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Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Political Ass Clown Award Nominations ..........

** Blogger's Note: In honor of the creation of former Mayor Sam Blogger "Mayor Frank", its time to disclose our 2013 Nominations for dubious, self-important lowlights, via the cast of "Political Ass Payasos y Payasas", that make up the dysfunctional Los Angeles Political Machine.

For those longtime Mayor Sam observers, you will notice that our regular Ass Clown "Gorda Boo Boo" Poster Girl, has graciously gone on to bigger and better political offerings as a new member of LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina's staff.

Thus, we proudly present our new Political Ass Clown Poster Duo of former CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes and his "Mini Me" Chief of Staff Jose Gardea, who was last seen going down to defeat against now CD 1 City Councilman Gil "One Bill" Cedillo. We are sure that the past political follies and transgressions of these two, make them worthy of their new gig.

We should also note that this year, with another election cycle just past, that many of our out-going Political Payasos y Payasas are deserving of special recognition. Thus, our Political Ass Clown Award Committee will be working overtime (between swigs from our brown bag wrapped beer of choice), to properly bestow the appropriate, dubious distinction on those nominated. ** Please note that our 2013 Political Ass Clown Awards are bloggin interactive. Your nominations are most welcome---Scott Johnson in CD 14

** Saturday Morning Update: From "Rita of Sunland", LAUSD Superintendent John "I QUIT" Deasy.
Coliseum Commission/ USC.
IBEW/ DWP Strongman Brian "The Boss" D'Arcy.
Former State Senator Gloria "The Other Woman" Romero.
LA County Labor Federation "Boss Woman" Maria Elena Durazo.
Former City Controller and losing Mayoral Candidate Wendy "IBEW, PPL, County Federation of Labor, UFLAC, Bill Clinton, DWP, Magic Johnson, Tony Villar and Boss D'Arcy's" Greuel.
"Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" John Shallman.
Michael "MEAT" Trujillo.
New York Mayor Doomberg.
ED Voice.
ED Voice's Walmart/ Tea Party's 46th Assembly Candidate Brian Johnson.
CD 13 Carpetbagging Candidate John Choi.
Former CD 2/7 City Councilman Richard AlarCON.
Lush, former Public Works Committee President Andrea AlarCON.
Joke Blogger.
Legacy LA's Lou Calanche.
LA Coliseum Commissioner David "Col Klink" Israel.
The "University of Scandalous Conduct".
DWP/ IBEW Job Training Non-Profits.
The "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street".
...... with regrets, former City Attorney Carmen Trutanich.
Former CD 3 City Councilman and losing City Controller Candidate Dennis/ Denise Zine.
Plastic Bag Ban.
The Astro Turf Burbank Blog.
CD 5 City Councilman Paul "Nanny Spud" Koretz.
Those who have turned "Sunland-Tijuana" into the Homeless Capital of the San Fernando Valley.
Jackie Autry and her arts stealing Autry National Center.
The in-fighting Los Angeles County Republican Party.
The CD 2/ Studio City Patch Sock Puppet.
Former CD 14 Chief of Staff Ana "I am a Latina Candidate (who abused the CLARTS Fund)" Cubas.
Any former Mayor Antonio Villar/ Monica "Gorda Boo Boo" Garcia supported LAUSD School Board Candidate with the last name of Sanchez (they lose despite big expenditures).
Former CD 1 City Councilman Ed and "Mini Ed" Reyes.
State Senator Kevin "Calderon" De Leon.
The Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee.
City Clowncil Central Committee Dictator Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson (and enabling wife Fabian).
Two certain "Los Angeles Public Officials" investigated by the FBI.
Former Building and Safety Inspector Samuel "City-wide Sam" In ( and CD 14 "friend" Gustavo Valdivia).
Developer Rick "Hamlet" Caruso.
New LA City Attorney and Bet Tzedek's Best Friend (along with AB 109 release prisoners), Mike Feuer.
Former Mayor Richard Riordan and his Posse of "Mini-Riordans" (Soboroff and Buetner).
Retiring LA County Board of Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky.
Out-going LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria "Molina Boo Boo".
Molina Boo Boo's Charter School of Choice, Academia Semillas del Pueblo.
The lucrative 1 % Charter School Duo of Mr. and Mrs. Mark(os) Aguilar-Ferguson.
** A certain "Los Angeles City Councilman" named as a "money drop" in the State Senator Ron Calderon Affidavit.
** A certain "Los Angeles City Councilman" who sat in a LAPD car for two hours (to sober up?) after rear-ending a former Huntington Park PD Officer on First Street.
** A certain "Los Angeles City Councilman" who allegedly Sexually Harassed his for Deputy Chief of Staff, but admitted to having occasional, "consensual relations" with her.
** denotes the same, certain "Los Angeles City Councilman" (allegedly).
LASTLY, former Failure, Two-term Los Angeles Mayor (and a certain "Los Angeles City Councilman's" Political Papi) Antonio "Tony" Villar.

Your thoughts and nominations appreciated .................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Monday, May 06, 2013

Announcing a new Post Election Gig for Ed and "Mini Ed" Reyes Gardea

Ed Reyes with "Mini Ed" Jose Gardea
Great Monday to all after a forced hiatus due to a pesky inner ear issue last week, which affected the bloggin equilibrium of this writer.

