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Friday, January 31, 2014

Late Morning Brief on the Los Angeles Political Machine's "Call Greuel's" new Blind Political Ambition

 Oh My God!! The former City Controller and Failure Mayoral Candidate Wendy "Failure Mayor Villar and Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's Greuel", wants to replace retiring Congressman Henry Waxman in Washington D.C. 
Add Carpetbagger to the Political Resume of former City Controller Wendy "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's Greuel" as she prepares to move into the 33rd Congressional District, to establish domicile, in the campaign to replace retiring Congressman Henry Waxman.
She's back!!
Just when you thought the former Los Angeles Political Machine's favorite "Call Greuel of Choice" had gone off to live a post, losing-campaign afterlife as "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" John Shallman's latest client debtor, a West LA Political Earthquake ( the "not-surprising" retirement of Congressman Henry Waxman), shakes the blond mane-covering cranium of the former San Fernando Valley-residing City Controller, into another blind act of political ambition, south of the Santa Monica Mountains.

DWP/IBEW's Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's "Call Greuel", wasted no time yesterday in seeking a new political rebirth by announcing her intention to run for the 33rd Congressional District Seat being vacated by Congressman Waxman at the end of the current term, predicated by moving into the district to establish domicile (** with Joint DWP/ IBEW Joint Safety Training Non-Profit, whoops, "Working Californians cash-laden Carpetbag" in hand? Just joking ......).

Greuel's announcement, will be the first of many prominent West LA Collectivist Dependentcrats ( and maybe a moderate RINO, or two), who will join this campaign battle royale, with speculation including the likes of Besty Butler, State Senator Ted Lieu ( ** just announced his intentions to run this afternoon), Assemblyman Richard Bloom, retiring LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky among others who want to succeed Congressman Waxman.

The irony here is what Congressman Waxman fail to do for the local and national economy via his Collectivist Dependentcrat-partisan actions, he will accomplish for his Congressional District by retiring and unleashing a short term, mother lode of economic opportunity for the local political consulting class, old & new media, connected non-profits and assorted businesses.

Surely the likes of "Parque" Skelton, "Ace" Smith, "Darth Harvey" Englander, "The Private Citizen/ Political Consultant", Rick Taylor, Bill Carrick, "Young Brian", the 'Two Eric's" (** included our alleged blog boss via the conspiracy-thinking Gatto Truthers, Eric Hacopian) and even "MEAT", are already mining for consulting contracts. ** BTW, there even might be enough consulting shekels left over to pay the likes of Rolando "The Big O" Cuevas to get out the dozen or less Latino votes ( keeping you in my thoughts Big O, but I digress).

Not to be left out, is the sure journalistic/blogging windfall for the likes of noted West LA commentators including the "Westside White Guy" ( aka Kevin Roderick) "Westside White Guy Emeritus" ( aka Bill Boyarsky), the Jewish Journal ( on second thought, all three are one in the same), (West) Los Angeles Magazine and of course, the West LA Propaganda Organ of Record, the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" ( aka LA Times), who will see major ads buys from the candidates, in addition to posting numerous missives on the campaign proceedings ahead.

There is no doubt that the race to replace the West LA Political Icon will be a political event that dwarfs the recent 30th Congressional District faceoff between the Berman-Waxman Machine co-namesake Howard Berman and the Sherman-Gatto Machine ( please chuckle at the political humor moment) Patriarch, Congressman Brad Sherman, in expenditures and campaign drama ( with many "Black and Blue Moments" to come).

Thus, for us bloggin observers east of the 405, especially those in CD 14 awaiting the 2015 Councilman Jose Huizar re-election battle, the upcoming 33th Congressional Campaign theatrics, should provide us here on the Eastside, a worthy, political warm up act.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14     

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Is Sandra Fluke (Fluck) running?

January 31, 2014 2:51 PM  

Anonymous David Crowley said:

And of course we have the "War on Women" leader, Sandra Fluke, possibly joining the race as well. Hopefully too many Dems will spoil the pot and allow a Republican to actually, you know, win and HELP the District.

January 31, 2014 7:09 PM  

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