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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

LAPD Inspector General Andre Birotte Jr. likely new US Attorney for Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that LAPD Inspector General Andre Birotte Jr. is the likely choice to replace Thomas O'Brien as the US Attorney for Los Angeles.

After months of speculation about whom President Obama will appoint as the new U.S. attorney in Los Angeles, there is growing consensus as to the most likely nominee: Andre Birotte Jr., the Los Angeles Police Department's inspector general.

Neither the White House nor U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who nominates candidates to the president, would comment.

But people who have worked closely with Birotte have been interviewed by FBI agents conducting background checks on the 43-year-old attorney, sources said.

One of those interviewed was outgoing LAPD Chief William J. Bratton, who said he has met with the FBI about Birotte on multiple occasions and presumes that he is the nominee.

"The inference I drew is that they're doing the final vetting for him," said another person, who confirmed being interviewed by the FBI but requested anonymity because of the confidentiality surrounding the selection process.

According to sources familiar with the selection process, Birotte was one of three candidates interviewed by Feinstein in August. The other two were Brian J. Hennigan, a former federal prosecutor who is now a partner at Irell and Manella; and Michael Raphael, chief of the criminal appeals section in the U.S. attorney's office.

Both Hennigan and Raphael have been notified that they were not the nominee, the sources said. Birotte declined comment for this article.

The person who appointed Birotte to his position as inspector general, former Police Commission President Rick Caruso had this to say.

"He didn't unnecessarily [tick] a lot of people off, but he's not a pushover either," said Caruso, who served as president of the commission from 2001 to 2005. "He's got the right balance."

Caruso said he lobbied Feinstein on Birotte's behalf and thinks he would make an excellent U.S. attorney."He's not some guy that's up there in an ivory tower opining on the law," Caruso said.

"He's a very smart and talented lawyer, but he's also a regular guy and people respond to that."

If Birotte is confirm as the new US Attorney for Los Angeles, it will be interesting to see how he works with the duo of District Attorney Steve Cooley and City Attorney Carmen Trutanich.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

The best choice. Biotte is really smart and knows his stuff.

October 28, 2009 7:29 PM  

Anonymous J.B. Williams said:

I spent 2 ½ years working for Andre’ and it was one of the best professional experiences I’ve had. I learned to be patient, look at each and every aspect of the matter and make conclusions based solely on the law and Department policies - not on emotion or the whirlwind the situation generated.

Andre’ has been most caring and attentive to the needs and sensitivity of the myriad issues that have come across the Office of the Inspector General. Every person that has traversed and or called upon his office was heard

Andre’ consistently challenged those on his staff with perspectives far deeper than we could imagine. The LAPD is far better off today because of what Andre’ brought to the table in regards to his ability to apply a common sense and realistic approach to ensuring the Departments compliance of the Consent Decree. He is most intelligent, skillful and yet so down to earth.

Andre’ Birotte, Jr. will be an outstanding U.S. Attorney and the region will be a far safer place with him in this position!

October 28, 2009 10:35 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I, too, know Andre and have worked with him. He is a class act, and I have no doubt that he can work with anyone and everyone.

He is soft spoken and may appear less than the usual prosecutor, but don't let the soft spoken demeanor fool you. He is smart and not afraid to stand his ground.

Andre Birotte will make a first class US Attorney. We will be lucky to get him.

October 29, 2009 1:38 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I have been proud to know and closely work with Andre Birotte for almost 7 years. Simply put, he is a spectacular individual!

Andre is a person of the highest character and integrity. He is fair and measured in what he does, and does not have an agenda other than to do his very best and also so the right thing.

Andre is a mature, thoughtful, and decent man. He is dedicated, and works tirelessly.

We will all be exceptionally fortunate if he is selcted to be the new U.S. Attorney. We are also very lucky that he has a passion for public service.

This is one appointment that we should all stand up and cheer about. I know that I will.

Andre's shoes will be very difficult to fill at the Office of the Inspector General, but you can't hold a good man back for that reason.

If the rumor of Andre's appointment is true, thank you to Senator Feinstein and anyone else involved in the process who had the good judgement to select Andre Birotte, Jr. It don't get any better than him.

October 29, 2009 3:49 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Give me a break. The guy is a lacky who never had the guts to challenge Bratton or the LAPD. Can you give me one example when he stood up to the Chief or anyone at City Hall as the Inspector General?? He is the perfect yes man for Obama.

October 29, 2009 10:06 PM  

Anonymous J.B. Williams said:

It is obvious that you are seriously misinformed on the many issues that have been discussed and debated between Mr. Birotte – the OIG staff, Chief Bratton – his staff, and the Los Angeles Police Commission.

The OIG disagreed publically numerous times with the Chief's recommendations on a number of Use of Force Incidents. Since you have a computer, check the OIG website and see for yourself!

Nevertheless, what’s so cool is that it’s gentlemen like Andre’ Birotte Jr., who would applaud your comments as a byproduct of the United States Constitution and the subsequent protections which allow you the freedom to make them.

As such, you didn't have to hide behind your comments!!!

I would assume that you don’t like the appointment of Attorney General Eric Holder or Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor either?

God Bless America and President Obama!

November 03, 2009 9:42 PM  

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