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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The 2015 Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards

 The Mayor Sam Blog proudly presents the 2015 Political Ass Clown Awards.
Introducing our 2015 Ass Clown Modeling Troika of former CD 14 Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy, her ex boss Clowncilman Jose "The Tonto Huevon" Huizar and current City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson.
** Blogger's Note: Great Monday January 12, 2015 to all as the clouds part on this day that we honor the creative genius of blogger Mayor Frank and present our annual edition of the much-coveted Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards.
Clowncil Members, other assorted local public officials, staffers, cronies, community groupies, connected CBOs and most important, our valued loyal cyber audience of decent blogging Angelinos, its time to gather in front of your respective keyboards as we bring you the dubious best from our diverse cast of "Political Payasos y Payasas" that make up the Los Angeles Political Machine.
For those who may choose to inquire about the absence of the 2014 Ass Clown Awards Model Duo of former CD 1 City Clowncilman Ed "Density" Reyes and his Chief of Staff Jose Gardea, we like to take the occasion of the former CD 1 Officeholder's Birthday to notify him (and his "Mini Ed"), that their cyber services are no longer needed.
Instead, we introduce our 2015 curvy model troika made up of former CD 14 Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy, along with Political Soul Brothers Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson and Jose "The Tonto Huevon" Huizar, as most would agree that their respective actions define the 2014 Political Year at 200 Spring Street.
Thus, with no further keyboarding ado, its time to open our duck-taped, fecal matter-laden recycle plastic bags (thanks to the actions of reigning Nanny Spud Clowncilman Paul Koretz) and present our cyber audience with the 2015 Edition of the Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards---Scott Johnson.

1. Ass Clowning, Rib-breaking Award for Cross Party Lines, After-hours Interactions (allegedly):
From "Shermanater" to rib-breaking, cross Party Lines-interacting (after hours of course) Lawmaker even before getting his first authored Law passed (allegedly). That's the First Term achievement for former Congressman Brad Sherman staffer, now 45th Assembly District Officeholder Matt Dababneh, as fellow "Shermanater" and legislative colleague Assemblyman Mike Gatto, jovially-stated on the famous video above. We sincerely hope in granting this first Mayor Sam Bloggin Honor to the now Second Term Lawmaker, that he (and his after-hours, interacting subjects), remain injury-free and innocent in chaste, when in the "course of interaction". 
2. Ass Clown Award for Misrepresentation of Self during a Political Campaign:
Lets this first Bloggin Honor bestowed on current Clowncilman Huizar Puppet LA-32 Neighborhood Council President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Terminated LAPD Civilian Employee Caudillo), serve as a Teachable Moment in the Internet Age, that your dubious pass is a cut and paste link away as exampled below. From the Civil Service Commission Hearing Minutes. The Department added that the chief of police had made it very clear that if an employee has a DUI arrest the Department will work with them to help overcome whatever the problem is. However, if a second offense occurs, he has stated, there is no room in the Department for that employee and they will be discharged. The Department cannot make special provision for outstanding employees or employees it likes who have received a second DUI. The policy must be uniform across the board. It was with regret that this employee was discharged, but it was the only avenue open to the Department.
3. Ass Clown Award for Contributing to Disempowering a Neighborhood Council:
This next bestowment of Ass Clown status is a subjective exercise in channeling now former "Disempowerment LA Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate (NEA)" Lisette Covarrubias's documented mindset, that resulted in the Punitive Action to place the LA-32 NC on Exhaustive Efforts. Whether it was showing partiality on alleged issues of harassment or allowing a select few to circumvent the restrictions of Exhaustive Efforts, the now former DONE employee will be remember for allegedly blocking the implementation (via an employee grievance) of the now enacted "Council 4 Council" Mentoring Program, that offers cost-free services to NCs with needs. Her bias, subjective actions for a politically-connected few has cause great damage to an once objective Community Elected Body.
4. Ass Clown Award for Coercion of a Free Press:
LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Home Renovation-Thomas" is a dour, diminutive politico who aspires to grow a political fiefdom devoid of rules, ethics and dissent. Witness his recent behavior during the recent LAUSD School Board District One Special Elections which saw the friend of jailed SEIU Crook Tyrone Freeman, use his influence to force Special Interests to donate mega money to his Staffer Alex Ridley-Thomas-Johnson Campaign. But more egregious was the action of the note Home Renovator (using public money), in coercing (via threating to cut ad revenue) the LA Wave Newspaper to censor/ silence longtime South LA Soulvine Columnist Betty Pleasant. The reaction to this blatant act of attempted censorship help rally activists in electing now LAUSD School Board Member George McKenna (who faces no candidates for the full term in March). 
5. Ass Clown Award for Hypocrisy in combating Corruption:
For those who ponder why this blogger and most discerning political observers are cynical in nature, lets review the recent bloggin case study of former City of Bell (Police Association-financed) Basta Reform Group Spokesperson, now mere Democratic Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia. After her upset over Tom Calderon for the 58th Assembly Seat, her political capital was such that she could gather political leaders from Southeast LA County, to request that Indicted State Senator Ron Calderon resign from office. But independence in politics (especially on the Democratic side), has its limits and a small contribution to a fellow officeholder (especially with the last name of Calderon) can erode most political good will in a bloggin post moment

