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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Environmental Hypocrisy of Mayor Villar, Councilman Huizar and the "Blue/Green" Sierra Club

The "Green/Blue Hypocrites" of the Los Angeles Political Machine.
 Current Sierra Club National Board of Directors Member Susana Reyes, speaking as the club's Los Angeles County Political Director in 2005, as the "green/blue environmental organization", announced its endorsement of then mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa. When Reyes is not giving her endorsement bless to enabling "green/blue politicos, she is the Director of Human Resources for the DWP.   
Susana Reyes's former Sierra Club LA County Political Committee co-member and Coalition for Clean Air member Martin Schlageter, who is now on CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's staff as a "Policy Director.

What a surprise for this former Sierra Club republican conservationist member, to see his former LA County Politicall Committee co-member Susana Reyes asking questions of the candidates, at the environmental-theme mayoral debate, this last Saturday.
It seems like yesterday (when it was 2007) that Reyes, Schlageter, then Councilman Huizar Chief of Staff Joe Avila, along with two other members of the Sierra Club Central Group Political Committee, meet at the defunct El Sereno "Antigua Coffee Shop" (** link here and scroll down to "Capt Jack Sparrow's comment on the get together).. 
Reyes, Schlageter and Avila called the meeting to discuss the "green virtues" of CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, who was running for his first full term against former staffer Alvin Parra (who made a sneaky appearance at the meeting). The end result was that Councilman Huizar received the endorsement of the Central Group and the Angeles Chapter of John Muir's organisation.
Some five years later, Reyes and Schlageter have parlayed their green background into greener fiscal opportunities, but the environmental cost of their "blue enabling ways", have and will cause serious adverse consequences on a sensitive ecological gem, Henry T. Hazard Park and Wetlands.
.Hazard Park Illegal Storm Drain Blowout.

As another storm system approaches this evening, Hazard Park once again face an adverse illegal discharge of untreated storm runoff on its impacted green space, in the background, untreated runoff from this decades long broken storm drain, will impact the sensitive Hazard Park Wetlands. Maybe Schlageter can ask his new boss why he transferred $750,000 set aside to repair this storm drain breach, to a project at Garvanza Park?

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday

Generous pensions given for years to public employees by politicians bought and paid for by their unions are at the heart of the fiscal problems local cities and states are having now. For quite some time this issue flew under the radar but taxpayers are getting aware of the near fleecing of public treasuries as we have seen locally in the City of Bell.  Many states are getting tough on these pensions but as noted by the Daily News the City of LA has only taken token steps.  If the Mayor wants to solve the problem, he will have to grow some major cojones.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sierra Club Shilling for "Bastard Child" of Measure B

Memo to former Measure B Campaign Manager Michael Trujillo,

Did you consult with those left-wing tree huggers at the Sierra Club, regarding their renew support for the "Boss D'Arcy/IBEW Job Security Act", errr, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa "Solar Initative" ??

This is from an e-mail to Sierra Club members.

Chrissy, the Sierra Club's new LA organizer, and I want to thank you for helping to move LA beyond coal. Nearly 2,000 of you have spoken out for Mayor Villaraigosa's solar plan by signing a petition, emailing the mayor, and attending last month's Solar Workshops. The message from you has been clear -- let's stop talking about solar and start putting up some panels!

Unfortunately, some are trying to weaken Mayor Villaraigosa's resolve by saying we can't get off coal by 2020 as the mayor has pledged. It's very important that Mayor Villaraigosa hear from you today that we must get off coal by 2020. A critical step forward is a solar plan that creates jobs in Los Angeles and that has enough funding for each part of the plan to succeed. This is where you can make a difference.

Click here to make sure that our mayor fights for the Los Angeles Solar Plan. Demand solar energy now by calling Mayor Villaraigosa's office today.

We have made it easy to send a simple message: we want all parts of the Solar Plan implemented and funded in next year's budget.

Your voice is needed to make our city America's coal-free solar capital by 2020. Can we count on you to be a climate champion and call Mayor Villaraigosa's office today?

Thanks for all you do,

Bill Corcoran and Chrissy Scarborough Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign Los Angeles, CAP.S.

The more phone calls that are made to the mayor's office this week, the better. Click here to forward this message to your friends. Thanks!

Memo to Bill and Chrissy,

Why does the Sierra Club continue to build up its "toxic waste" of discord with the average DWP rate payer by supporting projects that only benefit the exclusive few like Ari Swiller and Keith Brackpool, with current DWP General Manager S. David Freeman in a supporting role?

As your myopic membership cries "warming", the true warming is taking place as the likes of Swiller, Brackpool, Nahai, Gore, Clinton, and labor allies such as "Boss D'Arcy" rub their collective hands together, and create heat (and new found wealth), off the dubious science that is the theory of "Global Warming".

