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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Morning Funnies

Chris Essel's proposed development plan for Sunland-Tujunga - Illustration by Ben Cartwright

Every now and then a comment posted by one of our readers is so informative, entertaining, or amusing it warrants a bump up to the full blog and becomes it's own post.  The following is from Joe B's story on the KRLA radio debate between CD2 candidates Paul Krekorian and Chris Essel, hosted by Kevin James Friday night.  The comment followed Krekorian's announcement that CD2 primary challenger Mary Benson has endorsed the Valley Assemblymember and is a parody on the vindictive press release issued by Essel upon the earlier news Friday that another major CD2 challenger, Tamar Galatzan, had announced her backing of Krekorian.  Blog away dum dums!

Since John Shallman is having a bad night. I took it upon myself to write his press release denouncing Mary Benson's endorsement of Paul Krekorian.

October 30th, 2009 – Sunland Tujunga politician Mary Benson announced today that she will support California State Assembly Leader Paul the Armenian Krekorian in the 2nd district City Council special election.

Benson's endorsement comes just a few weeks after a meeting with Council candidate and Valley businesswoman Christine Essel. In the meeting, Essel asked Benson to consider supporting an effort to turn Foothill Blvd into an all dirt road like it was in the 1920's. Benson was not supportive of the idea and detailed a litany of reasons as to why reform would be impossible.

“Christine Essel never asked for Mary Benson's endorsement. Instead, she asked her to think about supporting a plan to break up the large dysfunctional Horse properties in Shadow Hills,” Essel spokesman John Shallman said. “Unfortunately, Mary wouldn’t even consider it. Now she’s trying to protect the the fat and lazy horse owners by issuing a political endorsement of a fellow off the boat professional politician who opposes sodomizing all horses.”

Essel has been on record as a supporter of turning Foothill Blvd into a dirt road throughout the campaign. Essel’s detailed plan to reform L.A. government, “Big Ideas for a New L.A.,” contains recommendations to reform the tare down all CD2 streets so sewer lines can function more effectively by running openly in the middle of every street, so the children of the CD2 rabble can also use them as swimming pools.


For more information contact John Shallman in his mansion in the hills.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Krekorian Announces Endorsement by Mary Benson on Kevin James Show

Just moments ago, on the Kevin James Radio Show, Paul Krekorian announced that he has been endorsed by former CD2 candidate Mary Benson. If this is true, this could be very significant, as Paul just picked up the endorsement of former CD2 candidate Tamar Galatzan earlier today. Tamar and Mary came in 3rd and 4th place, respectively, in the primary race.

UPDATE: We have spoken with Mary Benson and she has confirmed that she is indeed backing Paul Krekorian. She stated that she will release a formal announcement soon.

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Galatzan Endorses Krekorian; Essel Starts a Cat Fight

The Not Ready for Prime Time Players at the Chris Essel campaign do it again. After writing her wrong home address on Frank Sheftel's petition, not knowing the schools in her District and most amazingly, palling around with holocaust deniers, Essel and her team have pulled a really big boner.

They have issued a pre-emptive press release with a vindictive attack on Galatzan that just isn't seen, even in the rotten old world of Los Angeles Politics. In the John Shallman (Essel's consultant) crafted piece, the Essel campaign accuse Galatzan of not wanting to discuss LAUSD reform and offered the following:

“Christine Essel never asked for Tamar Galatzan’s endorsement. Instead, she asked her to think about supporting a plan to break up the largest and most dysfunctional school district in America,” Essel spokesman John Shallman said. “Unfortunately, Tamar wouldn’t even consider it. Now she’s trying to protect the bloated LAUSD bureaucracy by issuing a political endorsement of a fellow professional politician who opposes district reform."

Galatzan's support for Krekorian will not doubt cement his support amongst community leaders actually in the District leaving only developers, Downtown interests, Hollywood studios and a few disgruntled folks in Camp Essel. Expect a cascade of new support for Krekorian to be announced next week.

Anyone want to stick a fork in the Essel campaign? It's done.

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Breaking News: Newsom to drop out of Governor's Race

UPDATE: The San Mateo Daily Journal reports at 3:05 PM Gavin is out:

"This is not an easy decision. But it is one made with the best intentions for my wife, my daughter, the residents of the city and county of San Francisco, and California Democrats," Newsom stated in the release.

Full Newsom statement at MS2

SACRAMENTO - (developing) We don't know if this is a Halloween prank (and if it is it's not mine cause I only do April Fools Jokes) but sources in the Capital are telling us that a handful of high profile donors to candidate for Governor Gavin Newsom say the San Francisco Mayor is going to announce this afternoon his withdrawl from the race, after failing to gain traction in the race.

Stay tuned.

PS: Don't get pissed off if this doesn't happen. It's coming from four good sources and I wouldn't put it up if I thought it wasn't possible. Things change and people lie. So if Gavin stays in, I'll have a drink. I might have one anyway.

Blog away dum dums.

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Paul Krekorian's Armenian, Assembly, Environmental, and Labor Friends donate $62,738 for CD 2 Special Election Battle

"Krekorian's carpetbag refilled with help from State Assembly colleagues"
CD 2 Special Election Candidate Paul Krekorian's latest contribution numbers were just posted at the Ethics website as of 10:30 AM.
Krekorian reported $62,738 in contributions and has $74,032 in on-hand cash, as of today's report. Notable among the contributions were the number of Krekorian's Assembly colleagues who gave their monetary support, as we highlight below. In addition, conservation, community and labor are represented in this latest report.
** 10/20/09 Christopher Alan (Developer, Dasher/Lawless Inc) Van Nuys, CA 91401 Paul Krekorian Council Member - District 2 1321819 - Krekorian For City Council 2009 - Gen. A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 [Election:12/08/09]
** 10/23/09 Michael Amerian (Attorney, City Of Los Angeles) Toluca Lake, CA 91602
Paul Krekorian Council Member - District 2 1321819 - Krekorian For City Council 2009 - Gen.
A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00
** 10/23/09 Angeles Chapter Of The Sierra Club PAC Los Angeles, CA 90010
Paul Krekorian Council Member - District 2 1321819 - Krekorian For City Council 2009 - Gen.
A - Monetary Contribution Received (COM - Committee) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09]
$500.00 [Election:12/08/09]
** 10/23/09 Marty Block (Assemblyman, State Of CA) San Diego, CA 92120
Paul Krekorian Council Member - District 2 1321819 - Krekorian For City Council 2009 - Gen.
A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00
** 10/24/09 Committee To Re-Elect Assembly Member Manuel Perez 2010 Los Angeles, CA 90017 Paul Krekorian Council Member - District 2 1321819 - Krekorian For City Council 2009 - Gen. A - Monetary Contribution Received (COM - Committee) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09]$500.00 [Election:12/08/09]
** 10/13/09 Friends Of Anthony Portantino 2010 Los Angeles, CA 90071 Paul Krekorian Council Member - District 2 1321819 - Krekorian For City Council 2009 - Gen. A - Monetary Contribution Received (COM - Committee) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00
[Election:12/08/09] 10/2
** 10/24/09 Warren Furutani (Legislator, State Of California) Los Angeles, CA 90048 Paul Krekorian Council Member - District 2 1321819 - Krekorian For City Council 2009 - Gen.
A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00
** 10/13/09 Eric Hacopian (Consultant, Eric Hacopian) North Hollywood, CA 91602
Paul Krekorian Council Member - District 2 1321819 - Krekorian For City Council 2009 - Gen.
A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $250.00
** 10/24/09 John Perez For Assembly 2010 Sacramento, CA 95814 Paul Krekorian Council Member - District 2 1321819 - Krekorian For City Council 2009 - Gen. A MonetaryContribution Received (COM - Committee) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 [Election:12/08/09]
** 10/24/09 Local 770 United Food And Commercial Workers Union PAC Los Angeles, CA 90005 Paul Krekorian Council Member - District 2 1321819 - Krekorian For City Council 2009 - Gen. A - Monetary Contribution Received (SCC - Small Contributor Committee) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 [Election:12/08/09]
** 10/22/09 Karen Bass For Assembly 2008 Los Angeles, CA 90017 Paul Krekorian Council Member - District 2 1321819 - Krekorian For City Council 2009 - Gen. A MonetaryContribution Received (COM - Committee) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 [Election:12/08/09]
** 10/20/09 LA League Of Conservation Voters San Gabriel, CA 91775 Paul Krekorian Council Member - District 2 1321819 - Krekorian For City Council 2009 - Gen. A Monetary Contribution Received (OTH - Other) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00[Election:12/08/09]
** 10/15/09 Mike Feuer For Assembly 2010 Los Angeles, CA 90048 Paul Krekorian Council Member - District 2 1321819 - Krekorian For City Council 2009 - Gen. A - Monetary Contribution Received (COM - Committee) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 [Election:
** 10/20/09 Adam Schiff (Congress Member, US House Of Representatives) Pasadena, CA 91105 Paul Krekorian Council Member - District 2 1321819 - Krekorian For City Council 2009 - Gen. A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 [Election:12/08/09]
** 10/24/09 Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc Burbank, CA 91522 Paul Krekorian Council Member - District 2 1321819 - Krekorian For City Council 2009 - Gen. A - Monetary Contribution Received (OTH - Other) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 [Election:
In comparing the contributers of Krekorian to donors of the Essel Campaign, this race is setting up as a contest between the Democratic Party establishment, with their labor and environmental allies for Krekorian, with the Downtown power brokers, entertainment industry and developers siding with Chris Essel.
KRLA 870 AM Talk Radio Host Kevin James will have both Chris Essel and Paul Krekorian in studio for a debate this evening at 9:00 PM. Callers will be able to ask questions of the respective candidates.

