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Friday, February 10, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Friday

Can anybody find LAPD in this chase?
We start this beautiful Friday morning with a Tuesday night flashback to a televised car chase that snaked it way through the streets of Silverlake and surrounding areas. At least one perceptive viewer had this comment about the law enforcement response, or lack of. 
Yesterday (Tuesday) thousands of Southern California residents watched yet another police pursuit as aired on 3 different  local Los Angeles television stations. As the suspect vehicle exited from the Southbound 2 freeway at Glendale Blvd  with California Highway Patrol close by, The suspect driver was observed driving through the streets of Silverlake  back and forth sometimes over the same streets that he previously traveled on. But where were the police officers from the Northeast Division to assist the California Highway Patrol officers ? None were observed.  Not too long ago, Los Angeles County Sheriffs deputies were the law enforcement agency which assisted the California Highway Patrol with a  pursuit suspect in the El Sereno area of Los Angeles.  Can Chief Beck please tell the residents of Northeast Los Angeles , What the hell is going on ?  Is he still sending Northeast Patrol vehicles to other police divisions through out the city?

.... just how thin are LAPD resources being spread throughout Los Angeles? You may not want to know.

** We want to commend out-going Los Angeles City Council Energy & Environment Committee Chairperson Councilwoman Jan Perry for her leadership in creating two wetlands parks within her council district. Meanwhile her replacement as committee chairperson CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar has dropped the ball on restoring the Hazard Park Wetlands and repairing a storm drain that feeds into the Wetlands watershed. Environmental Activists will remember that Mayor Antonio Villar promised at the Million Trees Groundbreaking that a restore wetlands would be in place within three years........... and now Councilman Huizar calls a restore wetlands "a long term project".

** We almost forgot that Councilman Jose Huizar was too pre-occupied with Clifton's Cafeteria festivities to act as a leader and vote to increase water rates on his constituents.

** Lastly, as the likes of Ron Kaye and the LA Times Editorial Board debate whether District Attorney Candidate Carmen Trutanich is a liar, maybe the same pillars of local journalism should answer why "these truths" via Mayor Antonio Villar, never garnered the same level of discussion (** especially during the "LA Antonio Times Era" of the former daily of record). An excerpt as posted on Mayor Sam in 2006 .......

Tony political operative is sent by Parke Skelton to disrupt a Hahn press conference, and you ask for an apology? How stupid can you get?

But let's see who else wants an apology, this time from Tony:

-That girl from Sacred Heart that Tony got pregnant, she wants an apology for ruining her life and setting her family on the run to Fresno - you know one day that kid, must be about 33 now, will come looking for you.

-Maria Elena Durazo for not marrying her and passing her off to Miguel Contreras.

-June from the Venice Room, she still has that scar you gave her.

-Father John Morretta of Resurrection Parish, for flat out lying to him, maybe you can go to him for confession, you are, after all, a reformed Catholic!

-The Mothers of East L.A. for lying about them and destroying their scholarship program, have you given any schoalrships away?

-The residents of the 14th District not for lying to them but for your insistance that they released you from your promise.

-Your daughter Priscilla, for leaving that bruise that prompted a child abuse case to be filed against you.

-That guy from La Fonda, I'm sure he still has a scar from when you stabbed him.

-Your wife for, well, just being you.

-Martha Reyna for, well, just being you.

-Your son, Tonito, for all the times that you abandoned him at those South Pasadena baseball fields, how many times did he have to walk over to Jesus Quinonez' house waiting for you to pick him up while you were out there being a man!

-Bob Hertzberg, for either making a pass at him or setting him up with one of your sluts, and you wonder why Cynthia doesn't want him to endorse you.

-El Sereno residents for reviving the dead Long Beach Fwy extension and supporting the connector road.

-Parke Skelton and Steve Barkan, for not being honest with them and telling them about all those skeletons in your closet, you know more are coming - timing, timing, timing.

This list goes on and on.....
July 23, 2006 10:21 PM

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger Sgt. Joe Friday said:

Kudos to Mayor Sam for pointing out the hypocracy of the Spring Street rag, and all the other phonys out there.

Where was all the outrage when Felonio, the Valley Greuel, Garshady, and Paul Krackwhorian decided to seek greener pastures after a brief time in office.

Krikorian actually opened his campaign six months after his term began.

What makes this whole thing bizare, and I'm sure a first for all Mayor Sam readers is that John Thomas, who's working for Alan Jackson, put out a press release slamming a Press release he put out when he was working for Trutanich. So, in other words, Thomas was slamming his own press release. I guess that's what's called "two-faced."

More can be read at http://dragnetla.blogspot.com/

February 10, 2012 2:19 PM  

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