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Friday, October 31, 2008

Be original! No one else will go as Sarah Palin this Halloween.

While I was looking for Halloween events to report on for Griffith Park, I came across this juicy description of how to make a Sarah Palin outfit, from CreepyLA.com, David Markland's other blog.

Whether you love Sarah Palin or love to hate her, one thing is certain: she is definitely adding some much needed glamour to the Republican Party! Those glossy lips, that frosted, tousled hair...

Bronzer, bronzer, bronzer! Wear an orangey-tan base, heavy on the bronzer. Palin loves her blush, people...

Last but not least, I found a baby doll ($3.00) at a thriftstore that I wrapped in a yellow towel. That’s right, my little Baby Trig.
Learn from my mistakes: I chose a Russ brand “Troll” doll and seriously offended some bystanders.

Am I a bad person because I laughed at this? Hee.

To be fair, I'm also including an Obama mask. This is for sale on ebay.

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