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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Boyd's Republican Gambit

GOPBelow is an email from Doug Boyd, Treasurer of the LA County Lincoln Clubs and also Treasurer of the California Republican Party. His wife, Linda, is the Chairman of the Republican Party of LA County. Doug sent the email below using an LA GOP email account.

You may also remember that Doug and Linda were part of the group that denied the Republican endorsement to Walter Moore. Wonder what Walter, McIntyre, Netkin et al think about now being on the same ship, on the poop deck of course.

Speaking of ships, you know that some Republicans have gone overboard when they jump into shark infested waters trying to save Mayor Hahn. Note the link at the bottom of the article to "People's Weekly World", not exactly a leading Republican or conservative publication!

- - -
The following new item on the Los Angeles mayoral race from our friends at the LA County Lincoln Clubs is provided for your information.

The following poll shows the race for Mayor of Los Angeles is now dead even! While we like to think that the Lincoln Club's endorsement of Mayor Hahn is responsible for his rapid rise, it is more likely that our backing is but one of the many factors that are melting Villaraigosa's soft support faster than an ice cream cone in Death Valley.

The Mayor is very appreciative of our assistance, and that of the overwhelming majority of Republican leaders throughout LA County.

Doug Boyd
The Los Angeles County Lincoln Clubs

To: Bill Carrick
From: Gerry Tyson
Date: May 5, 2005
Re: Citywide Sample

We drew a citywide sample yesterday, calling in daytime and evening periods. Interviews were conducted with 1,515 voters drawn randomly from a sample of 15,000 voters that Jim Hayes selected from a universe that he believes represents the voters most likely to vote on May 17th.
The gross numbers for the sample show Hahn with 28.3%, Villaraigosa with 27.6% and "don't know, won't say" at 44.1%. If we look at just the decided vote, however, Hahn wins 50.6 percent to 49.4.

The sample is not balanced for gender (we have 59% female content), but if we weight it to reflect 51 percent females, Hahn wins 50.7 percent of the decided vote. Some voter subgroups in our sample under-represent the proportions that are likely to turn out on Election Day. However, if we adjust the proportions to match Donnie's Victory Formula and apply the "Hahn/Decided" percentage from our sampling, Hahn gets 55.2 percent.

There is one internal trend that we can specifically track. A week ago (April 24-27), we blind-sampled Republicans (n=978) and white non-Republicans (n=10,566) as part of our targeting analysis for the final weeks of the campaign. It's instructive to compare Hahn's decided-vote percentages in those samples to what we found yesterday, after the Florida fundraising scandal became news:

SUBGROUP Ap 24-27 4-May
Republicans 61.5% 79.4%
Non-Repub Whites 51.7% 56.2%
LA mayor's race: Hahn moves to the right
People's Weekly World - USA


Republican Party of Los Angeles County
6055 East Washington Boulevard, Suite #228
Commerce, CA 90040
Phone: (323) 215-4505

Paid for by the Republican Party of Los Angeles County


Blogger Republican for AV said:

He makes it embarrassing to be a Republican.

Shawn Steel is another wild man, throwing themselves into a race where they have no dog in the fight.

They don't even live in the City of L.A.

This is all about Tony Strickland and his California Club for Growth.

It's almost enough to make me want to be an Independent...

May 10, 2005 6:39 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I think stuart waldman is out of control. I hear he is gonna run against andrei cherny for valley glen neighborhood council, but stuart is fearful of andrei's heavy endorsements.

May 10, 2005 6:46 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hahn is going to win and Villaraigosa is going to lose. No republican running in this mayoral run, so it is an irrelevant issue. After this, grass roots republican effort to convert the public to the party and demolish the democratic party for the next election.

May 10, 2005 6:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wait, isn't Meruelo republican? So this is the coalition Villaraigosa wants to keep? He will unite those with money no matter who you are.

May 10, 2005 6:49 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The Los Angeles Lincoln Clubs are a joke as are the Boyds and nobody takes either one seriously. Republicans are focusing on the 06 races and aren't getting involved in the Mayor's race in any meaningful way. None of the big Republican fundraisers have backed Hahn because they all saw the writing on the wall long, long ago and, like any true fiscal conservative, did not want to throw their hard earned money down a rat hole.

May 10, 2005 7:44 PM  

Blogger Republican for AV said:

Amen and Amen.

I am about to be the most recent former member of the Lincoln Club.

I like many of the causes for which they stand, but I will not abide a group that endorses a Democrat in a non-partisan race, then sends mail and other items out to support that Democrat, ALL WITHOUT POLLING THE MEMBERSHIP.

Needless to say, it is the last issue that provides the decision making weight for me.

I am not a member of a union, where my money is spent without my consent. I am (was) a voluntary member of the Lincoln Club, a group that is purely voluntary, and which should be governed by sensible rules and sensible people.

