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Monday, October 27, 2008

Ron Kaye Breaks The News: Patsaouras for Controller

We've been talking about potential horse races this spring in the City Elections and that someone was going to light the match that will trigger an avalanhce or at least mini-rockslide of folks to challenge the "annointed" ones for public office in Los Angeles.

Ron Kaye breaks the story that the match has been lit.  Not (yet) by the Mayoral candidacy we've been teasing - Rick Caruso - but by an unexpected candidate to challenge Council Member Wendy Greuel, that is Nick Patsaouras, current DWP Commisioner but longtime civic leader in Los Angeles (remember, he has a transit plaza named after him). He's an engineer and an immigrant success story.  Yes, Ron, Wendy must be a bit surprised.

I actually met Patsaouras when I was a small child and he was a classmate of two cousins of mine and fellow member of the International Club at Los Angeles Valley College.  Back then he was "Nick the Greek."  I don't remember it but my mom told me the story.  Nick's wife Sylvia is also a distinguished community leader and urban planning expert in her own right.

With Patsouras as Controller and Caruso as Mayor you could wind up having two proteges of Tom Bradley running the City, both of who could break us of the political nonsense of the current day (don't take that as an endorsment by me of either, I am currently UNDECIDED).

Read the rest of the story at Ron Kaye.

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