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CD 2 Candidate Chris Essel's "Carpetbag" refilled with $141,019 for runoff

" This burro is laden with $$$$ of Special Interest money"
The latest Ethics Commission filing period for the CD 2 Special Election has come and gone.
Chris Essel reported $141,019 in contributions and has $161,000+ in cash on hand. For Paul Krekorian, he could use a handout as he has only $1,684 in cash and has yet to report any contributions for this filing period.
Essel once again is tapping the Downtown elites, entertainment and political insiders for contributions, some we highlight below.
** 10/05/09 WILLIAM M. WARDLAW (PARTNER, FREEMAN SPOGLI & CO.) LOS ANGELES, CA 90025 CHRISTINE ESSEL Council Member - District 2 1321633 - CHRIS ESSEL FOR CITY COUNCIL 2009 - GENERAL A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 [Election:12/08/09]
** 10/23/09 THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY AND ITS AFFILIATED ENTITY DISNEY WORLDWIDE SERVICES, INC. BURBANK, CA 91521 CHRISTINE ESSEL Council Member - District 2 1321633 - CHRIS ESSEL FOR CITY COUNCIL 2009 - GENERAL A - Monetary Contribution Received (OTH - Other) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 [Election:12/08/09]
** 10/23/09 JACOB ARI SWILLER (PARTNER, RENEWABLE RESOURCES GROUP INC.) LOS ANGELES, CA 90036 CHRISTINE ESSEL Council Member - District 2 1321633 - CHRIS ESSEL FOR CITY COUNCIL 2009 - GENERAL A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 [Election:12/08/09]
** 10/05/09 THEODORE STEIN (ATTORNEY, LAW OFFICES OF THEODORE STEIN, JR.)NORTHRIDGE, CA 91325 CHRISTINE ESSEL Council Member - District 2 1321633 - CHRIS ESSEL FOR CITY COUNCIL 2009 - GENERAL A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 [Election:12/08/09]
** 10/21/09 JAN C. PERRY (CITY COUNCIL MEMBER - 9TH DISTRICT, CITY OF LOS ANGELES) LOS ANGELES, CA 90012 CHRISTINE ESSEL Council Member - District 2 1321633 - CHRIS ESSEL FOR CITY COUNCIL 2009 - GENERAL A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $250.00 [Election:12/08/09]
A - Monetary Contribution Received (OTH - Other) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00
** 10/09/09 MARY D. NICHOLS (CHAIR, CA AIR RESOURCES BOARD, STATE OF CALIFORNIA) LOS ANGELES, CA 90020 CHRISTINE ESSEL Council Member - District 2 1321633 - CHRIS ESSEL FOR CITY COUNCIL 2009 - GENERAL A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 Election:12/08/09]
CHRISTINE ESSEL Council Member - District 2 1321633 - CHRIS ESSEL FOR CITY COUNCIL 2009 - GENERAL A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 [Election:12/08/09]
** 10/07/09 WENDY J. GREUEL (CITY CONTROLLER, CITY OF LOS ANGELES) VALLEY VILLAGE, CA 91607 CHRISTINE ESSEL Council Member - District 2 1321633 - CHRIS ESSEL FOR CITY COUNCIL 2009 - GENERAL A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND -Individual) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 [Election:12/08/09]
** 10/23/09 JACKIE GOLDBERG (EDUCATOR, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES) LOS ANGELES, CA 90026 CHRISTINE ESSEL Council Member - District 2 1321633 - CHRIS ESSEL FOR CITY COUNCIL 2009 - GENERAL A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $100.00 [Election:12/08/09]
** 10/22/09 JOZEF ESSAVI (BROKER, HEAVEN ON EARTH REALTY) VALLEY GLEN, CA 91401 CHRISTINE ESSEL Council Member - District 2 1321633 - CHRIS ESSEL FOR CITY COUNCIL 2009 - GENERAL A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period:
01/01/09-10/24/09] $200.00 [Election:12/08/09]
** 10/24/09 RICK CARUSO (REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER, CARUSO AFFILIATED) LOS ANGELES, CA 90036 CHRISTINE ESSEL Council Member - District 2 1321633 - CHRIS ESSEL FOR CITY COUNCIL 2009 - GENERAL A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 [Election:12/08/09]
CHRISTINE ESSEL Council Member - District 2 1321633 - CHRIS ESSEL FOR CITY COUNCIL 2009 - GENERAL A - Monetary Contribution Received (OTH - Other) [Period:01/01/09-10/24/09] $500.00 [Election:12/08/09]
One can surmise after viewing these contributions, that "Essel is the chosen vessel" of LA's perceived power brokers.
We will highlight Krekorian's contributions once they are posted at the Ethics website.
KRLA 870 AM Talk Radio Host Kevin James will have both Chris Essel and Paul Krekorian in studio for a debate this evening at 9:00 PM. Callers will be able to ask questions of the respective candidates.

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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Friday

Mexican Man - Photo by CindyLu

Residents of Venice don't like homeless people camping out in RVs so the City Council passed a law to keep the RVs out. However the California Coastal Commission has jurisdiction over the area (due to coastal access laws) and has told the City nyet. Now NIMBYs in Venice are suing the Coastal Commission and the City has joined them. Your tax dollars at work.

