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Monday, October 27, 2008

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Monday

Delicious political circus at a meeting of the MTA Board last week.  Following a discussion of the shady transit tax Measure R and rail safety issues board member and County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky declared that fellow board member and Supervisor Gloria Molina's comments were "selfish nonsense."  Molina wanted the board to consider crossing gates for the Gold Line extension through her district as well as barring the MTA from sending out campaign material on Measure R.  Following that, Zev walked out of the meeting as he had threatened earlier.

Mayor V will fill his one millionth pothole Monday in Toluca Lake. You may remember back in March the Mayor filled the 800,000th pothole.  The Mayor may be criticized for his lack of time spent actually running the city but it sure looks like Antonio Villaraigosa has made a priority of filling holes in LA.

Starting next month the LA Live project will begin to rollout the various phases that have completed construction. Set to open first is nightclub Club Nokia, and restaurants, the Lucky Strike bowling alley, the Conga Room and Trader Vic's.  Million dollar condos will be available in 2010.  Among the future residents: Mayor Villaraigosa and Governor Schwarzenegger.

Yet another Republican has come out against Proposition 8 which would outlaw same-sex marriage in California.  Former Reagan Administration member and five term Congressman Tom Campbell.  Campbell says "Republicans also care about jobs; and as a business proposition, it makes no sense to support Prop. 8. Discrimination at any level is bad for business."

I just ran across a great post by feminist and stay-at-home mom blogger Jessica Gottlieb at the LA Moms Blog. Gottlieb deconstructs the cult of Obama that many of us have been subjected to for the last few months.  Think about it, how many of your friends have replaced their photo on Facebook or MySpace with that of Obama. Gottlieb nails the whole objection to the Obama singing, posters and more with "We're Americans, we don't have Kings and Queens, we don't have presidents we Revere. We have presidents that we hold accountable through checks and balances. We have Presidents and Vice Presidents that we employ and reserve the right to fire."

One of the big issues in LA is how to get folks to the Music Center downtown and where to park.  The DWP has raised hackles by declaring their parking lot off limits to patrons.  They tried shuttle buses from the Westside but usage was lacking.  Even adding free bottle water and on-board arts talks didn't raise interest. Perhaps this is one reason why it's not wise to center all these facilities downtown and we should adopt a regional approach.

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Blogger Heather said:

I'm listsening to the Public Safety Committe meeting on Special Issue 40 and I agree with the majority of posters here that Zine and Smith are a bunch of bafoons. What losers!##$$ They have the nerve to question LAPD as if they know anything about the issue. They have a very smart lady from the police commission laying it all out and making perfect sense and stupid Smith keeps asking the same dumb ass question she's answered already. Can these men really be as stupid as they look?

October 27, 2008 10:05 AM  

Blogger Heather said:

Ok who the hell does Reyes think he is questioning how LAPD enforces Special Issue 40. Zine finally came off strong at the end. Reyes of course gets up, sounds like the idiot he is and wants LAPD to go back to committee. Reyes allows the illegals to run rampant through his district with illegal vending yet, turns a blind eye. A baby was killed by gang bangers extorting money and REYES DOES AND SAYS NOTHING. HEY ED, TELL THEM IN SPANISH ILLEGAL VENDING IS ILLEGAL!!!!

October 27, 2008 11:57 AM  

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