It is not.

I am gone.

May 10, 2005 8:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

are you KIDDING me? the best these dopes can do is highlight an article in the People's Weekly World? I can't even imagine the desperation and fear-sweat that must be stinking up Hahn and Repub offices if this is what they're up to.

How can all you Tony-phobes call him the Commie in this race anymore, now that it's HAHN's side that's telling everyone to read the Commies' paper??

May 10, 2005 8:57 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Unless Parke and Ace are right there with Attention Deficit Villaraigosa he doesn't know how to answer questions and once again made a complete ass out of himself. When the reporters asked him why he voted against stiffer penalities for child abusers when it resulted in the death of the child Antonio said, "I think my vote was taken out of context." IDIOT you either vote for or against the bill and YOU VOTED AGAINST THE CHILDREN. YOU SHOWED SUPPORT FOR CHILD ABUSERS.

Plain and simple Villaraigosa supports these type of criminals and could give a shit less about the innocent children that are molested, abused, tortured and then murdered. He protected the rights of the child abusers.

May 10, 2005 9:21 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What an idiot for ADV to say his vote was taken out of context. He is trying to spin this topic in the media, but it does not work! It is typical for him to try and make it out to be as if everyone else is wrong and he is right. Villaraigosa has to understand that this is why his numbers are slipping, he cannot answer and sound ethical, he sounds as if he is hiding more skeletons in the closet.

May 10, 2005 9:33 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

that's odd...I didn't see anything in here about child abusers. Did you guys see anything child abusers? no?

I did see a post about what asses Republicans have been in this run-off, though. maybe you should try to stay on topic, and not bring up stupid random slander.

And don't whine about how unfair the posts are to Hahn and yadda yadda yadda. you don't like, it start your own damn blog. You can be Mayor Shaw. Or maybe Mayor Moron.

May 10, 2005 9:36 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thanks to a past poster who informed us on the process to have SVREP and Barrio Planners books audited. I and two other concerned citizens wrote our letter to the AG citing corruption and illicit activities in these two organizations mentioned above. We documented our suspicion of and not limited to Villaraigosa and his involvement, Antonio Gonzalez, Alma Martinez, Ron Martinez, Gloria Molina, Frank Villalobos, Alvin Parra, Martha Molina.

May 10, 2005 10:04 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Transit Contract Stirs Controversy
Government: Supervisor Gloria Molina's appointee helped her husband win job. They say no impropriety has occurred.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina's husband won a $193,200 consulting contract after Molina's appointee to a local transit board helped derail awards to competing firms, records show.

Antonio Villaraigosa, a Molina appointee, abstained from voting on the awarding of the contract to Molina's husband, Ron Martinez, a Los Angeles affirmative action consultant.

But Villaraigosa twice voted to rescind award of the contract to other firms after Martinez had lodged formal protests.

The vote on Martinez's contract occurred less than 24 hours before new regulations took effect that would have blocked his selection.

Villaraigosa, now Molina's alternate on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, said he broke no laws and merely wanted to make sure that Martinez had a fair opportunity to win the contract.

He acknowledged that his 14-year friendship with Martinez may have influenced his actions. "I'm sorry if it looks bad--I never meant to do anything bad," said Villaraigosa, a union official who served as best man at the Martinez-Molina wedding.

"Did the fact that I know him come into play? Maybe," Villaraigosa said.

May 10, 2005 10:46 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Villaraigosa help get Vignali out and left 30+ codefendants still in jail, majority African American.
Do you have any idea of how much damage 1,000 kilos of cocaine can do? Well, 800 pounds of cocaine could effectively provide one rock of crack for every kid in Los Angeles. It's 1,000 kilos less, but still, a substantial amount of cocaine.

There are black co-defendants who are still in jail and will be for a long time. But Carlos Vignali is now out. He is a white man.

May 10, 2005 10:53 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

April 16, 2005
One Reason to Vote for Mayor Hahn: Villaraigosa’s Opposition to Gang Injunctions as Head of the ACLU
Filed under: State and Local Politics — So Cal Lawyer@ 9:24 pm
The Daily Breeze has this report on barbs traded over Hahn’s stance in support of anti-gang injunctions and Villaraigosa’s historical efforts to block them:

Hahn said the Blythe Street injunction — which was ultimately upheld in court — helped the neighborhood reduce graffiti and bring down violent crime. And he argued that the area would not have had a resurgence if the injunction had been blocked.

“What if the ACLU had won? What if we weren’t successful in beating Antonio Villaraigosa and the ACLU and the gang members?” Hahn said, adding: “How many people would have been victims of crimes like rape, assault, even murder?”