Attending lots of ribbon cuttings in his term the Mayor said "I like big scissors and I can not lie." Blogdowntown has photos and details on all the latest openings the Mayor has been in attendance at

To create an opportunity for more ribbon cuttings Mayor Villaraigosa wants to accelerate 30 years of rail construction in Los Angeles into about 10.  Though the big question is where the funding will come from the MTA is of the mind that increasing the pace during the current downturn might have cost saving advantages.

Goofy Betty Pleasant is at again.  Following her big advertising payoff by supporters of Mark Ridley Thomas in her latest "column" she's found another reason to slam her favorite enemy Bernard Parks. Though I did get a chuckle out of Betty retelling her confrontation with Tom LeBong, asking him when he's going to do something about "raggedy-ass Griffith Park."

And finally some Latino organizations were offended by a "Mexican Man" Halloween costume being sold by Target stores near Oakland.  If that's not enough for you blogger Cindy Lu of Loteria Chicana has found a series of Halloween costumes that are sure to offend everyone.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Thursday

The political science professor who is considered the "father" of Los Angeles' current City Charter, Raphael J. Sonenshein, pens an LA Times op-ed piece slamming City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, calling Nuch a "bully."  Sonenshein opines that Carmen doesn't understand his duties and is overstepping his bounds in many ways.  The professor tha "the most worrisome element of Trutanich's overreach is its chilling effect on political speech at City Hall."  This follows another op-ed, in the Daily News by Doug McIntyre praising Nuch as a hero who plays by "San Pedro" rules.

Yet another endorsement for CD2 candidate Paul Krekorian and its a biggie. The President of the powerful Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association - Richard Close - joins a long list of San Fernando Valley community leaders who back Krekorian's bid to replace Wendy Greuel. Close said in announcing his support that Krekorian is "our best hope to fight overdevelopment and to fight for the interests of Valley residents. Paul has a proven record of effective service to his constituents in the state legislature, and I know he will do the same for us as a member of the City Council."

An Orange County blog is all juiced up (like the stupid pun?) that Mayor Villaraigosa will be making his choice for LAPD Chief from a pool of three old white guys, even if it's a post-racial world.  In the meantime Ron Kaye is teed off that one of the candidates - current LAPD Chief of Detectives Charlie Beck - is behind LAPD's purchase of Australian made police vehicles to patrol the City streets.  Hey I don't care if Beck bought kangaroos for officers to hop around on if he is as qualified as most folks seem to think.

Wind gusts in Los Angeles, some up to 80 mph, caused much havoc across the City Tuesday.  Many communities, already hampered by DWP infrastructure issues, were without power for several hours.  In the NoHo Arts District, an apartment complex resident was stuck in an elevator and had to be rescued by firefighters when the power went out.  Nearby, a local Jack-in-the-Box restaurant on Sherman Way saw the high winds knock its sign down.

Here's something Hamburger Jan Perry - possibly soon to be jailed by Nuch - probably didn't think of when she banned fast food restaurants: the void could be filled by the City's ever growing fleet of mobile food vendors offering everything from carne asada to kogi tacos to grilled cheese sandwiches. The free market at work responding to consumer demand. KCET (via Franklin Avenue) takes a look at both the impact of the ban and the growing phenomenom of the food trucks.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Wordcrafter Known as "Governor Kennedy Republican"

"Can you find Governor Arnold Schwatzenegger's hidden message??"
Associates of Governor Arnold Schwatzenegger, aka, "the Kennedy Republican", are quoted as saying that Arnold, is a known purveyor of prankish behavior.
And the veto letter, pictured above, that was send to San Francisco Assemblyman Tom Ammiano may contain one of the "Kennedy Republican's best.
Some background on the Ammiano/Kennedy Republican tiff, according to the Huffington Post.
Schwarzenegger, a Republican, had been invited to the event by former San Francisco mayor and Assembly speaker Willie Brown, a Democrat.
His appearance at the Fairmont Hotel caught many of the attendees by surprise and came after a summer of contentious budget negotiations that forced lawmakers to cut billions of dollars from core state services, including education and health care programs.
On a video clip of the governor's appearance, Ammiano can be heard shouting "you lie" and other derogatory phrases as other attendees booed and heckled Schwarzenegger's brief speech.
After the governor left, Ammiano took the stage and gave a rambling diatribe in which he criticized Schwarzenegger for a wide variety of perceived offenses. In part, the freshman lawmaker was upset that Schwarzenegger had vetoed bills in 2005 and 2007 that would have legalized gay marriage.
The governor has said the issue should be decided by voters or the state Supreme Court. Schwarzenegger also opposed Proposition 8, the initiative voters passed in November to ban same-sex marriage.
Coincidence or not, Ammiano has stated on the airwaves today, stating that he is moving forward. Thus, we are left with this rare moment of political theater, courtesy of the "Kennedy Republican", in an creative role.
Your thoughts...............................

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LAPD Inspector General Andre Birotte Jr. likely new US Attorney for Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that LAPD Inspector General Andre Birotte Jr. is the likely choice to replace Thomas O'Brien as the US Attorney for Los Angeles.

After months of speculation about whom President Obama will appoint as the new U.S. attorney in Los Angeles, there is growing consensus as to the most likely nominee: Andre Birotte Jr., the Los Angeles Police Department's inspector general.

Neither the White House nor U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who nominates candidates to the president, would comment.

But people who have worked closely with Birotte have been interviewed by FBI agents conducting background checks on the 43-year-old attorney, sources said.

One of those interviewed was outgoing LAPD Chief William J. Bratton, who said he has met with the FBI about Birotte on multiple occasions and presumes that he is the nominee.

"The inference I drew is that they're doing the final vetting for him," said another person, who confirmed being interviewed by the FBI but requested anonymity because of the confidentiality surrounding the selection process.

According to sources familiar with the selection process, Birotte was one of three candidates interviewed by Feinstein in August. The other two were Brian J. Hennigan, a former federal prosecutor who is now a partner at Irell and Manella; and Michael Raphael, chief of the criminal appeals section in the U.S. attorney's office.

Both Hennigan and Raphael have been notified that they were not the nominee, the sources said. Birotte declined comment for this article.

The person who appointed Birotte to his position as inspector general, former Police Commission President Rick Caruso had this to say.

"He didn't unnecessarily [tick] a lot of people off, but he's not a pushover either," said Caruso, who served as president of the commission from 2001 to 2005. "He's got the right balance."

Caruso said he lobbied Feinstein on Birotte's behalf and thinks he would make an excellent U.S. attorney."He's not some guy that's up there in an ivory tower opining on the law," Caruso said.

"He's a very smart and talented lawyer, but he's also a regular guy and people respond to that."

If Birotte is confirm as the new US Attorney for Los Angeles, it will be interesting to see how he works with the duo of District Attorney Steve Cooley and City Attorney Carmen Trutanich.

Your thoughts....................

