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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Councilman Huizar's "Meeting for Bodies at Redistricting Hearing Scheme Email"

Blogger's Note: If anyone thought that CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar was a pillar of ethical standing among backroom-dealing politicos, then I got three board of directors positions at Legacy LA for you (wink, wink). Councilman Huizar is the walking personification of a quid pro quo politician who will wheel and deal to meet his political end. Apparently, those proclivities were exposed again in an email that the LA Times obtain that suggested "a bodies for meeting arraingement" in Councilman Huizar's efforts to gain control of most of Downtown through redistricting. It seems that Historic Downtown BID Member Josh Gray-Emmer had an agreement to meet with Huizar's staff, provided if he brought out the "bodies" for last night's Redistricting Committee Meeting at City Hall. More details below ..........      
If Josh Gray-Emmer (pictured above with cards) sounds familiar, he is the same Historic Downtown BID member who outed Councilman Huizar for black-balling Roberto Saldana. Saldana was the leading candidate for the Executive Director position of the BID until the councilman's "suggestion" that they pick someone else. Saldana had made critical remarks about Councilman Huizar's Broadway work and had supported City Council Candidate Rudy Martinez in last spring's election.
As reported by LA Times Zahniser, Gray-Emmer, 33, wrote that property owner Michael Delijani (sitting center, away from table) would reward those efforts by arranging a meeting with Huizar aide Jessica Wethington McLean to discuss downtown projects, including an effort to illuminate an old rooftop radio tower. Wethington McLean heads Huizar's initiative to revitalize Broadway, where Delijani's family has multiple properties.

"I made a deal with Michael," said the email, a copy of which was obtained by The Times. "If I show up, and bring people to support me (and therefore him and CD14), he will take LaTanya, Francie and I to sushi with Jessica from CD14 to discuss FUNDING and pushing forward the re-lighting of the KKRD Tower. This is one of our THREE projects selected to push forward. Let's make it happen. IT'S ALL ABOUT BODIES!!" (and the Huizar Way) 
Bringing Back Broadway Executive Director Jessica Wethington-McLean.
.... and watch who takes the fall once the "quid pro quo" is exposed?
Gray-Emmer said he was "disappointed" the email was being circulated beyond the intended recipients. Asked if bringing people to testify at the hearing was part of a quid pro quo, he initially responded: "I would just say that that email was completely internal, and intended for a small group of people."
Gray-Emmer would not specify what type of funding he expected to discuss with Huizar’s aide, insisting the money would never have come from Huizar's office. Hours later (after grabbing ankles), he called The Times to apologize for the email's contents, saying it "wasn't factually accurate" and that Delijani never offered any deal. (Meet the latest black-balling victim via CD 14)

.... at least Roberto Saldana took his black-balling without selling out his integrity.

Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger Adjustment Bureau said:

This is interesting because the KKRD radio tower is not owned by Delijani.

It is owned by Joseph Hellen who has STRONGLY opposed Huizar downtown.

Who authorized Delijani to negotiate on his behalf?

Are they trying to bribe Joseph Hellen in exchange for his support?

Downtown Residents don't want anything to do with the mob tactics displayed by Huizar's office. He just wants control of the future downtown rail contracts and liquor licenses ...

February 10, 2012 5:43 PM  

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