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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

"The Education Mayor Antonio Villar mixing it up with Roosevelt Teachers".
For Mayor Antonio Villar and his education surrogate at LAUSD, School Board President Monica Garcia, the lack of progress at the high school of graduation for the City Terrace native turned "Education Mayor", is prompting community activists to call for a Townhall Meeting on the future of Roosevelt High School. This after meeting with LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia and other district/ school officials. Longtime Boyle Heights Community Member Teresa Marquez posted these comments at the Eastern Group Publications Website after the meeting with School Board President Garcia.
Tragic story about Roosevelt High School, Yes they took some of the worst schools in the East Side, but not all, and others are doing much better without PLAS. At RHS all parents meetings are only in Spanish, closing the door on only English speakers. The one school RHS was divided into seven schools, with each a principal, dividing the parents involvement. Divide and Conquer. At RHS Director has order some parents to leave the school, this are active and volunteer(s) parent, but quetion some of the activities in school, There is more incidents at RHS with the students that should have been reported, yet they are not reporting, hiding and destroying records according to some parents.Special Ed students are not being identify and care for as the school should. Children with Autism or ADHD are not identify, so teachers just think they are problems kids. Numbers and percentages can be reported in a way that it does not look so bad, or make it look better than what it is. basically 4% of the students at RHS barely passed the Math test, not acceptable, if last year was 3% but now 4%, it might have increase but not to a level of accepting education in USA. 66% drop out = to out of every 100 students 66 drop out, leaving 24 students to graduate, and 1.4 students barely passed the math test. there is approximately 3800 students at Roosevelt High School, divided into seven smaller schools, with their own principal. Do this principal have Principal credentials???????????? 

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** LA Weekly Investigated Scribe Beth Barrett  continues the "outing " of former Building and Safety Inspector and now CEO for Grande Vista Associates Samuel "City-Wide Sam" In. Based upon the testimony of former Inspector Greg Glover, making complaints about the alleged actions of "City-Wide Sam", did not engender good will from management.
** Memo to CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, care to comment how CD 2 and LAPD collaborated to shut down so many pot shops in Chatsworth while new "Medical Marijuana Dispensaries continue to sprout up in CD 14?
** "The Tussle in the Temple" featuring Congressmans Howard Berman and Brad Sherman may come down to generational viewpoints on the nation and foreign policy as Greg Maddaus reports in the Weekly.
Another key difference seems to be generational. Berman is 70, and has been in Congress for 29 years. He's has racked up most of the major endorsements from Democratic Party elders such as Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. He still believes in old-fashioned Capitol Hill dealmaking -- working across the aisle to get things done.
Sherman is 57, but seems younger. He's came into Congress in the late 90s, and seems to embody the more partisan spirit that has dominated that body since that time. Where Berman is about horsetrading, Sherman is about loud protestations of ideological purity.

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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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