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CD 2 Candidate Chris Essel to the Armenian-American Community, "Nerokutsoon"

"There are times when hiding in a crowd can be good"
In case you didn't know, there is this "little controversy" in the CD 2 Special Election Runoff between Businesswoman Chris Essel and Assemblyman Paul Krekorian.
Essel, as the likes of the LA Weekly and our own Michael Higby reported, attended a Beverly Hills fundraiser hosted by a board member of the Assembly of Turkish American Associations, a lobbying group that adamantly denies the Armenian genocide.
"Asberez", the official publication of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western United States Central Committee also wrote about Essel's interaction with the group and has closely covered the CD2 campaign efforts of Armenian-American candidate Paul Krekorian, as reported by Chelsea Cody at ourla.org.
Asberez follows up on the the fallout from the Beverly Hills fundraiser with this "letter of apology" from Essel to the Armenian community, Simply, "nerokutsoon" .
To My Friends in the Los Angeles Armenian-American Community:
It has recently come to my attention that reports are circulating which suggest that I have aligned myself with special interest groups from the Turkish and Azeri communities in my bid for election to the Los Angeles City Council. These reports are false and have mischaracterized my campaign efforts in an attempt to drive a wedge between the voters and myself, drawn along ethnic lines and deeply held feelings. Out of my deep respect for you as a community, your history and heritage, I wish to address these reports to answer any question you may have as to where I stand on issues I know are of the utmost importance to you.
While it is true that I was a guest at a gathering hosted by a Turkish-American, my stance on the Armenian Genocide is unwavering. It is, and always has been, my position that the genocide of the Armenians from 1915 to 1918, like other atrocities, must be recognized as historical fact. It is only through this recognition that we may be able to close these chapters in our human history and begin to heal the wounds caused by man’s inhumanity to man. As elected officials, we must always stand by the truth, and call for justice without compromise.
I pledge my support to the Armenian community in fighting for the recognition that your history so rightly deserves. As a candidate, I also seek to solve the problems that are facing the City of Los Angeles: joblessness, excessive taxation, community blight and an aging infrastructure, just to name a few.
I hope that you will join me in seeking a brighter future for all of us who call Los Angeles home, knowing that as we look to the future, we shall never forget the past. While Los Angeles is a city of many ethnicities, we are all Angelenos and we must stand united to solve the problems that affect our quality of life. As I continue my campaign, I look forward to meeting with all members of our community, to share my vision for Los Angeles and our future.

Your thoughts.............

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Brown Taps Villaraigosa "Crown Prince," Trujillo

About two weeks ago we got word that local political whiz kid Michael Trujillo was helping out Jerry Brown's campaign for California Governor when he was spotted at a town hall meeting featuring Brown, sponsored by Council Member Richard Alarcon at Mission College

Next we heard City Hall types were getting calls from Trujillo about the Brown campaign.  However knowing that Mike is always up to something and that we hadn’t yet confirmed the details of these calls, we decided not to pursue the story.

Now we have word from our Sacramento sources that Trujillo is indeed working for the Jerry Brown campaign.

Perhaps an introduction to Mike Trujillo is in order for those who might be new to our little well hated but widely read blog.

I first met Michael Trujillo five years ago at Sportsman’s Lodge in Studio City (before the redesign) where we met with a few other political up and comers and had drinks while we dished about local politics.  He was one of the major contributors to this blog when it was still anonymous.

A longtime Villaraigosa operative he has also worked for Rob Reiner/s initiative campaign and Hillary Clinton

Locally he worked on the ill-fated AB 1381 effort of Mayoral control of LAUSD, then transitioned over to guide (successfully) Tamar Galatzan’s $2 million plus school board campaign as campaign manager.  A campaign that had Trujillo going head to head with Essel campaign manager John Shallman who was helming the campaign of Galatzan's opponent, School Board Member Jon Lauritzen (who has since passed away).

Then in what was seen as a Villaraigosa pre-emptive move of his endorsement of Hillary Clinton, Trujillo was named California Field Director for Clinton's battle against Barack Obama for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, following which he added the titles of Texas and North Carolina Field director.

It was during this stint working for Clinton where he made a name for himself.  

During the North Carolina primary, MSNBC named Trujillo part of the “Clinton Dream Team.”

He also played opening act for Bill Clinton in all three states.

But that’s not what makes this highly prized operative pick-up significant.  Within the Democratic primary here in California the vote that both Newsom and Brown hope to have in their corner is the Latino vote.  With Newsom making a pre-emptive strike at these voters by naming State Senator Alex Padilla as the campaign chairman, Brown may have neutralized that move with his pick up of Trujillo.

This strategy is not lost on Brown.  It was a logical move for him to pick up the Crown Prince of the Villaraigosa Empire as part of his team.  Brown knew aping the strategy of his longtime rivals, the Clintons, was not only smart politics but a psychic hit to Gavin Newsom who received the endorsement of President Clinton but his not inheriting the Clinton Californa team.  As the Texas Observer noted:

For Clinton, the calculus is simple. The Latino vote has been an indispensable segment of her coalition. She carried that vote in Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. In California on February 5, Latinos probably saved Clinton's candidacy by delivering a critical win in the nation's largest state. Despite polls showing Obama surging ahead there, Clinton secured an impressive 10-point victory. Latinos made up 30 percent of the vote, a record turnout, and 67 percent went for Clinton, according to exit polls.

The Clinton campaign hopes to duplicate that scenario in Texas. Much of the credit for the Latino turnout in California went to Clinton's field director, Mike Trujillo, a former staffer for Los Angeles Mayor and Clinton supporter Antonio Villaraigosa. Clinton sent Trujillo to Texas to rerun the California playbook.

What exactly Mike is doing for Brown is unknown at this time, I will try to get to the bottom of this fresh piece of information, but whatever Trujillo is doing for Brown one can assume that Villaraigosa and Ace Smith aren’t too far away.

However, with all the accolades comes some heat and I have to say that his decision to back Measure B as its campaign manager was a mistake in my eyes.  I also believe many Neighborhood Council members may be upset with that decision as well.

That said, while I have not talked with Mike for some time, I will say that he has always been a friend of the blog and that while we disagree politically - we do so in a way that many elected officials can learn from – we have different takes on politics but always do so respectively.

Stay tuned for more MEAT until then blog away dum-dums.

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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Wednesday

Looks like Mayor Villaraigosa may have dodged a bullet.  Politico reports that local Mayors across the country are feeling the sting of voter rage against incumbents and many of the Hizzoners have been turfed out so far.  Even New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg may very well be in trouble in next week's election in the Big Apple. Stay tuned.

Word from Daily Variety via Franklin Avenue that like the daily fishwraps local TV news is in big trouble.  Legendary LA newsman John Beard is reduced to hosting happy talk in Buffalo, New York.  Boo hoo hoo. Those programs have been awful for decades.

Nanny state yet in full court press again.  The City wants to ban cigarette smoking in outdoor patios at restaurants.  Memo to Sleeping Greig Smith who is behind the measure "Cigarette's and smoking sucks but so does heavy handed totalitarian local government."  How working on a real issue? The Mayor seems to get it.

Thanks to Nuch terms around the name of his hometown, San Pedro have entered the local political lexicon.  Doug McIntyre writing in the Daily News says that the City Attorney is playing by "San Pedro Rules."

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Craig X. Rubin free! Marijuana activists celebrate!

Reports are circulating back to Mayor Sam that high-profile Cannabis Advocate and former Mayoral Candidate Craig X. Rubin has been released from police custody following his arrest on marijuana related charges.

Mayor Sam will attempt to contact Craig X. Rubin to get his side of the story in what some cannabis activists are saying was a politically motivated arrest.

Stay tuned for further details....

