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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sierra Club Shilling for "Bastard Child" of Measure B

Memo to former Measure B Campaign Manager Michael Trujillo,

Did you consult with those left-wing tree huggers at the Sierra Club, regarding their renew support for the "Boss D'Arcy/IBEW Job Security Act", errr, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa "Solar Initative" ??

This is from an e-mail to Sierra Club members.

Chrissy, the Sierra Club's new LA organizer, and I want to thank you for helping to move LA beyond coal. Nearly 2,000 of you have spoken out for Mayor Villaraigosa's solar plan by signing a petition, emailing the mayor, and attending last month's Solar Workshops. The message from you has been clear -- let's stop talking about solar and start putting up some panels!

Unfortunately, some are trying to weaken Mayor Villaraigosa's resolve by saying we can't get off coal by 2020 as the mayor has pledged. It's very important that Mayor Villaraigosa hear from you today that we must get off coal by 2020. A critical step forward is a solar plan that creates jobs in Los Angeles and that has enough funding for each part of the plan to succeed. This is where you can make a difference.

Click here to make sure that our mayor fights for the Los Angeles Solar Plan. Demand solar energy now by calling Mayor Villaraigosa's office today.

We have made it easy to send a simple message: we want all parts of the Solar Plan implemented and funded in next year's budget.

Your voice is needed to make our city America's coal-free solar capital by 2020. Can we count on you to be a climate champion and call Mayor Villaraigosa's office today?

Thanks for all you do,

Bill Corcoran and Chrissy Scarborough Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign Los Angeles, CAP.S.

The more phone calls that are made to the mayor's office this week, the better. Click here to forward this message to your friends. Thanks!

Memo to Bill and Chrissy,

Why does the Sierra Club continue to build up its "toxic waste" of discord with the average DWP rate payer by supporting projects that only benefit the exclusive few like Ari Swiller and Keith Brackpool, with current DWP General Manager S. David Freeman in a supporting role?

As your myopic membership cries "warming", the true warming is taking place as the likes of Swiller, Brackpool, Nahai, Gore, Clinton, and labor allies such as "Boss D'Arcy" rub their collective hands together, and create heat (and new found wealth), off the dubious science that is the theory of "Global Warming".

And locally, the likes of DWP Human Resources Director Susana Reyes, who doubles as the Los Angeles County Political Director for the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club, are kept busy writing job specs. for the likes of Wally Knox and "consultant" H. David Nahai, on our dime of course.

** Link here to see Sierra Club's Bill Corcoran's "You Tube" supporting Measure B.

Your thoughts........................

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

The bastards will chase the middle class out of their houses with skyrocketing utility bills, while they make billions protecting the environment. L.A.`s 21st century mafia. Poor Corleone , he would feel cheated and outsmarted.

October 26, 2009 9:20 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ever hear the story about the guy who got shot, but instead of letting the doctor sew him up, he haggled about the cost of the stitches until he bled out and died.

The debate over global warming is over, it's real. Even your boy Dubya admits it.

It's time to stop denying the truth and start working on solutions. The solar plan includes programs to create jobs in the public AND private sectors(see feed-in-tariff).

We have a choice. We can cry over pennies and cease to exist as we know it OR we can start talking about solutions by getting off dirty coal and creating good jobs here in LA. I'm glad to see that Sierra Club chooses the latter.

October 27, 2009 12:14 AM  

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