But rest assure that our bloggin down time did not go unproductive as the photo on the left will attest to.

While the Los Angeles Times continues to shill for the third term incarnation of CD 1 City Councilman Ed "Density" Reyes, in the form of current Chief of Staff Jose Gardea. A bloggin contributor blessed us with our new Ass Clown Awards Mascots in the spirit of sensitivity to potential post CD 1 career opportunities for the soon to be unemployed political duo.

Our inner job producing personas can envision many ways to market this political duo for a private after life outside of City Hall. In addition to their regular gig as the Official Mayor Sam Ass Clown Mascots, we can have Ed and Mini Ed replace their former campaign worker Pedro Carrillo as the new 7 Eleven consultants in the sensitive communities of our city. Watch as Ed maneuvers Mini Ed's hands as he thanks your for supporting more corporate beer and wine sales in gang-infested neighborhoods.

Of course this duo will need some non-city wheels to get around town and we know a certain Glendale Kia Dealership that would be willing to match their IE expenditure, with a car (or cars) of equal value, in return for maintaining their current lease agreement on city land.

But no political after life for Ed and Mini Ed would be complete without some attachment to hilltop open space, a river and its watershed (of potential lucrative consulting gigs). Whether its inflating the value of Elephant Hill with an exemption from the Northeast Hillside ICO for Land Use Attorney Ben Reznik's client, or attempting to pave the way (literally) for USC to concrete over open space at Hazard Park. Its safe to say that this duo will not be starving over any lack of developer clients who will pay for their enabling hypocrisy in forcing more unsustainable density on an impacted CD 1, but without access to the horseshoe, their two-face dealings will hopefully come to naught.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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Monday, January 07, 2013

The 2013 Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards

Happy back to work Monday to all our cyber readers and especially to those at City Hall returning from their respective “holiday recesses”, paid for by the taxpayers. Since we are all back together after our holiday journeys, today is time to announce our 2013 Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards.
With many of the Mayor Sam Ass Clown Committee being veterans of the public sector’s proclivities for cost overruns, endless wasteful studies and not meeting deadlines, its time to put aside our public sector habits and rip open our brown bag wraps to unveil our 2013 awards.
We would like to thank City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herb “Mini Amin” Wesson for serving as this year’s honorary Ass Clown Master of Ceremony and to CD 14 City Clowncilman Jose “Dear Charro” Huizar (** who by the way, is a Princeton Graduate) for his gracious act of providing the official city-own vehicle of the 2013 Ass Clown Awards. (** which can go from “0- to a six-figure claim after a happy hour staffer birthday party“)

Without further ado, we call upon our “Gorda Model” to present the brown wraps and unveil the 2013 awardees ………..

1. “Ass Clown Award for Falsehood in Political Mailings”:
New 30th Congressional District Congressman Brad Sherman will need his niece Stacey Brenner to hand him the tissue box as we award his former staffer turned now “Infant Sophomoric Assemblyman” Mike Gatto this honor for his alleged “repugnant independent mailer” on the behalf of Sherman, that was universally condemned by democrats and republicans alike. Further, “Lil Mikey” attempted to game republican voters by buying a spot one of those infamous slate mailers, that touted him as the “republican choice” for the 43rd Assembly District Race. We wonder whether in two years (2015) if “Lil Mikey” will be the political machine’s choice to replace City Clowncilman Tom LaBonge in CD 4?

2. “Ass Clown Award for Backroom Deals by a Group”:
City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herb “Mini Amin” Wesson can share with his former staffer and 2012 Redistricting Commission Executive Director Andrew Westall this honor for their now litigious 2012 Redistricting Committee Remap. As “Mini Amin” confessed before members of the black clergy, he was the only diminutive one to stand up to the redistricting demands ( and have Westall oblige of course) of the overbearing other thirteen members (plus an unelected “Average Joe”) of the City Clowncil. With a new look Clowncil Central Committee (and mayor) coming in July of 2013. We wonder if a “backroom fate (coup de tat)” will end the reign of “Mini Amin”?

3. Ass Clown Award for Accident Reporting and Discretionary Funding Accountability:
Hmmm, who could this honor be crafted for? Who could graduate from prominent institutions of higher learning such as Cal-Berkeley, Princeton and the UCLA School of Law, get elected to represent the “Cut and Paste Barrio”, and become the latest CD 14 example of dubious political behavior? Get into an accident in a city vehicle? Who needs a stinkin accident report (allegedly). Fully account for expenditures and respond to Public Records Requests regarding the CLARTS Fund? Who needs stinkin transparency and accountability (allegedly)? That is the stinking dubious ways of the Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate (allegedly).

4. Ass Clown Award for Charter School Indoctrination and Non-Accountability:
While Jorge and Juanita ability to count in Aztec 20 may not show up on recent State of California Education API scores for the controversial Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School, rest assure that the cultist, educational collectivist is proficient in indoctrinating their charges against the evils of reactionary, right-wing bloggers. But under the media radar to most is how LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia’s unwavering (along with unlawful) support, has enable Academia’s founders Marcos Aguilar and wife Minnie Ferguson to become part of Mayor Villar/Councilman Huizar Education Machine Crony Capitalism’s “One Percent”.