Breaking News!! Deputy Chiefs Beck, McDonnell and Moore are Three Finalists to replace Chief Bratton

Who will be Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's choice to replace Chief Bratton?
The final three choices to replace Chief Bill Bratton have been selected by the Police Commission.
They are Asst. Chief Jim McDonnell, Deputy Chief Charlie Beck and Deputy Chief Michael Moore.
Already, via KNX 1070 AM, comments are being made about the racial makeup of the candidates (all the candidates are white). Second, Deputy Chief Charles Beck is the favorite. Third, why no consideration to candidates outside the department? And lastly, out-going Chief Bill Bratton surely was influential in this selection process.
Each candidate will now be subjected to an interview with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa during the remain days of this work week. Mayor Villaraigosa in the just concluded photo op/press conference, stated that he would be deliberate and inclusive in his decision making process.
** Deputy Chief Michael Downing will serve as the "interm chief" until Bratton's replacement is sworn in to office.
** LA Times story with background on the three finalists.
** LAPPL President Paul Weber "Next chief needs to be people person"
Your thoughts............................

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Will LAPD Deputy Chief Michael Downing become the Acting Chief??

LAPD Deputy Chief for Counter-Terrorism, Michael Downing
The Los Angeles Times and an earlier poster here at Mayor Sam, are reporting that LAPD Deputy Chief Michael Downing has been approached by the Police Commission about assuming the role of "Acting Police Chief", between the end of Chief Bill Bratton's reign and the swearing in of the new Police Chief.
According to the Times, Downing, who runs the department’s counter-terrorism bureau, would be a logical choice since he was the only one of the Bratton’s deputy and assistant chiefs who did not apply for the top post. Downing did not respond immediately to an e-mail seeking comment.

Look for an announcement regarding the three finalist, sometime this afternoon.

Your thoughts........................

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CD 14 Councilman, errr, County Supervisor Mike Antonovich Protects El Sereno Neighborhood

The residents of eastern El Sereno, or should we call it the "option three neighborhood", can thank the likes of Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, for removing the above-ground option for the completion of the 710 freeway.

Details in the below press release.

October 23, 2009
For Immediate Release


LOS ANGELES COUNTY – To protect the residents of Pasadena, South Pasadena and El Sereno from the devastating consequences of above-ground construction of the 710 gap closure project, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) unanimously approved a motion by Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, Supervisor Gloria Molina and Los Angeles City Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to ensure that MTA define the project as a “tunnel” project consistent with Measure R ballot language.

The MTA had previously taken out the word “tunnel” from its proposed long range transportation plan and left the definition vague as to whether or not the project would be a tunnel or a surface route that would devastate the communities through which construction would take place.

These communities previously had tried to get state legislation (SB 545, Cedillo) passed this year to mandate that the gap closure project would have to be constructed underground to avoid damaging the communities with a surface alignment. That bill was not signed into law by the Governor despite support from both the Assembly and the Senate.

Nice of Antonovich, with help from Villaraigosa and Molina, to come to El Sereno's assistance, but why do the fine citizens of El Sereno have to rely on the politicos above when they have a Councilman who has a seat on the MTA board? We are still waiting for Huizar to comment as noted in yesterday's post regarding his leadership on the 710 freeway tunnel issue.

And now with the tunnel back as an option in regards to completing the 710 freeway, wonder how much Don Jones is bemoaning the fact that he is an "former CalTrans tenant", considering that it may be decades before any solution to the 710 freeway issue becomes finite?

Your thoughts.......................

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LAPD Chief Bill Bratton's "I am Leaving LA Tour" Continues as Selection of Replacement Narrows to Three

As out-going Los Angeles Police Chief Bill Bratton continues his "I am leaving Los Angeles Tour", the search for his replacement will narrow to three candidates.

The Daily News reports that the Police Commission will today submit a list of three finalists from the field of 13 applicants (11 from within LAPD and two outsiders), to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for his final consideration.

Mayor Villaraigosa for his part, with help from an blue-ribbon panel headed by former Secretary of State Warren Christopher, who also headed the efforts to reform LAPD after the Rodney King beating and the riot of 1992, will announce his choice on Monday.

The three finalists will be interview on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday respectively. One can expect that this final interview process, combine with Monday's announcement, will be stage crafted by the likes of Matt Szabo, to maximize the political benefits for Mayor Villaraigosa.

As Daily News longtime City Hall beat writer Rick Orlov reported in his "Tipoff" column yesterday, "the new executive team for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been busy figuring out what it can do to regain lost momentum to help him in his final three years in office. A number of staff changes are expected in the coming weeks.

Most of the attention is on staff accountability, but it goes beyond his own office.

Meetings have been held with general managers to look at the services the city now performs and figure out which ones can be jettisoned to get back to the core services the city can afford.

As for Villaraigosa, the selection of the next police chief is seen as giving him a chance to continue his emphasis on law and order issues".

And who are some of the candidates worth noting as the Police Commission nears its decision on the finalists?

Dennis Romero in the LA Weekly, pens former LAPD Deputy Chief and current San Francisco Police Chief George Gascon as one of the two outsiders under consideration.

LA Times scribe Joel Rubin highlights Deputy Chief Sandy Jo MacAuthur as someone who could sway an interview panel if given the chance.

Longtime political observer and blogger Joe Scott, has it being a three way competition between Jim McDonnell, First Assistant Chief and Chief of Staff; Earl Pasinger, Assistant Chief in charge of operations; and Charlie Beck, Deputy Chief and Chief of Detectives.

Celeste Fremon at Witness LA sees Deputy Chief Sergio Diaz as a "dark horse" candidate.

Meanwhile, as the speculation builds regarding the selection of Los Angeles next Top Cop, the current one continues on in stating his opinion on the issues of the day.

Chief Bratton has a Op-ed in todays LA Times "The LAPD fights crime, not illegal immigration" . Simply stated, Bratton calls upon his successor to continue upholding the principles of Special Order 40, as this passage illustrates.

As I leave my position as leader of the LAPD, I will encourage my successor to adopt the same rigid attitude toward keeping Special Order 40 and keeping the mission of the men and women of the department focused on community cooperation instead of community alienation.

Maybe someone should read this to the family of Jamiel Shaw Jr., as illegal alien gangbanger/killer Pedro Espinosa awaits his day of judgment, and pen their opinion of Chief Bratton comments.

** Was one of the candidates for chief, responsible for this fiasco as highlighted by the officer known as "Jack Dunphy"?

** Daily News scribe Tony Castro, "Next LAPD chief could be historic selection"

Your thoughts..............................

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Jennerjahn Story on Krekorian Full of Holes

Recently on this blog writer Phil Jennerjahn posted a story where unnamed witnesses stated that CD2 candidate Paul Krekorian "threw a major temper tantrum" when he allegedly was not able to receive nomination papers from the City Clerk's office. Jennerjahn further goes on to claim that Krekorian's reported bad behaivor browbeat the staff so much that they relented and gave the candidate his papework that day.

I figured that there might be documentation online at the City Clerk's website as to when candidates receive and return paperwork.  There is. 

According to City Clerk records, the official declaration of Krekorian filed of his intent to run was on July 6th, a Monday.  However - in direct contravention of Jennerjahn's claims - Krekorian did not receive his nominating petitions until the following Friday, July 10th.  Considering that, the claim that Krekorian received special treatment and got his petitions the same day he filed is absolutely false.

