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Monday, May 06, 2013

Announcing a new Post Election Gig for Ed and "Mini Ed" Reyes Gardea

Ed Reyes with "Mini Ed" Jose Gardea
Great Monday to all after a forced hiatus due to a pesky inner ear issue last week, which affected the bloggin equilibrium of this writer.

But rest assure that our bloggin down time did not go unproductive as the photo on the left will attest to.

While the Los Angeles Times continues to shill for the third term incarnation of CD 1 City Councilman Ed "Density" Reyes, in the form of current Chief of Staff Jose Gardea. A bloggin contributor blessed us with our new Ass Clown Awards Mascots in the spirit of sensitivity to potential post CD 1 career opportunities for the soon to be unemployed political duo.

Our inner job producing personas can envision many ways to market this political duo for a private after life outside of City Hall. In addition to their regular gig as the Official Mayor Sam Ass Clown Mascots, we can have Ed and Mini Ed replace their former campaign worker Pedro Carrillo as the new 7 Eleven consultants in the sensitive communities of our city. Watch as Ed maneuvers Mini Ed's hands as he thanks your for supporting more corporate beer and wine sales in gang-infested neighborhoods.

Of course this duo will need some non-city wheels to get around town and we know a certain Glendale Kia Dealership that would be willing to match their IE expenditure, with a car (or cars) of equal value, in return for maintaining their current lease agreement on city land.

But no political after life for Ed and Mini Ed would be complete without some attachment to hilltop open space, a river and its watershed (of potential lucrative consulting gigs). Whether its inflating the value of Elephant Hill with an exemption from the Northeast Hillside ICO for Land Use Attorney Ben Reznik's client, or attempting to pave the way (literally) for USC to concrete over open space at Hazard Park. Its safe to say that this duo will not be starving over any lack of developer clients who will pay for their enabling hypocrisy in forcing more unsustainable density on an impacted CD 1, but without access to the horseshoe, their two-face dealings will hopefully come to naught.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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