Read more »

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Nominations for the 2012 Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards

Its Time to open Nominations for the 2012 Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards!! 
The lovely, curvy cheeks of our happy, right to work model
The Honorary Ass Clown Awards Master of Ceremony Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson.

Hola to all as we near 2012 getaway time. 
On this last Friday of the year, the Mayor Sam Ass Clown Awards Committee, reconstituted itself at the local corner liquor store in CD 14, to brown bag our 2012 Political Ass Clown Awards Nominations. In the spirit of fostering an interactive dialog, we would like to extend an invitation to our cyber audience, to add your own nominations. With thanks to the nomination committee of numerous ex CD 14 staffers, Chato, Beto, Reggie and the over-taxed corner liquor store immigrant owner, we present our nominees, with the final awards secured in their respective brown bags until New Years Day---Scott Johnson.

Governor Moonbeam II
The One Party State of "Greece on the Pacific".
The former California Republican Party.
The 47% of uneducated voters.
The other 6% who helped reelect President Barack "H" Obama..
The California Democrats who passed AB 109.
Union Thug Mario Brito formerly of Occupy LA.
The mystical Fiscal Cliff.
The City Clowncil Central Committee
Termed-out Sacramento budget wreckers, turned City Clowncil Candidates.
The Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street.
The Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto.
Each morning I wake up knowing that Barack "H" Obama was reelected President.
The "Weedleaf of Record".
"MEAT" (just because ; ).
....... and his "enabling Maven".
The incarcerated John Noguez (still on the public payroll).
Michael Bai
The 2012 City of LA Redistricting Committee.
Corrupt Building and Safety Inspectors. (Dedicated to City-wide Sam In).
The "GORDA" of LAUSD Board of Education.
The soon to be former AEG LA LIVE City-State.
Tim LIEweke.
The AlarCON Political Crime Family.
The multiple personas of City Councilman Paul Krekorian's Communications Director.
Gatto Truthers.
The Autry National Center.
Soon to be CD 4 City Council Candidate Andrew Westall.
The Villar Greuel.
The Bloggin Comandante of the Weekly of Record.
The "WWG".
The Dangerous Enemy of Freedom Lisa Sarno.
The former populist City Councilman Paul Krekorian.
Ed "No Chinatown Walmart" Reyes.
Now Carpetbagging Assemblyman Jimmy "PAC Laundryman" Gomez.
The diminutive strongman of the City Clowncil Central Committee Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson.
The lush President of the Board of Public Works Andrea AlarCON.
Ancient Gun Buyback Events.
A certain Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate City Councilman Jose Huizar.
LAPD Hollenbeck Division Field Sobriety Unit.
CRA LA with Chris Essel.
The Private Citizen/Political Consultant John Shallman.
A wannabee Aztec Educator in El Sereno.
......... and for the last time as the failure Mayor of Cuidad de Los Angeles Anttonio Ramon Villar!!
A vendido failure.
Your nominations are greatly appreciated.
Happy New Year!!
Scott Johnson in CD 14.   

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We bring you the following Executive Order and Presentation via Mayor Sam

Via Executive Order of Mayor Sam, we bring back from retirement, the lovely, gracious Ms. Ass Clown to present this special, rare Ass Clown Award mid-week honor to Dakota Communications and now Mayor Sam Award Winner Rick Taylor.
 Show some crack ( in Rick Taylor's plans to resurrect the political career of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich) Ms. Ass Clown!
Nuch's new hatchet guy/ political rehab consultant Rick Taylor, talks too much smack for someone downstream of our lovely ass clown's curves.
The Mayor Sam Blog, via an Executive Order from our esteem leader Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby, has brought out of retirement Ms. Ass Clown to present Rick Taylor with this special mid-week Ass Clown Award. The inspiration behind this rare mid-week bestowing, were the following asinine comments in a Metropolitan News-Enterprise article, directed towards District Attorney Candidate Alan Jackson and City Attorney Candidate Greg Smith's Political Consultant John Thomas, that describe him as ......
an angry young man out there who’s trying to pretend he’s a political consultant 

By bestowing this honor on Taylor, he joins the likes of fellow lobbyist and USC employee David Galaviz, CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, Eliot Sekuler of Mt. Washington/ Universal, CD 1 City Councilman Ed  "Density" Reyes and a certain "Infant Assemblyman Lil Mikey", in the hollow ranks of past Ass Clown winners.

We should note that Mr. Taylor has in the past, exhibited the traits that garnered the attention of the Ass Clown Award Selection Committee. During Taylor's past work on behalf of Dakota Communication's client Home Depot, Taylor employed the race card to smear the "No Home Depot" supporters as racists. For whatever reason, Taylor's paid racial bombast on the behalf of Home Depot, did not result in a Ass Clown Award at that time.

But to show that we here at Mayor Sam, can extend the open hand of friendship (or the bite of political satire) to Mr. Taylor, we offer this advise .................
Will new Ass Clown Award Winner Rick Taylor's negative attacks on behalf of rehabbing politico City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, give rise to a "Dunk Nuch Movement", on Election Day in March, 2013?
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14    

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Special Post-Election Edition of the Ass Clown Award given to Mario Beltran

Fresh, curvy and happy after months on bloggin furlough. 