If that isn't enough to impeach Jennerjahn's source and impeach their credibility another claim he makes falls apart by looking at the record.  Phil says Krekorian made an unreasonable demand to have a ballot designation that does not exist, that of "San Fernando Valley Assemblymember."  But take a look again at the Declaration of Intention.  Krekorian is indeed listed by that designation. If the designation was not acceptable or valid, the City Clerk would not accept it.

In his story Phil states that Krekorian let out a spew of profanity during the entire alleged incident. His unnamed individuals are the only source of this information yet they have yet to come forward.  No other witnesses have confirmed hearing or seeing Krekorian's obscenity laced tirade, the campaign has denied this and our readers who know Krekorian say this is not his style.

Where this leaves us until Phil presents verifiable proof and explains the documented inconsistencies in his story then we will continue to maintain the story has no basis in truth.

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Christine Essel FINALLY appears on the Kevin James Show.

Tuesday night was the night that many people in Council District 2 had been waiting for. CD 2 candidate Christine Essel finally agreed to go on Kevin James' radio show on KRLA 870 talk radio. The meeting was highly anticipated because Kevin James had been bashing Christine Essel quite hard on his show for refusing to come on his show and talk to the voters...even though all the other candidates had chosen to do so in the past.

Fans of the show were curious to see what would happen and if sparks would fly between them. Kevin James had been previously going on his show and saying "I wouldn't vote for Christine Essel if she were the only name on the ballot!" Christine Essel was probably being a bit guarded because of this fact, but the appearance on the show went well for both of them.

James pointed out that she had outraised Krekorian. He pointed out that she is still behind Krekorian in name recognition. Chris said she was very happy to go from 3% at the beginning of the campaign to almost matching Paul at the end of the primary.

Talking about the endorsements from former rivals, Kevin James quoted the Mayor Sam blog!!
"Essel 4 Krekorian 0!!" Thanks Kevin!

Chris kind of waffled on a question concerning unpaid wages and lawsuits. She said she would look into it.
She needs a better answer than that.

Kevin asked her about the Neighborhood Council embezzlement scandal involving people blowing through all the NC budgets without reporting properly. He asked if Paul Krekorian was opposed to financial disclosures, and Chris said he was the last time they had a forum together.

James asked her about runaway film production and asked her to respond to his criticisms of her.

Christine gave a great answer about how studios search for a location with a bottom line price that fits their budget. She talked about her frustrations dealing with Sacramento over this issue. Kevin asked how we could bring the jobs back to this City. Christine said the city was not friendly to business or to the studios. She talked about how she could work between the State and the studios to keep jobs here.

James mentioned Krekorians boasts about saving jobs from up in Sacramento. He asked if Chris thought Krekorian was overplaying his impact, Chris said yes.

James mentioned how Christine would be back on KRLA for a debate with Paul Krekorian in the future.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sierra Club Shilling for "Bastard Child" of Measure B

Memo to former Measure B Campaign Manager Michael Trujillo,

Did you consult with those left-wing tree huggers at the Sierra Club, regarding their renew support for the "Boss D'Arcy/IBEW Job Security Act", errr, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa "Solar Initative" ??

This is from an e-mail to Sierra Club members.

Chrissy, the Sierra Club's new LA organizer, and I want to thank you for helping to move LA beyond coal. Nearly 2,000 of you have spoken out for Mayor Villaraigosa's solar plan by signing a petition, emailing the mayor, and attending last month's Solar Workshops. The message from you has been clear -- let's stop talking about solar and start putting up some panels!

Unfortunately, some are trying to weaken Mayor Villaraigosa's resolve by saying we can't get off coal by 2020 as the mayor has pledged. It's very important that Mayor Villaraigosa hear from you today that we must get off coal by 2020. A critical step forward is a solar plan that creates jobs in Los Angeles and that has enough funding for each part of the plan to succeed. This is where you can make a difference.

Click here to make sure that our mayor fights for the Los Angeles Solar Plan. Demand solar energy now by calling Mayor Villaraigosa's office today.

We have made it easy to send a simple message: we want all parts of the Solar Plan implemented and funded in next year's budget.

Your voice is needed to make our city America's coal-free solar capital by 2020. Can we count on you to be a climate champion and call Mayor Villaraigosa's office today?

Thanks for all you do,

Bill Corcoran and Chrissy Scarborough Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign Los Angeles, CAP.S.

The more phone calls that are made to the mayor's office this week, the better. Click here to forward this message to your friends. Thanks!

Memo to Bill and Chrissy,

Why does the Sierra Club continue to build up its "toxic waste" of discord with the average DWP rate payer by supporting projects that only benefit the exclusive few like Ari Swiller and Keith Brackpool, with current DWP General Manager S. David Freeman in a supporting role?

As your myopic membership cries "warming", the true warming is taking place as the likes of Swiller, Brackpool, Nahai, Gore, Clinton, and labor allies such as "Boss D'Arcy" rub their collective hands together, and create heat (and new found wealth), off the dubious science that is the theory of "Global Warming".

And locally, the likes of DWP Human Resources Director Susana Reyes, who doubles as the Los Angeles County Political Director for the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club, are kept busy writing job specs. for the likes of Wally Knox and "consultant" H. David Nahai, on our dime of course.

** Link here to see Sierra Club's Bill Corcoran's "You Tube" supporting Measure B.

Your thoughts........................

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Where was the leadership from CD 14 Councilman Huizar regarding Senator Cedillo's SB 545 Tunnel Proposal??

" Absence of leadership in CD 14 and who is the guy with the suitcase??"
A simple question for CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's spokesperson Rick Coca, why did CD 4 Councilperson Tom LaBonge replace Councilman Huizar at the last MTA meeting, as the "Griffith Park Wayist" notes in this blog posting?

