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Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Political Ass Clown Award Nominations ..........

** Blogger's Note: In honor of the creation of former Mayor Sam Blogger "Mayor Frank", its time to disclose our 2013 Nominations for dubious, self-important lowlights, via the cast of "Political Ass Payasos y Payasas", that make up the dysfunctional Los Angeles Political Machine.

For those longtime Mayor Sam observers, you will notice that our regular Ass Clown "Gorda Boo Boo" Poster Girl, has graciously gone on to bigger and better political offerings as a new member of LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina's staff.

Thus, we proudly present our new Political Ass Clown Poster Duo of former CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes and his "Mini Me" Chief of Staff Jose Gardea, who was last seen going down to defeat against now CD 1 City Councilman Gil "One Bill" Cedillo. We are sure that the past political follies and transgressions of these two, make them worthy of their new gig.

We should also note that this year, with another election cycle just past, that many of our out-going Political Payasos y Payasas are deserving of special recognition. Thus, our Political Ass Clown Award Committee will be working overtime (between swigs from our brown bag wrapped beer of choice), to properly bestow the appropriate, dubious distinction on those nominated. ** Please note that our 2013 Political Ass Clown Awards are bloggin interactive. Your nominations are most welcome---Scott Johnson in CD 14

** Saturday Morning Update: From "Rita of Sunland", LAUSD Superintendent John "I QUIT" Deasy.
Coliseum Commission/ USC.
IBEW/ DWP Strongman Brian "The Boss" D'Arcy.
Former State Senator Gloria "The Other Woman" Romero.
LA County Labor Federation "Boss Woman" Maria Elena Durazo.
Former City Controller and losing Mayoral Candidate Wendy "IBEW, PPL, County Federation of Labor, UFLAC, Bill Clinton, DWP, Magic Johnson, Tony Villar and Boss D'Arcy's" Greuel.
"Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" John Shallman.
Michael "MEAT" Trujillo.
New York Mayor Doomberg.
ED Voice.
ED Voice's Walmart/ Tea Party's 46th Assembly Candidate Brian Johnson.
CD 13 Carpetbagging Candidate John Choi.
Former CD 2/7 City Councilman Richard AlarCON.
Lush, former Public Works Committee President Andrea AlarCON.
Joke Blogger.
Legacy LA's Lou Calanche.
LA Coliseum Commissioner David "Col Klink" Israel.
The "University of Scandalous Conduct".
DWP/ IBEW Job Training Non-Profits.
The "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street".
...... with regrets, former City Attorney Carmen Trutanich.
Former CD 3 City Councilman and losing City Controller Candidate Dennis/ Denise Zine.
Plastic Bag Ban.
The Astro Turf Burbank Blog.
CD 5 City Councilman Paul "Nanny Spud" Koretz.
Those who have turned "Sunland-Tijuana" into the Homeless Capital of the San Fernando Valley.
Jackie Autry and her arts stealing Autry National Center.
The in-fighting Los Angeles County Republican Party.
The CD 2/ Studio City Patch Sock Puppet.
Former CD 14 Chief of Staff Ana "I am a Latina Candidate (who abused the CLARTS Fund)" Cubas.
Any former Mayor Antonio Villar/ Monica "Gorda Boo Boo" Garcia supported LAUSD School Board Candidate with the last name of Sanchez (they lose despite big expenditures).
Former CD 1 City Councilman Ed and "Mini Ed" Reyes.
State Senator Kevin "Calderon" De Leon.
The Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee.
City Clowncil Central Committee Dictator Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson (and enabling wife Fabian).
Two certain "Los Angeles Public Officials" investigated by the FBI.
Former Building and Safety Inspector Samuel "City-wide Sam" In ( and CD 14 "friend" Gustavo Valdivia).
Developer Rick "Hamlet" Caruso.
New LA City Attorney and Bet Tzedek's Best Friend (along with AB 109 release prisoners), Mike Feuer.
Former Mayor Richard Riordan and his Posse of "Mini-Riordans" (Soboroff and Buetner).
Retiring LA County Board of Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky.
Out-going LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria "Molina Boo Boo".
Molina Boo Boo's Charter School of Choice, Academia Semillas del Pueblo.
The lucrative 1 % Charter School Duo of Mr. and Mrs. Mark(os) Aguilar-Ferguson.
** A certain "Los Angeles City Councilman" named as a "money drop" in the State Senator Ron Calderon Affidavit.
** A certain "Los Angeles City Councilman" who sat in a LAPD car for two hours (to sober up?) after rear-ending a former Huntington Park PD Officer on First Street.
** A certain "Los Angeles City Councilman" who allegedly Sexually Harassed his for Deputy Chief of Staff, but admitted to having occasional, "consensual relations" with her.
** denotes the same, certain "Los Angeles City Councilman" (allegedly).
LASTLY, former Failure, Two-term Los Angeles Mayor (and a certain "Los Angeles City Councilman's" Political Papi) Antonio "Tony" Villar.

Your thoughts and nominations appreciated .................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger Rita-of-Sunland said:

What, no Ass-Clown recognition for LAUSD President JOHN "I'm-going-I'm-staying" DEASY for using brick-and-mortar school funds to roll out the disasterously expensive, $780.00 per student I-PAD program???

December 27, 2013 10:55 AM  

Blogger Rita-of-Sunland said:

You left out LAUSD President JOHN "I-quit!-On-second-thought-I'm-staying" DEASY, who used brick-and-mortar school funds (courtesy of the tax-payers) to WASTE on over-priced I-PADS ($780.00 a pop) for all the loser gang banger kids who're just going to lose 'em, detroy 'em, sell 'em, let 'em get stolen and eventually flunk out of school anyway. They've already broken the codes so they can access porn, FB, and other non-scholastic web-sites. How DUMB IS this "progressive" ass-clown,anyway? And what's with his stupid accent? Or is it just some freaky speech impediment??

December 27, 2013 9:54 PM  

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