Great Sunday afternoon to all in the political cybersphere. We  like to take time and reacquaint you with a cherish member of the Mayor Sam Family, the lovely unionize model for our dormant Ass Clown Award. We here at Mayor Sam had parted ways with our curvy friend and the award created by Mayor Frank, reasoning that our bloggin coverage merited moving beyond tabloid styled reporting . Thus, our award and its model were to enjoy an early retirement. 
But once in a blue moon ...... or Primary Election Cycle, comes a "perfect storm of bloggin news" that merited reuniting our former Ass Clown Award Team and all it took was this repugnant, asinine, and disparaging comment directed at a heroine of political reform in Southeast LA, City of Bell BASTA spokesperson and candidate for the 58th Assembly District Christina Garcia . Garcia pulled a major upset in the 58th AD by defeating City of Montebello's Tom Calderon which did not go over well with well known Bell Gardens ex Councilman,  Rin Calderon staffer and current Campaign Manager for 51st AD Candidate Arturo Chavez Mario Beltran, who penned this via the LA Weekly.
Garcia the 33 year old that for the first time in her life became a Democrat last year and lied to the democratic voteres that she's been a democrat all her life!!! The DUI convict that makes bad decissions and put other at risk. The Garcia that's a lesbian and "only needs the votes of the woman" the Garcia that devided a community (Bell) and took over a city because it's her way or the highway!

 ........ and who is Mario Beltran?  Well .............
** Is this the same Mario Beltran who was convicted of  the following?

A Bell Gardens Councilman accused of embezzling campaign funds pleaded guilty today to multiple counts, prosecutors announced.Mario Beltran, 31, pleaded to four misdemeanor counts, including failing to file campaign disclosure forms and failing to deposit cash contributions, all violations of the Political Reform Act., Deputy Dist. Atty. Max Hunstman said in a press release.The charges stem from the defendant’s failure to report to authorities how he was spending campaign funds entrusted to him and his failure to deposit and account for cash given to him, according to the press release.Los Angeles Superior Court Judge George G. Lomeli ordered Beltran back for sentencing on Feb. 12. The defendant must resign from office before sentencing. Beltran is expected to receive four years of probation during which time he may not hold elected or appointed office and may not seek elected office or lobby.

** Is this the same Mario Beltran who had this "night out in Downtown LA"

The boozy circumstances of his wild night at the seedy Huntington Hotel might be enough to derail the careers of lesser politicians. But Beltran has friends in high places, such as state Senator Ron Calderon, for whom he works as a field deputy, and state Senator Gil Cedillo, who mentored him early in his career. Several witnesses including Cedillo were listed as character references for Beltran, so last Wednesday, as his trial began, he was as cool as a cucumber.That was until 6-foot-tall, rail-thin Sherrilynn Ridgeway, an African-American woman with weathered skin and a criminal record of drug dealing and prostitution, took the stand and described Beltran, a 29-year-old, 5-foot-5-inch immigrant from El Salvador, staggering around the Huntington in the wee hours of June 28 hurling racial slurs and menacing threats and, in her words, “grabbing a handful of my ass.”At that point, Beltran’s expression suggested he knew he was in for a long ordeal.The jury had been warned things could get ugly. They were going to hear allegations that Beltran degraded Ridgeway with words like “nigger” and “bitch,” Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Maureen O’Brien said in her opening statement — words that O’Brien said she did not feel comfortable uttering. They also were going to hear from witnesses with questionable occupations and backgrounds. “There are no angels as witnesses,” O’Brien said.Beltran’s lawyer, Philip Cohen, was not nearly as delicate. He spat out the N-word in rapid-fire bursts while shredding the testimony of one prostitute. And he accused prosecutors of misconduct, saying they offered an implicit deal to one witness, a hotel desk clerk who placed Beltran inside the hotel but also faces an unrelated gun charge in a Pasadena courtroom.Cohen confirmed that his client was “drunk out of his mind” last June after visiting the nearby 740 Club, whose owner is a friend of Beltran’s. But he urged the jury: “You will not be asked to decide if [Beltran] is an ass, a racist, a sexual assaulter or a drunkard. This case is about whether he knowingly and falsely [accused] someone of a crime.”

Thus, Mario Beltran now join former Assemblyman Gil Cedillo staffer David Galaviz as winners of the Ass Clown Award. Assemblyman Cedillo is the first lawmaker to have multiple Ass Clown Awards given to members or formerr members of his staff. quite a distinction not loss on the voters of Northeast LA.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

City Budget Woes? Nah, Take a Hike!

I often wonder why of all the missives from Councilman Tom LeBong that hit my mail box, none of them ever have anything to do with city issues or even what the 4th District Councilman's policy goals are.

I get detailed reports sent out by Councilman Paul Krekorian's office on what he is doing for business in LA.  Bill Rosendahl is working on homeless issues.  Even Richard Alarcon is always trying to build something.

When it comes to LeBong howevrer, it's always pumpkin bread, parades or hikes. 

You would think the citizenry would tire of this clown act but LeBong was just comfortably re-elected to a lame duck term, greasing the skids for the next clown out of Los Feliz.  Apparently folks there love their pumpkin bread and don't really care much beyond that. Oh, my free calendar too, please, Tom?

