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Thursday, October 30, 2008

From the OC: Red County Blog banning readers for being pro-Pedroza!

ACTION ALERT: Stamp Out Censorship

Remember, Red Yellow County is owned by Partisan Media Group, LLC.

Wow! It's finally happened. I, Sarah Michelle Spinosa, have been banned from both of the other big OC blogs.

What is it that they're so afraid of that they would gang up on our good friend and Council candidate Art Pedroza with a lame mailer that actually promotes this blog above all, and then censor those who defend him. From what I understand, Matt 'Jubal' Cunningham, editor of OC Blog, is notorious for his thin-skined, 'journalistic terroristic' ways, banning those who disagree with him.

I understand that the 1st Amendment doesn't have a lot of influence over the actions of partisans, but to put out that mailer to help settle a personal vendetta and then be upset to the point of censorship without hesitation when someone questions you on it is just plain weakness. I didn't make an allegation, I merely stated that I doubted Jubal's sincerity and described a hypothetical situation which in legal circles is called 'emphasizing reasonable doubt.'

Why did he overreact? After years of playing 'Tom and Jerry,' Matt (Tom) has finally found a way to get Art (Jerry). I mean, really get him, in the really real world, not on the blogosphere. He took the opportunity, and that's fine. As I've said repeatedly, he's done us a terrific service, bringing more readers to our already #1 political blog, but now I'd like to bring a few to his.

Click here and tell Jubal that we're not going to take it, that smear campaigns only work against those who are full of BS, and that he can no longer claim to be a proponent of free speech until he can practice what he preaches.

What is Matt hiding?


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Blogger Michael Higby said:

That's too bad he can't put up with dissent on his blog, we know what I put up with over here.

That being said, Orange County folks who are already a pretty decent percentage of our readership, should come over to Mayor Sam and read Sarah to get all the juicy news out of The OC.

October 30, 2008 4:55 PM  

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