Tom voted to support the Wilshire subway project after being sworn in as a temporary METRO board member yesterday. He filled in for Councilmember Jose Huizar who was unable to attend. The board re-affirmed its plan to apply for federal funding for the Subway to the Sea, which will provide a much-needed link between the Westside and the rest of the Metro system, via a Wilshire Boulevard subway line. If Metro, a County agency, receives federal funding for this project, the subway could be completed in as little as ten years.
To this blogger, it makes no sense that the CD 14 councilperson, who was just appointed to the MTA board by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, would be absent from this historic meeting where MTA's "Long Range Transportation Plan " would be approved. This plan and its assorted projects, which we list below, is an thirty year plan to spend some $298 Billion dollars from federal, state, and local sources (Measure R in LA County). Being that Councilman Huizar is or was an voting member of the MTA board, it should be an given that Huizar would be present to represent his constituents. CD 14 related projects in bold
Completion of the Eastside light rail project·
Completion of the Exposition Light Rail project to Culver City·
Phase II Exposition light rail to Santa Monica·
Wilshire Boulevard Bus Rapid transit·
Downtown Regional Connector (Blue & Gold Line connection) ·
The Crenshaw Corridor Transit project·
San Fernando Valley North/South Metro Orange Line Canoga Extension·
San Fernando Valley East North/South Rapidways ·
Eastside Light Rail Access (Pedestrian & Bicycle link)·
Gold Line Foothill Light Rail Extension (Segment including vehicles & yard)·
Green Line Extension to LAX·
Westside Subway extension to Fairfax/Century City/Westwood·
Gold Line Eastside Extension·
Green Line Extension Redondo Beach Station to South Bay Corridor·
San Fernando Valley I-405 Corridor Connection·
West Santa Ana Branch Corridor·
California High Speed Rail (Los Angeles County)
Some examples of highway projects in the LRTP include: ·
I-405 northbound carpool lane from I-10 to US-101·
I-405 carpool lanes from SR 90 to I-10·
I-5/State Route 126 interchange reconstruction phase I & II·
SR-60 carpool lanes from I-605 to Brea Canyon Road·
I-5/SR-14 carpool lane direct connector·
I-5 carpool lanes from SR-118 to SR-170·
I-5 carpool lanes from SR-134 to SR-170·
I-10 carpool lanes from I-605 to Puente Ave & from Puente to Citrus avenues·
I-5 Carmenita Road interchange improvements·
I-5 carpool and mixed flow lanes from I-605 to Orange County Line·
** I-710 South and Route 710 North Gap Closure projects·
But in the case of the 710 Freeway issue, some are questioning the lack of leadership from Councilman Huizar. The October issue of "The Voice Newspaper", has an excellent, extensive missive on the impact of State Senator Gil Cedillo's SB 545, known as the "710 Tunnel Bill".
This would of made the tunnel the only option in completing the 6.2 mile gap between the current terminus of the 710 freeway in Alhambra and the 210 Freeway in Pasadena.
Activists in areas that would of been impacted by an proposed tunnel, whether in Mt. Washington, El Sereno, La Canada, South Pasadena, minus Alhambra, were united in condemning the tunnel proposal. CD 1 Councilman Ed Reyes, went so far to author the two-page letter pictured above that stated his opposition to the proposed tunnel routing under the Mt. Washington area. But where was Councilman Huizar?, local activists ask. This question became mute when Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger veto SB 545. The result of the governor's vetoing Cedillo's Tunnel Bill, was to send MTA board members into the backrooms and come up with this counter proposal, the "I-710 south and route 710 north gap closures projects". Any comments from Councilman Huizar regarding this counter proposal and how it would effect his El Sereno constituents? Were still waiting.
Then as in all things political in CD 14, who benefits from these proposals regarding the 710 freeway? That is where the man, or should we say "connected individual" with the suitcase, comes in to play. The man pictured above is none other than Don Justin Jones, longtime friend of Richard Alatorre, democratic activist and an "former tenant" of Caltrans housing. Former tenant because his temper got him in trouble with Caltrans (and is well known for "calling out" activists, neighbors and bloggers), but claims that it was his "long time activism" on the behalf of the 710 Caltrans Tenant Association, that got him booted from the Caltrans property where he resided.
How would of Jones benefited from his buddy Gil Cedillo's SB 545? If the tunnel proposal had been given the green light, Jones and other Caltrans tenants would of been given a chance to purchase their homes at a fraction of market prices. This blog in the past have been the recipient of comments about the dubious dealings regarding Caltrans owned housing within the 6.2 mile uncompleted 710 gap.
And while the likes of Don Jones are lefted to ponder past motives regarding his former taxpayer owned rental, hundreds of eastern El Sereno residents face an uncertain future wondering if a above-ground option for the 710 targets their homes and whether their councilman will be present at future MTA meetings to give then a voice.
Your thoughts...........................

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Krekorian: Not A Diva After All

Recently on the blog my esteemed colleague and good pal Phil Jennerjahn broke what appeared to be an explosive story accusing CD2 candidate Paul Krekorian of boorish behaivor and of making unreasonable "diva" like demands of Los Angeles City Clerk's staff when he filed to run for the seat earlier this summer.

Phil's story rests on the accounts of two "eyewitnesses" who wish to remain anonymous.  The Krekorian campaign has issued a statement denying the event ever happened and to date Jennerjahn has yet to provide independent corroboration of the story.

This blogger has recently come into "smoking gun" evidence that shoots major holes through key points of Phil's story and provides unrefutable proof that the "facts" in his post are not as he reports. 

If this story is accurate, we call upon one or both of the anonymous "witnesses" to disclose their identities and come forward to verify the veracity of the story.

In the meantime, we have now gone several days with no response from the Essel campaign nor her supporters as to Chris Essel's participation in a fundraiser hosted for her by a group that is on record as denying the Armenian Holocaust.  Many local pundits believe the Krekorian story is a distraction to attempt to bury the Essel story.

Tune in tomorrow for the evidence that exhonerates Krekorian and throws serious doubt onto the story.

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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday

The LA City Council has issued its first official dis to City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. The Clowncil has ruled that, despite Nuch's protests, that the owner of LA Live, AEG, has the right to put up signage that was part of the original project before the Clowncil's neurotic and confused anti-billboard legislation went into place.  Ever the showman, Nuch is now threatening to prosecute and jail city officials if the billboards go up.  Unbelievable.  This is not the "change" I could believe in supporting Nuch. (Remember the idea in the campaign was he would go after gangs and crooked politicians not billboards, Michael Jackson and pot) With gang crime and violence through the roof and jobs leaving LA in droves Nuch's #1 priority is going after pot and billboards.And the slap-happy AARP who has the time for this nonsense (most of us have jobs and families) is cheering him on from the sidelines.  You'd think it was 1959, not 2009.  Nuch seriously man go after the gang violence and the political corruption.  The Rotary Club just doesn't have the votes it used to.

Still no word from Chris Essel on her event supporting Armenian Holocaust deniers.  We'd surely let this go but the Essel supporters are continuing to diminish this historical event and tragedy that has been acknowledged by everyone from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama. In the meantime, Essel pals around with former candidate Frank Sheftel having roasted corn and petting llamas at a street fair.  To divert the issue the Essel team pushes a four month old story with no confirmed basis nor legs to Phil Jennerjahn posted here on the blog.  Though I've gone on record as supporting the candidacy of Paul Krekorian I am personally shocked at how the Essel campaign has handled - and bungled - such a sensitive issue and has yet to apologize for insulting a group of people whose numbers are significant in the district.

With the goofiness coming from Nuch, Essel and others its refreshing and a bit ironic to see Mayor Villaraigosa stepping up as the distinguished statesman of LA politics.  While Nuch pushes the retired suburban crank agenda the Mayor is at least giving lip service to the NUMBER ONE ISSUE that is truly facing Los Angeles - the exodus of business and the lack of jobs.  If the Mayor is truly serious here and he is willing to pursue a series of reforms proposed by the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce we may be on to something.  Stay tuned.

The Downtown News' Jon Regardie does it again, this time with a clever and fun Halloween themed piece about the happenings at City Hall.  He left out one bit, and that is the final scene where Mayor Sam, Joe B, Solomon and Phil J pilot an ecto-plasm charged 72 foot high statue of Joe Friday through Downtown, while blaring Randy Newman's "I Love LA" over loudspeakers and spraying evil spirit "Bratto" with enough slime to force him forever into a painting to be hung at the new LAPD headquarters.

I've lost count.  Another DWP water main break Sunday, this time in Laurel Canyon. Thirty homes went without water and minor street damage occured.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Krekorian's Tantrum: A True Diva Moment

Editor's Note: Phil was originally asked to provide a verifiable source for this incident. Until he does so it is the position of the Mayor Sam blog that this report is speculation only and has not been verified. We have received the following statement from the Krekorian campaign denying this incident: "Paul had to turn in a pair of forms to get his nominating papers and have them approved by Ethics: the Form 700 and the Declaration of Intent to run for office. The handbook never said it had to be turned in simultaneously (they said it could be turned in the next day), though the Clerk's office did say they required both at the same time. Paul didn't have his Form 700 filled out, but he got it done and that's why we got our petition in late. That's it. They never did any favors for us and Paul was nothing less than professional."