Redistricting is coming soon.  Please, please, please move me into CD2.  Thank you.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nominations for the 2010 Los Angeles Political Ass Clowns Awards

"No fast foods or illegal sidewalk vendors bans will diminish those curves".
Background Rancho Music Please!
It is time to open nominations for the 2010 Los Angeles Political Ass Clown Awards and nominees aplenty should give us the diversity that highlights the follies our esteem cast of political characters who grace ......, or disgrace our collective halls of local government.
Please note that this is an interactive inclusive process. Your comments, suggestions, sarcasm and just plain examples of some cybertroll's sorry state of being, are always welcome ......., to a point.
NOW!! We present our nominations for the 2010 Los Angeles Political Ass Clown Awards. Awards Committee will meet at one of the many newly-awarded liquor establishments in Boyle Heights under Councilman Jose Huizar, with the winners to be announce Friday ** Goes to prove that a Princeton Degree can help to create a new economic growth industry.
1. Red Spot's "Spoll Checker and past unionize English teachers".
2. Burbank Democratic Club member and "political consultant" Kevin Harrop.
3. Attorney Gloria Allred.
4. Nicky.
5. Meg Whitman.
6. New California Governor Jerry Brown.
7. Gatto Truthers.
8. Still City Councilwoman and not Lt. Governor Janice Hahn. (For Mikey T.)
9. IBEW's Brian D'Arcy.
10. CD 7/2 City Councilman Richard AlarCON.
11. Home Depot Christmas Tree lot in Sunland-Tujunga. (For Joe B.)
12. Lady's Man and Jimmy Blackman's new boss Councilman Dennis Zine.
13, No Fast Foods Crusader Councilwoman Jan Perry.
14. Republican and community uber-activists duo of Phil Jennerjahn and Jose "two-way" Aguilar.
15. "Enemy of Free Speech" Studio City Neighborhood Councilmember Lisa Sarkin.
16. ** This space is reserved for CD 2 Councilman Paul Krekorian if he turns his back on DWP reform.
17. All the "ex. DWP General Managers" selected by Mayor Antonio Villar.
18. AEG's Tim LIEweke.
19. Cybertrolls.
20. The likes of Tim Rutten, George Skelton, Editorial Board, and their "fellow-travelers" at the "Old Gray Hag on Spring Street".
21. Daily Valley Moldy Green Sheet" Editor Ms. Garcia who was more interested in lunch than giving time to Assembly Candidate Sunder Rumani.
22. California Republican Party.
23. Almost forget Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and soon to be ex. Mayor Antonio Villar, if President Obama will take notice of his "hints".
24. ** This space paid for by a kind allocation from the CLARTS Fund to promote Princeton Graduate Councilman Jose Huizar.
....... and lastly, with no "ahh duhs" or statements from former Assemblyman Dario Frommer, we present Silver Lake, .......... or is it Canyon Drive resident, who knows, maybe the DA? But lets remember, you too can live with mommy and still hold the title of Assemblyman Mike Gatto.
As always your comments with further nominations, are appreciated.
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nominations for the Los Angeles Political Ass Clown Award of 2009

"Who is the biggest political ass clown for Los Angeles, in 2009?"
Call this accountability in blogging.
In seeking to preserve the tradition of former blogger "Mayor Frank's" award for dubious political undertakings. This blogger pledges that beginning with this year-end honor for the biggest political ass clown of 2009, the anointing of those who play loose with the public trust, will be a monthly endeavor in 2010.
That said, here are the nominations for the Los Angeles Political Ass Clown of 2009.
1. "Mayor to the World, 89% of the time" Antonio Ramon Villar.
2. "Bargain basement" Campaign Consultant John Shallman.
3. Councilwoman Jan "AEG" Perry.
4. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich (known as "Carmen the Clown" to an certain blogger).
5. Former City Councilman Jack Weiss.
6. AEG's Tim "Boss LIEweke".
7. Los Angeles Times Editorial Board for endorsing Chris Essel.
8. Chris Essel and "political sancho" Phil Jennerjahn.
9. Councilman Ed "Ganga Legalize for All!" Reyes.
10. IBEW's "BOSS D'Arcy" to you peons.
11. Former LAPD Chief and "CAO" Bill Bratton.
12. KABC 790 AM for firing Doug McIntyre.
13. "Department of Wasteful Patronage" (DWP)
14. "The Mayor's Posse" of Keith Brackpool, Richard Katz, Fabian Nunez, Ari Swiller and "comadre" Maria Elena Durazo.
15. LAUSD School Board.
16. DWP's "Rate Raiser Advocate" S. David Freeman.
17. The "Gang of Fourteen" within the "Horseshoe on Spring Street" (** Paul Krekorian gets a pass).
18. "Phony Economists".
19. County Supervisor Mark "High-Maintenance" Ridley Thomas.
21. Mike Trujillo for his stellar shilling of Prop B.
22. UTLA's A.J. Duffy.
23. All "connected non-profits".
24. The "Villar Family Political DNA".
25. Latham & Watkins
26. The "Vendidos and Vendidas" of the Southwest Society of the Southwest Museum.
27. Those involved with "Pensiongate 09".
28. Westside former Times scribes/bloggers.
29. Obsessive, jilted (Scary ....) posters.
30. ......and the "CD 14 East (ie. Montebello) Troika" of Robert Urteaga, John Edwards and Nick Pacheco.
** Evening additions:
31. City Controller Wendy Greuel.
32. Phil Jennerduh.
33. H. David Nahai.
34. Los Angeles Police Commission.
35. Police Protective League.
36. Former Mayor Richard Riordan's "Posse" of Steve Soboroff, Bill Wardlaw and Eli Broad.
37. USC lobbyist David Galaviz.
38. Cybertrolls.
39. Coalition of City Unions.
40. The "Kennedy Republican".
Your nominations and thoughts, as always, are appreciated.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nominations for the Ass Clown Award, May, June and July 2009

