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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Faces of City Redistricting 2012

If you are craving some live action political drama, then plan on arriving early to the City Council Chambers for the 4 P.M. meeting of the City Redistricting Committee today. As LA Times David Zahniser notes in today's edition, "Redistricting 2012" has from the get go, been a multi-act political drama featuring allegations of quid pro quo, backroom boundaries, profane encounters, alleged shakedowns and an awakening of an ethnic community. below we bring you some of the faces of "Redistricting 2012".
Former City Council President Herb Wesson Staffer and current Redistricting Committee Executive Director Andrew Westall. Westall must be feeling the strain of fulfilling the boundary mandates of his boss Wesson while still carving out a CD 4 enclave that includes his residence (think, or not, of a someday "CD 4 Councilman Andrew Westall" ) via his supposed profane outburst directed at a member of Councilman Bernard Parks staff.
Quid Pro Quo in CD 14? Well ...... on second thought, everything that Councilman Jose Huizar undertakes within his fiefdom has some quid pro quo attachments. Want free DWP light bulbs? Get picture of Huizzy. Want soccor uniforms for your El Sereno Futbal Team? Get votes for Huizzy. Want funding for Downtown Radio Tower? Get bodies for Huizzy at Redistricting Hearing ..... allegedly. But lets not forget the "recent union" of close Councilman Huizar Associate Gustavo Valdivia and retire Building and Safety Inspector Samuel In. 
CD 9 City Councilwoman Jan Perry and her Downtown friends.
Councilwoman Perry has been the voice from the beginning, warning Angelinos that this once in the decade exercise in redrawing districts, has been a draconian undertaking . Her push back may yet save the day for a Downtown CD 9 and the coalition that has her back.
Sunland-Tijunga Activist Joe Barrett.
While it looks that the AlarCON-Trujillo treachery to occupy the horse country of Lake Viewn Terrace- Sunland Tujunga is holding firm, Barrett and the lovely ladies of the S-T leave no doubt how they feel about the lack of inclusiveness in the redistricting process
 The Koreatown Community has stepped up to the political plate big time in its push back against a machine that demands contributions but does not provide services. Look today for a big turn out from the awakening political entity. But be warn not to give your speaker cards to the person below.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 



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