And locally, the likes of DWP Human Resources Director Susana Reyes, who doubles as the Los Angeles County Political Director for the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club, are kept busy writing job specs. for the likes of Wally Knox and "consultant" H. David Nahai, on our dime of course.

** Link here to see Sierra Club's Bill Corcoran's "You Tube" supporting Measure B.

Your thoughts........................

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Green Hypocrisy" from the Likes of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, DWP, Former Speaker Fabian Nunez, Cindy Montanez and the Sierra Club

"Green Falsehoods and Green Payouts, from and to, Friends of Villaraigosa"
Sadly for true conservationists, today's story in the Los Angeles Times reminds us how preservation of our natural world, has been co-oped by the "Eco-left". Those, who's leftist, anti-business agenda is masked by a progressive ecological agenda.
The likes of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, State Senator Fran Pavley, the Sierra Club and other members of the "Eco Labor Left" tout their green creed with legislation such as AB-32 which is suppose to reduce our state's "Carbon Footprint" but is in really, producing mass "footprints" of businesses leaving California.
Who can blame our state's business community for wanting to escape "carbon offset accessments" which are based upon some dubious science theory, that hijacks the concept of "Natural Climate Change" and spins it into industrial caused, "Global Warming" ??
And with the DWP, the Nation's Largest Public Utility, now wanting to spend our utility payments on the likes of former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez and former Assemblywoman Cindy Montanez to help DWP lobbyists in the quest of lowering our "Cap and Trade" cost. I propose that Mayor Villaraigosa, Speaker Nunez, Montanez and their allies on the "Eco-left" come forward and state the following.
And with the likes of Fabian Nunez and Cindy Montanez, who are endorsed and honored by the Sierra Club's Angeles Chapter for their environmental and political leadership. They have a "green cover" to insulate them in helping the DWP, usurp the very legislation they championed in their previous political incarnation.
Then there is this, name the DWP's Human Resources Director, who's job is to create the job discriptions for the likes of Nunez and Montanez ??
That would be Susana Reyes, who is in her private time, the Los Angeles County Co-Political Director for the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club.
And one wonders why there is a growing backlash against "Global Warming".
Your thoughts.................

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Monday, March 02, 2009

Sierra Club loses its collective mind.

I can't believe I just got this in my in-box... basically it indicates that the mighty Sierra Club likes things just the way they are currently in Los Angeles -- with some of the most criminal wasters and spenders firmly entrenched in office. They also are apparently okay with "solar at any price".

I personally think that John Muir is turning over in his grave... What do you other left-leaning folks think?

(Ummm... Hahn is in 15, not 14. Kind of indicates just how much the Sierra Club actually thought about their selections...)

[ALERTS] Sierra Club Endorsement for Tuesday, March 3rd


YES - Solar Energy & Job Creation

MAYOR Antonio Villaraigosa


CITY ATTORNEY No Endorsement

Council District 1 Ed Reyes

Council District 5 Paul Koretz

Council District 11 Bill Rosendahl

Council District 13 Eric Garcetti

Council District 14 Janice Hahn

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday morning open thread

The Times has a feature on Campaign Strategist Ace Smith this morning, but missing is any mention of a certain bloggin driver, go figure.

Mayor Tony V. and a certain award winner held a "PHOTO OP LOVE IN" to tout the LAPD efforts during the May Day marches

"BIG SUNDAY" events all around the city. One will take time to plant a tree today with the official "IF YOU WILL" from Lisa Sarno.

After all there are over 900,000 trees needing a piece of ground in and around the city.

Will $4,000,000 dollars of Union dues and COPE money buy Mark Ridley-Thomas a seat on the Board of Supervisors?

$50,000,000, then $60,000,000, now try $120,000,000 for the cost of the Grand Avenue Civic Park according to the Downtown News.

And flashing back to the "GOOD O' DAYS", what a beautiful weekend it would be to sit at Lincoln Park with "D.Q.", paper bagging, swaying and doing the "ALARCON" with the chulitas to the sounds of Santana, Tierra, War, Los Lobos, Tower of Power, then ending the day with a rumble between Hazard and Clover........

Happy Cinco de Mayo Weekend!!

By the way, we found this little nugget of information in the Downtown Garment and Citizen.

Publish Date : 05/02/2008
STRANGE BEDFELLOWS AT SIERRA CLUB?: Word on the street says the LA Chapter felt more than a little pressure from the enviro group’s state HQ to endorse John Perez for the 46th District seat in the Assembly...Seems the LA chapter initially voted against endorsing any candidate for the Dems’ primary in June…Well-placed sources say the local’s political committee pushed for a second try at the behest of higher-ups and then strong-armed a nod for Perez, who happens to be a cousin of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa…Word has it that more than a few local members left the April 27 meeting grumbling about “machine politics.”

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