"Maybe the City Council can loan some money to this clown ??"
It is time again for nominations for the prestigious Mayor Sam "Ass Clown Award". In honor of "Mayor Frank's" creation. we continue the tradition of honoring and spotlighting the dubious endeavors of those in our local political community and their assorted cronies.
Nominations include;
1. AEG's Tim Leiweke.
2. Councilwoman Jan Perry.
3. Councilwoman Janice Hahn.
4. Mayor "spokeshole", Matt "civic begger" Szabo.
5. The vacationing Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
6. The whole City Council for limiting Free Speech.
7. Autry National Center's John Gray.
8. Political Consultant Ace Smith.
9. Political Errant Boy and Driver Mike Trujillo.
10. Political Undercover Consultant Eric Hacopian.
11. Political Consultant and Makeover Artist Parke Skelton.
12. Political Carpetbaggers including Paul Krekorian and Chris Essel.
13. The political moochers known as the "Southwest Society".
14. "Little" Albert Robles.
15. "Don Quixote/ Don Besaculo/ Nutty Professor".
16. Jack Weiss, just because.
17. .........and the "Huevos with Huizzy" dialog tour.
Your thoughts and further nominations are appreciated.


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Special Jackson Memorial Edition of the Ass Clown Award

" Matt spins his way to prestigious honor"
Memo to Matt Szabo in the "Third Floor Spin Chamber" on Spring Street.
Back in the beginning of the New Year, a kind-hearted blogger step forward with an offer of help for your "affliction of spin" for all things, Tony Villar.
To turn down this thoughtful act of compassion was either based upon stout resolution or feeble denial of what ails someone who was in the recent past, consider one of the more thoughtful bloggers in the City of Los Angeles.
And as the world turns their attention to the spectacle that was the final act of exploitation involving Michael Jackson in "physical form", the assemble media was treated to the City of Los Angeles role in exploiting the Jackson Legacy for monetary gain, and crafting the message was none other than Mayor Villaraigosa "minister of spin" Matt Szabo.
From somewhere in the "Southern African Bush" came the directive to ask the general public to pony up cash for something that others should pay for. In this case, those "others" are the corporate welfare recipients from the Anshultz Entertainment Group (AEG).
Withstanding concerns from Councilman Dennis Zine, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and many in the community, Szabo was out the doors of the "Third Floor Spin Chambers" with talking points in hand and pay pal/website set up (Wonder if Community Partners was consulted again ??), where suckers could donate what AEG should cover in their "2009 Exploitation's of Jackson's Legacy Tour".
Szabo meet with journalists who made him do the "Moonwalk of Spin" to skeptical reviews, in his selling of this act of "civic begging". (Matt did you offer free copies of Lu's report on "pubic grooming" for any contribution over $100.00 ?? Think PBS).
One even speculated that Szabo was on the phone with "Bubbles the Chimp", seeking to shakedown some "bananas of contributions", that was not confirmed.
But then Szabo attempted to "Jump the Shark of Spin" by appearing on the "John and Ken Show", in the 4 o'clock hour, and sell the act of civic begging to an audience that was relishing a chance to nail the Villaraigosa Administration for again, granting corporate welfare payments, in form of free public services, to AEG.
Now I don't know if Szabo fancies himself the "Fonz of Spin" or models himself after former Nunez spokesperson Steve "Moo Boy" Maviglio for that matter, but Szabo launched himself toward the "sharks".
And as Szabo and his "body of spin of all things Antonio Villaraigosa" were torn to threads by the "shark teethes of retorts" from "John and Ken", one wonders if Szabo was heard to cry, whine and sigh, "WHY DID I EVER GO TO WORK, CRAFTING SPIN, FOR TONY VILLAR ??
Thus Matt, in my act of "Blogging Tough Love", I bestow you with the honor of being the winner of the Special Jackson Memorial Edition of the Ass Clown Award.
A award worthy of someone who lowers the dignity of our once great city by spinning "civic begging as honor", and corporate welfare for the likes of AEG as an "civic duty".
Repent while you can Matt!!
Your thoughts.......................................

