fiscal misconduct. The fact that this latest missive, makes the suggestion that removing the current Treasurer, as a remedy to absolving the current LA-32 NC of all its outstanding fiscal issues, fails to underscore this current General Board responsibility in acting as the ultimate "Check and Balance" in safe guarding the public resources under its purview. A collective responsibility that has shown positive results in recent weeks.
For the record, I should state that it is my sincere hope that "no behind-the-senses dialog" is contributing to these on-going fiscal issues regarding the LA-32 NC. Objective implementation of Empower LA Policies and Procedures should be paramount, while petty personal (and political) issues should be resolved on the board level and not become subject of interest for the paid employees of Empower LA. Recent media reports note that a number of Empower LA employees have filed a work place grievance, hopefully these issues are not affecting the workplace professionalism of the department staff http://citywatchla.com/8box-left/6104-nc-spoiler-alert-empowerla-employees-file-grievance ** This Stakeholder reserves the right to ascertain via the California Public Records Act, whether objectively is being follow in these on-going fiscal proceedings and report the finding to the appropriate oversight committees. 
In closing, the recent actions of the LA-32 NC General Board have shown its commitment in bring about a positive outcome to these fiscal issues and will continue to do so. But at this point, the continuing cooperation between the elected body and the staff of Empower LA, needs to be predicated on cooperative remedies, not selective, punitive actions devoid of Due Process.
With respects,
Scott Johnson
Recording Secretary
LA-32 NC
** These comments are my own and do not represent any official LA 32 NC positions.
** Further, this email will be made public in the spirit of "Open and Transparent Dialog".

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