6. Ass Clown Consulting Award for Combusting a Political Victory into a Flaming Defeat:   
Its safe to state that the recent 39th Assembly District Mega Upset that saw Incumbent and Sacramento Rising Star Raul Bocanegra, lose to now Assemblywoman Patty Lopez, will be a Poli-Sci Case Study for years to come. Of course, that study will start with deconstructing the work of Lead Consultant Gerry Guzman, who orchestrated this tumble from the front into an upset abyss, that echoes with denial and whispers of alleged Lopez-wrongdoing. Lets see how the Northeast San Fernando Valley Grass-Roots respond to the less than graceful post-election conduct in the likely rematch come 2016.
7. The Yearly Jose Huizar Ass Clown Award to his Inner Tonto Huevon Self:
As a Ass Clown Awards Committee Disclaimer, please note that until the self-noting Princeton Graduate, turned the reigning Tonto Huevon of the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee, leaves Public Office, this will be a yearly award to someone in denial of his personal dark side. That dark side in 2014, cost the taxpayers the following; First, $185,000 to settle his Boyle Heights Rear-ending Collision and most recently, at least $200,000 in legal bills before the Zacatecas-born Politico, privately settle with his former Scheduler/ Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy. Even with Godoy settled into silence (and a new Bureau of Sanitation Job), rest assure that we have yet to see any signs that trouble will vacate the inner-persona of the current CD 14 Officeholder, anytime soon. 
8. The Ass Clown Award for Nefarious Political Family Achievement:
While a former CD 2/7 City Clowncil Central Committee Member CONtemplates a future without politics in home confinement, a Southeast Los Angeles Politico Family has many within the Los Angeles Political Machine, listening for a tune from a Federal Grand Jury and FBI Investigation which may see many of their political brethren seeking legal representation. The HOT RUMOR for 2015 is that a local, former elected law official, ma come out of retirement to help with prosecution of local corruption cases.

9. The Ass Clown Award for Censorship in the Local Media:
We bloggin fondly remember a time every Thursday when the latest Soulvine Column would post via the Online Edition of the LA Wave Newspaper. From week to week, Betty Pleasant's weekly WMDs (either being Wanton Missive of Distortion or Written Missive of Distinction) were bound to impale themselves on the subject of Pleasant's ire or gushing of praise. But with Pleasant's ceaseless attacks on LA County Board of Supervisor staffer and LAUSD District One Candidate Alex Johnson. The Publisher allegedly put the loss of potential ad revenue (via supposed threats from the Supervisor) paramount before Pleasant's Right to Expression. and the result was Betty's resignation from the Wave.