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nominations for the Ass Clown Award, May 2009

Its that time of the month when we post nominations for the May 2009, "Ass Clown Award".
This prestigous award is bestowed on an public or political figure who lowers themselves to the depths of shadiness with acts of deceit, corruption and narcissic behavior.
Nominations for the May 2009 Award are.....
1. Out-going Councilman Jack Weiss
2. State Senator Gil Cedillo
3. Parke Skelton
4. Ace Smith
5. Cybertrolls (Ully, Trujillo and others)
6. Attorney Stephen G. Madison
7. Mayor "MEchista"
8. Public Employee Unions
9. UTLA's "Puff Duffy"
10. Governor "Kennedy Republican"
11. Wetherly Group's Daniel Weinstein
12. All the multiples personalities of Don Quixote
13. Los Angeles Times Scribes George "Lil Red" Skelton
14. LAPD Chief Bill "Bull" Bratton
15. ........and the "Barrio Pimp, Jose Huizar"
Your additional nominations and comments are greatly appreciated.


Monday, March 02, 2009

"Jack Ass Clown Award" for January and Febuary, 2009 **With a special dishonorable mention**

As one may discern from the heading above, we have a historic announcement today on these cyber pages at Mayor Sam.

It is time to bless one Jack Weiss as the first multiple winner of the "Ass Clown Award" for dubious achievements and misdoings as a Councilperson/Candidate for City Attorney.

With no apologies to Ace Smith, how can one lower himself to cast false espersions about being supported by Republicans (maybe it was the Kennedy Republican, who knows), with bought for slate mailers ?

One can surmise with the purchase of space on these supposed Republican slate mailers, that desperation time has officially started at the Jack Weiss for City Attorney Campaign. But when one has shallow principles and lesser depth of achievements as a Councilperson, then one can't be surprise that Ace would have to resort to these dubious tactics on behalf of his client.

**Special Dishonorable Mention**

This goes to a fellow Councilman of Weiss who shares duties on the PLUM Committee and also takes cash from Attorney Benny Resnik.


Watchers of going ons in CD 14 will not be surprise that while the "COUNCILMAN TRYING TO BE GREEN AS JOSE HUIZAR" was taking up the cause of Elephant Hill, he was also taking up the cause of filling his campaign coffers from Benny Resnik who had filed suit on behalf of the property owner.

Now with Resnik winning the case, the tax payers are going to take the hit for upwards of $8,000,000 and CD 14 will lose another valuable chunk of open space.

Par for the course in CD 14.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Ass Clown Award Nominations for Jan/Feb. 2009

Second to last day of the month means that the time has come for nominations pertaining to the assorted political clowns who make asses of themselves in the "City of Angels".

Nominees include;

1. Don Quixote (known as "LIL D.Q." from LHT)
2. Coalition for Clean Air for supporting Prop B. (Martin S.)
3. Sierra Club for backing Prop B. (Martin do as Susanna does)
4. Assemblyman John Perez of Hollywood for donating Keith Brackpool and Ari Swiller's money in support of Prop B.
5. "Lapdog" and "Lap Dancing Horn Dog"?? Jack Weiss
6. Mayor Antonio Ramon Pollovillar
7. "Mr. Positive" Ace Smith
8. "Protector of the children", Mike Trujillo
9. The "Kennedy Republican"
10. The "La Antonia Times" for endorsing Pollovillar
10a. The "La Obama Times"
11. George "Little Red" Skelton at the "OLD GREY HAG ON SPRING STREET"

Your comments and additions to the list greatly appreciated.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ass Clown Award nominations for the month of October

It is that time of the month again.

Thus we give you these nominations for October's Ass Clown Award.

1. Councilman Jack Weiss.
2. Public Safety Committee Chairperson Jack Weiss.
3. Wannabee future City Attorney Jack Weiss.
4. Police Commissioner Andrea Ordin
5. Police Chief Bill Bratton
6. DWP General Manager H. David Nahai
7. Los Angeles Community College District (Prop J)
8. Obamanistas
10. Mayor Antonio Ramon Villar (BTW, has the divorce gone to court yet??)
11. Villar's buddy Ed Boks
12. Sierra Club for supporting Prop. J
13. Don Q./Don Culo/Maxima/Hiroshi/Obamanista/whatever persona escapes through the meds.
14. Avis Ridley Thomas
15. Husband Mark Ridley Thomas
****Indoctrination through infomercial by "THE ONE"****

As always your thoughts and nominations greatly appreciated.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Assorted Unionize Ass Clowns for the months of August and September

Memo to SEIU International Leader Andy Stern, can we get sponsorship for our prestigious award??
After all for the last couple of months the exploits of your union leadership and the resulting exploitation of members dues, have rekindle the investigated journalistic creed at the "OLD GRAY HAG ON SPRING STREET" and up our hits here at Mayor Sam.
But most important for a city in need of democratic reforms, your leaders follies may help release organize labor's "strangle hold" on City Hall and County Government.
"Brother Andy", your principle that "bigger is better", that being in your restructuring of SEIU locals into "super locals" has brought you these returns locally.
*Tyrone Freeman of SEIU 6434 diverted dues money to non-profits run by family members.
**Arnelle Grajeda, Leader of "Super Local 721" is placed on admin. leave due to questions about money given to "sancho".
***Julie Butcher, former General Manager of SEIU 347 and now in charge of LA and Orange County Cities under 721, renews attempt to take over EAA membership, which could have national implications in the area of inter-union relations.
But there is one person not pictured here who's political aspirations in the short term could be the first to suffer in this growing scandal. Wonder who Mark???