Word is circulating back to Mayor Sam about a disturbing incident that happened early in the special election campaign for the vacant seat in City Council District 2. It appears that Burbank Assemblyman Paul Krekorian threw a major temper tantrum in the City Clerk's office when he was denied the right to get his nominating petitions. On top of that he demanded the City Clerk use a ballot designation for his position that really actually does not exist. "San Fernando Valley Assemblymember?"? It sounds awfully suspicious.

Sources say that Krekorian also threw his weight around during his hissy fit...as if to say to City Clerk employees.."Don't you know who I am.??" It is unclear if he used those exact words, but it was clear that Paul Krekorian was letting them know he was an important elected official who had to catch a flight back to Sacramento very soon. In Pauls twisted vision, the City Clerk employees were there to serve him.

The problem with his paperwork was that Paul had not completed his official Ethics training with the City. Paul had not run for a City position before (because he lives in Burbank) and was not familiar with this requirement. Paul was upset that not getting his nominating papers would put him behind schedule with this latest, ambitious run for office. Paul threw his weight around. He mentioned that he was an elected official, a State Assembly Member. Paul mentioned that he had a flight to catch back to Sacramento and "didn't have time for this!.." .

When the City Clerks came back with the answer that Paul would not be allowed to get his paperwork that day, Krekorian was apoplectic. Angry and frustrated by his inability to get exactly what he wanted when he wanted it , Krekorian let loose with a burst of profanities. The exact words were heard by several witnesses, who said that the torrent included several uses of the "F bomb". Eventually, this tactic appears to have worked. Browbeaten and fatigued City Clerk employees allowed Krekorian to take his oath and get his papers, in direct circumvention of the rules.

Things we learned from this story:

1) Paul Krekorian has an explosive temper.
2)Paul Krekorian believes his government position entitles him to special treatment.
3) Paul Krekorian does not mind bending or breaking the rules to get what he wants.
4) Paul Krekorian will treat other government employees poorly if they are not at his same pay grade.

Now, I ask CD 2 voters...is this really the man you want in power in your district for the next 14 years?

PS.. Krekorian's camp is welcome to deny this if they want.

(Disclaimer: Phil Jennerjahn has endorsed Christine Essel in the CD 2 special election.)

Los Angeles "Poverty Pimps" rally to ACORN's Defence

" ACORN and assorted Poverty Pimps ties to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa"
These people pimp poverty.
The names are familiar to those who follow the doings of the connected non-profits in Los Angeles and their relationships to the politicos on Spring Street. Thus it should surprise no one that they would band together in supporting ACORN as the LA Times reports.
A coalition of two dozen community organizers, labor leaders and clergy rallied in Watts on Thursday in support of ACORN, the embattled community organizing group.
Note the names as the story continues.
"It’s a witch hunt after a segment of the progressive populations," Paul Zimmerman, director of the California Assn. of Non-Profit Housing, said in a telephone interview after the news conference. "I have McCarthy-era deja vu."

The Rev. Richard Estrada, an associate pastor at our Our Lady Queen of the Angels/La Placita church, said the attacks on ACORN have made other community organizers fear that “one day they may come after us.”
"We feel there’s something larger going on," he said. "Progressive organizations that are being effective and are working to enable the working poor, the immigrant communities and the gay and lesbian communities are being targeted."
Estrada, an immigrant rights advocate, said he thought ACORN, the Assn. of Community Organizations of Reform Now, had allayed concerns that the problems went beyond individuals and affected the entire organization. "We understand that the employees [who were videotaped] were fired and that there was an audit and an attempt to fix the problems," he said.
Other community leaders who attended the Watts event included Father Greg Boyle, the director of Homeboy Industries, Betty Day, the director of the Watts Gang Task Force, and Maria Elena Durazo, of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. They were joined by members of the Los Angeles office of ACORN.
Since the time of late President Lyndon Baines Johnson unveiling of his "Great Society Program" in the 1960's, trillions of dollars have been spent in the on-going effort to redistribute wealth, errr, eradicate poverty in the United States, and the results?
In Los Angeles, it has been an decades long evolution of connected non-profits that are "progressive" in regards to promoting governmental dependency, while sustaining themselves by becoming political tools in the communities they serve.
The likes of ACORN when not providing "services" to their targeted communities, become "rent a mobs" and "rent a precinct walkers" when election time rolls around. They are rewarded with government contracts and oversight on their work becomes nil. Then when enquiring minds question the veracity of their work, they cry racism and resort to class warfare, in deflecting criticism.
But the ultimate scare for these non-profits are not the make believe charges of witch hunts from conservatives, but something called an audit, which should become more common place in Los Angeles.
Your thoughts..........

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Free Craig X. Rubin!"

(Mayoral candidates attend a debate at USC: David Hernandez, Walter Moore, Craig X. Rubin and Phil Jennerjahn)

In March of 2009, voters in Los Angeles cast 4,158 votes for Craig X. Rubin to be the next Mayor of Los Angeles. Today, Rubin sits in a jail cell at Parker Center in downtown Los Angeles, charged with marijuana possession and distribution.

Unfortunately, this stunning turn of events was not unforeseeable. Rubin has been arrested in the past on similar charges, all stemming from his work as a minister at his own Temple 420. The following August press release, in which Rubin offers to give away free marijuana(!) , may have been the last straw for local law enforcement authorities.


Los Angeles activist and former Mayoral candidate Craig X. Rubin
announced today that "Beverly Hills Green Cross" medical marijuana
collective is giving a free eighth of an ounce of their "Beverly Hills
Haze" ($60.00 value) to each of the first 500 medical marijuana patients who attend this Thursday's Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee meetng and fill out a speaker card to speak for one minute on one or more of the 20 hardship exemption hearings scheduled that day and speak on the item.

"We're taking a page out of 60's activism" said Craig this afternoon,
"we need to clog the room with speakers, make it take an hour or two for each hearing instead of the 8-10 hearings an hour they have been doing."

It should be noted that even though the hearings have not been held yet all the items scheduled to be heard on Thursday 8/7 are already penciled
in for final disposition in front of the full city council on September
1, 2009 as if their destiny has already been predetermined.

Perhaps this Thursday will see fireworks at the PLUM committee hearing.

"Medical marijuana patients need to participate in activism and not just capitalism" added Craig Rubin.

Craig will be on KABC radio in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM on the Doug McIntyre show discussing the cities war on post
ICO-providers of medical marijuana and also talking about his own
upcoming hardship exemption hearing this Thursday in front of the PLUM committee.

You can listen to him live via the web at http://www.kabc.com/


Beverly Hills Haze??? Interesting...

Cannabis activists are informing the blog that Rubin is being held on $10,000 bail. Rubin has the money to pay that bail, but is refusing to pay, arguing that these charges are wrong and that his use of marijuana is part of his religious ceremonies. Insiders tell us that Rubin intends to stay in jail for several more days, until the local authorities are forced to release him on his own recognizance.

When I heard about Rubins arrest, I immediately thought about another Mayoral candidate. One who can no longer be mentioned here - but he's the fourth place finisher in the March election. I wonder how he feels about all of this.

Maybe he will be one of the angry crowd of protesters gathered outside of Parker Center this weekend, chanting "FREE CRAIG RUBIN! FREE CRAIG RUBIN!!"


...or, maybe not.