10. The Ass Clown Award for Pompous Self-Promotion:
Long ago there was a local Progressive Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg who chose a Housing Project Community Center Stage for one of her Swearing In Ceremonies. This year, her replacement as Assemblyman and now State Senator Kevin de Leon, spent thousands of Special Interest Dollars in having himself Coroneted as State Senate Pro Tem Kevin de Leon the First, before an invite-only group at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

11. The Recent Lack of Achievement Ass Clown Award to an Aging Call Greuel:
There will come a time for every member of the Los Angeles Political Machine, when your inability to remain in public office or getting elected to a position of power, will render you irrelevant, especially if you are a certain "Call Greuel". Sadly for Wendy, that time has come after her Third Place Finish in the 33rd Congressional Campaign. Despite the extreme mame makeover and dumping of debt-incurring "Private Citizen/ Campaign Consultant" John Shallman, for the trio of Sean, Ace and MEAT, the former favorite Call Greuel for the likes of Antonio, SEIU, PPL, UFLAC, the County Labor Federation ......, and of course IBEW's Boss D'Arcy Rizzo, clearly has seen her best of political opportunities. 

12. The Ass Clown Award for Wrongful Prosecution (allegedly):
As the March Elections for the odd-numbered LAUSD School Board Seats roll on, a potential BIG SCANDAL is ready to engulf the District Three proceedings. Former Michael "MEAT" Trujillo Campaign Client and current School Board Member Tamar Galatzan, has herself in a legal quagmire as her attempt to prosecute longtime LAUSD Activist George Buzzetti, is engendering a major pushback. Buzzetti recently released an independent review of the telephone recording that are the basis for Tamar's quest to silence the CORE California Civil Rights Group Member, which a VERY HIGH PROBABILITY that its not Buzzetti's voice on the messages. Can you say wrongful prosecution? Can you say iPAD Cover Up? There is convincing reasons to think so.

13. The 2015 Connected Non-Profit Ass Clown Award:
For those who hold out a forlorn hope of cleaning up corrupting within Ciudad de Los Angeles, a good place to start is at your neighborhood "Connected Non-Profit". Residences within the CD 1 Community of Cypress Park, have taken the extra step of trying to keep one out but with no thanks to their Clowncilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", they are fighting one of the more infamous 501-C3s, Echo Park's El Centro del Pueblo. Despite protests and calls for a meeting, Clowncilman Cedillo is forcing the Southeast LA County Corruption-connected entity upon the community, while its Executive Director Sandra Figueroa-Villa attempts to buy her way into new turf.

14. Introducing The Ass Clown Broken Deal Cedillo Award:
As a disclaimer from the Ass Clown Awards Committee, the growing list of broken promises, lies, betrayals and simply, contempt for his legal constituents, is grounds for the serious consideration of a weekly or monthly "Broken Deal Cedillo Ass Clown Award". From his blatant acts of given public money to a Convicted Felon, Larry "Nativo" Lopez, to his disregard for the Friends of the Southwest Museum Organization, in favor of the "Pay to Play El Plan" of Autry-associated Gabriel Buelna, Broken Deal Cedillo is ensuring himself of a Re-election Challenge come 2017.

15. The 2015 Mayor Sam Ass Clown Emeritus Award to ex California Governor Arnold "The Kennedy Republican" Schwarzenegger:
There is no need to grope through the lesser details on the character and political failings of a former Two Term RINO Politico known here as simply "The Kennedy Republican (a republican who's political manhood has been castrated by his Kennedy Family Spouse, making him a California RINO)". But the photo above tells you all you need to know about how the Political Elites will take care of each other, even at the expense of something called Justice. Thus, the photo below of a loving Husband and Wife, Kathy and Fred Santos, forever in grief over the violent lost of their son Luis, should serve as a reminder why "The Kennedy Republican" is not fit to hold Public Office ever again.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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