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Ass Clown Award for the months of August and September**

Due to personal and professional obligations, one has not been able to post with regularity here at Mayor Sam. But with the end of the month looming today, it is that time to announced and solicited nominations for the prestigious "Ass Clown Award".

Nominees include the following assorted asses;

1. SEIU's Tyrone Freeman
2. SEIU's Arnelle Grajeda
3. SEIU International
4. SEIU "suck up" State Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas
5. California State Government
6. Gov. "Kennedy Republican"
7. DWP
8. The "Roseanne Barr" of posters, "Don Quixote"
9. Mayor Antonio Roman Villar, ahh, raigosa
10. Barack "H" Obama

Your comments (and grammatical corrections) appreciated as always.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ass Clown Award for the month of July

Pondering your comments and the wealth of candidates within the local political community, this month's selection of Mayor Frank's creation has been an arduous task.
But what solidify this month's winner is something contain in the Constitution of the United States and what this month's Award winner is doing to counter the First Amendment.
Witness a recent "Townhall Meeting/Filibuster"where the overflow crowd was instructed to put all questions for this month's award winner on paper and as Elena Popp and one young man found out, your right to engage in something call "Free Speech" was met with a visit by "men in uniform", at least in the Soviet Union the KGB had a clothing budget!

With that, we name the "COUNCILMAN LAST SEEN SPEAKING AS JOSE HUIZAR" as the Ass Clown Award winner for the month of July.

Much was expected from the "COUNCILMAN LAST SEEN SPEAKING AS JOSE HUIZAR" when he was elected to the LAUSD School Board. He aligned himself with the like minded, moderated political establishment which best reflected the Latino community.

Yet somewhere along in the political evolution of the "COUNCILMAN LAST SEEN SPEAKING AS JOSE HUIZAR", the "worship of me" took sway from the "advocate of community". One can see "Huizar's Winter Wonderland" as an example of that.
Constituents and groups who run counter to the political directives and desires of the "COUNCILMAN LAST SEEN SPEAKING AS JOSE HUIZAR", are met with disdain and derision from a "revolving door of staffers" and operatives such as the "Southwest Society" , David Galaviz , the likes of Don Jones, with help from Latham and Watkins and Steve Sugerman.

Nor are any cultural or historical places and institutions in CD 14 beyond being sold to a perspective donor/ special interest. Witness the on-going and growing controversies involving Wyvernwood, the Southwest Museum, Elephant Hill, Hazard Park and Avery Park/Connector Road in El Sereno.

........in ending, practice your CD 14 Constitutional Right to "Cut and Paste" before the "cyber man in uniform" comes to cut you offline.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ass Clown Award nominations for the month of July

That time of the month again, here are your nominations for the coveted "Ass Clown Award"

1. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
2. Ryan Seacrest
3. Councilman Greig Smith
4. Councilman Jack "A" Weiss
5. The "Zorro Marxist"
6. California State Government
7. Councilwoman Jan Perry
8. CRA
9. "Old Gray Hag on Spring Street...for sale"
10. Grand Avenue Project
11. Don Quixote and friends
12. "Bloggin Burros" **by special request**
13. DONE's "Bong Water" Kim ** by special request, LOL!!**
14. LAPD Chief Bill Bratton **refer to comments above**

As always your thoughts and "bloggin comments" are greatly appreciated.


Monday, July 07, 2008

"Ass Clown Award" for the month of June

In the interest of saving Eastern Sierra Watershed, lets waste no more cyber energy in naming DWP General Manager H.(osed) David Nahai the recipient of June's "Ass Clown Award".

"Arrogant", that was Nahai's reaction to Journalist Alan Mittelstaedt request to disclose his personal water usage.

"Disdain", that being Nahai's respect for the law requiring release of public documents within 10 days of request.

"Aloof", that being Nahai's demeanor to the general public.

"Potty Mouth", that describes the vernacular of Nahai and "Dining Buddy" Tony Villar at certain restaurants.

"Dismissive", thats regarding concerns about the "Part-time employment" of Cindy Montanez.

"User", that is what Daily News Scribe Beth Barrett was in "spinning" Nahai's response to Mittelstaedt's badgering regarding his water usage.

"Enabler" that describes the "WWG, Puff Roderick" fluff piece on Nahai.

"Reality", that being these simple facts regarding Nahai's water usage........

H. David Nahai (DWP General Manager) - 434,220 gallons
Rocky Delgadillo (City attorney) - 423,368 gallons
Mayor Villaraigosa - 386,716 gallons
Jack Weiss - 254,320 gallons
Bill Rosendahl - 230,384 gallons
Tony Cardenas - 219,912 gallons
Greig Smith - 219,164 gallons
Dennis Zine - 194,480 gallons
Wendy Gruel - 190,740 gallons
Jose Huizar - 142,120 gallons
Eric Garcetti - 88,264 gallons
Janice Hahn - 83,776 gallons
Bernard Parks - 35,156 gallons
"Crack back", that is what the Daily News did to "E. Pluribus Waterwaster" in this editorial.
"Hypocrite" that is one who calls himself a "environmentialist" , kisses up to the likes of "Eco-developers", "Kaufman, Broad and Sierra Club", thens sucks up a stream in the Eastern Sierra to turn his lawn into a "Wetlands".
"Congratulations", that is for being named the "Ass Clown Awardee for June"

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