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Saturday, January 04, 2014

"Campaign Money and Prisoner Dumping Expert", City Attorney Mike Feuer, targets "Patient Dumping" on Skid Row

Noted "Dumping Expert" City Attorney Mike Feuer goes after illegal Patient Dumping on Skid Row. But what other "dumping issue" of his co-authoring is he ignoring in the same area?
City Attorney Mike Feuer (third from left) with his fellow Campaign Money Dumping Friends from Bet Tzedek.
Care to join us for a bloggin Saturday Post Dump?
In reviewing yesterday's print edition of the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" (aka LA Times), any local political bloggin muser of record, could not help but to take notice of the story regarding new City Attorney's Mike Feuer's initiative to stop the practice of Patient Dumping on Skid Row.
While the fact that a sitting City Attorney would continue to stop the practice of Patient Dumping on Skid Row should come as no surprise (considering how finite Social Services resources are strained by the action), but this, coming from new City of Los Angeles top legal official, is a bloggin cause to note former City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's replacement past "dumping proclivities".
Lets remember that this blog was front and center in chronicling now City Attorney Mike Feuer's past controversial "dumping issues" and we dare note today, that this new Patient Dumping crusade may be an attempt to mask "a continuing, and medically dangerous dumping concern of his own co-authoring" in the same area.
During his successful campaign to replace former City Attorney Carmen Tratanich, candidate Mike Feuer was the recipient $30,000 plus of campaign money dumping from employees and associates of the Fairfax area Legal Non-Profit Bet Tzedek, which had one time employed Feuer as its Executive Director.
But the most egregious Feuer "dumping proclivity" (and not exploited to its maximum potential by the Trutanich Campaign), was his co-authoring of the AB-109 Prison Realignment Debacle which is supposedly responsible for an increase in the crime rate in the Skid Row and Downtown area.
Supposed "Low Level, Non Violent, Non-Revocable Parolees" (some with serious, contagious medical issues) are being relocated to Skid Row from the state prisons and county jails as the County of Los Angeles deals with former Assemblyman Feuer's Sacramento "co-creation".
Thus, why should we be surprise that a career politician with a new office title, would practice the art of "policy dumping" to cover up the "co-authored dumping policy debacle" from his previous political gig? 
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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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