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Saturday, February 04, 2012

"Another Soulvine Thursday, Saturday Special Edition", Betty has "affections" for little short guys (Herb)

Betty loves diminutive political figures like ..........
....... City Council President Herb "the Little Short Guy" Wesson.
Great Saturday as the sun sets off into the Pacific and the evening rises over the newest political power  couple .... at least in the inner desires of Soulvine (soon to be the the quiet storm?) Columnist Betty Pleasant. Was it the smile? Maybe the brute use of political power? But one thing for sure is Betty is getting her "groove on" and its all because of  "the little short guy" Herb. 
With music below via Barry White, we bring you Betty's musing on her favorite flavor in "little short guys" Herb. (hit play on YouTube below before reading on).
I LOVE IT!! — Council President Herb Wesson made City Council committee assignments last Friday and he took care of some pressing business: He removed Parks from his beloved Budget and Finance Committee. He not only took the chairmanship away from Parks, but he took him off that committee entirely. Tee hee! He also removed Perry from her post as chairwoman of the Energy and Environment Committee and also took her off that committee entirely. I have suddenly developed great affection for little short guys.

"Betty, can't get enough of Herb's power plays!"

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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