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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Morning Briefs on "Redrawing the Los Angeles Political Machine" for Thursday

Moving onwards with their once in a decade endeavor to recreate fifteen campaign shakedown zones, the City of Los Angeles Redistricting Committee made a one night stand in the center ring of the City Clowncil chambers last evening. And judging from various sources, drama was not lacking ........
CD 14 Chief of Staff Ana Cubas.
From the Arroyo Seco Journal's post on last night's marathon theatrics, it seem that CD 14 Chief of Staff Ana Cubas was playing regional bias with the speaker cards.
Controversy colored the conclusion of tonight’s five-hour long City Council Redistricting Commission hearing. At 11 p.m., City Controller Wendy Greuel’s appointee to the commission, Helen Kim, alleged that Councilmember Jose Huizar’s Chief of Staff had handled speaker cards for the first two hours of the hearing, making sure that speakers from Council District 14 were heard early on. This had the effect, according to Kim, of moving the many Korean Americans present to the bottom of the speaker card pile. 

..... and we have more witnesses to Cubas "card playing".

Grace Yoo of the Korean American Coalition, a prominent force behind the movement to unite Koreatown in one council district, accused the commission of treating the local Korean community with no respect. 
Yoo said that she watched Ana Cubas, Huizar’s Chief of Staff, help with the cards, and that people who came in after others moved past the early arrivals in the line. 

Was the audience made known of any geographical order of speakers? Judging from this ..........

Councilmember Eric Garcetti appointee Robert Ahn opined that if preference is going to be given to a certain region, that fact should be announced. He questioned why a council staff member was handling that task rather than commission staff 

We also have a Zuma Dogg sighting with comments of course ..............

Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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