Villaraigosa dismissed Hahn’s comments, saying the mayor is on the attack because he failed to fulfill a 2001 campaign promise to hire 1,000 police officers. Three months ago, Villaraigosa won passage of a proposal that he co-authored to add roughly 280 officers to the LAPD.

Asked specifically about the Blythe Street injunction, the councilman said he had supported such measures “where they make sense.”

“Very clearly, some of those gang injunctions back then were too broad,” he said. “They weren’t appropriate legally. Now they’re much more specific.”

May 10, 2005 10:55 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


Vignali's clemency petition was false and misleading.

Carlos Vignali lied in his clemency petition. First,
he continued to maintain his innocence, despite overwhelming
evidence of his involvement in selling a substantial amount of
cocaine across state lines and a specific finding by the
sentencing judge that he lied at trial about his involvement in
a large drug distribution network. Second, Vignali claimed that
he was a first-time offender, despite the fact that he had a
prior criminal record. By not accepting responsibility for his
crime and lying about his background, he should not have been
eligible for executive clemency.

Vignali's supporters provided letters of support that were
false and misleading.

A key element of the campaign by Carlos Vignali and
his father Horacio, was a series of letters on Carlos' behalf
from prominent Los Angeles politicians. A number of these
letters contained misleading statements calculated to create
the impression that Carlos Vignali was innocent. The officials
who submitted letters included Representative Xavier Becerra,
Representative Esteban Torres, State Assembly Speaker Robert
Hertzberg, State Assembly Member Antonio Villaraigosa, State
Senator Richard Polanco, Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria
Molina, Los Angeles City Councilmember Mike Hernandez

There are allegations that, in addition to his son,
Horacio Vignali was involved in illegal drug trafficking, and
that Carlos Vignali was involved in drug trafficking far beyond
the conduct that led to his conviction in Minnesota. DEA
reports documenting these allegations include the following

``[Horacio Vignali] negotiated with ATF agents to sell
a machine gun and stated to them that he had also
smuggled heroin into the United States utilizing

``[Redacted] has also purchased cocaine from Carlos
Vignali Jr. of Los Angeles . . . Vignali's father
Carlos Vignali aka `pops' owns a body shop, at 1260
Figueroa and is the source of supply for his son.''

``Carlos Horatio Vignali's role in [George Torres' drug
dealing] organization is relatively unknown at this
time. It is believed that Vignali functions as a
financial partner in the organization.''

May 10, 2005 10:57 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


The first letter, dated May 24, 1996, from California
Assembly Member Antonio Villaraigosa, stated, ``After reviewing
Mr. Vignali's case, I am convinced that he has been falsely
linked to a drug ring in Minneapolis, MN, and that his
conviction is a product of `guilt by association,' among other
factors.'' \87\ Villaraigosa noted that Carlos Vignali had no
prior record and that Vignali's ``military academy schooling
adds to his superior resume.'' \88\ Villaraigosa was apparently
unaware that Vignali both had a prior criminal record and had
dropped out of military school.\89\ Under those circumstances,
Villaraigosa's characterization of Vignali's resume as
``superior'' was, at best, hyperbole and, at worst, misleading.
Villaraigosa has since admitted that he did not independently
investigate the details of Carlos Vignali's case and regretted
not having done so.\90\ Villaraigosa stated, ``I was convinced
at the time . . . that his son was not a major player in this
drug ring. I made a mistake in not investigating.'' \91\
Villaraigosa stated that he was moved by Horacio Vignali's
emotional plea: ``It was a conversation between fathers as much
as anything. . . . He was very distraught.'' \92\

May 10, 2005 10:58 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Taylor Yard Parcel F property, which LAUSD
had an agreement in principal to purchase for use as the site
for a new Northeast LA high school, was unexpectedly sold to another
party, Richard Meruelo, without LAUSD's knowledge.

Assembly Member Jackie Goldberg is hosting a meeting for the
public to discuss the situation and its potential ramifications, and
hear from LAUSD and other officials on how to proceed.

May 10, 2005 11:05 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

jesus, this vignali shit again? i'll take this seriously when you all go after Cardinal Mahoney (or evem Hertzberg) for his letter and get him to resign or something.

until then, i have a hard time understanding why i should think this matters at all.

May 10, 2005 11:27 PM  

Blogger Westsider said:

I thought that the Republican Party was all about electing Republican candidates to office? Perhaps, I was wrong.

Walter Moore did a bang up job for being a first time candidate including participation in debates, endorsement by an animal lovers group, a profile in the L.A. Times and frequent appearances on talk radio. It seems that instead of trying to help Walter, like the GOP had done with Richard Riordan and Steve Soboroff, they ignored him. Perhaps it was because the LA GOP leadership was secretly backing Bob Hertzberg?

Now that there is no Republican in the race, it seems very odd that an "All hands on deck" call is being put out to Republicans to campaign for Hahn. Hahn has been no friend to Republicans. How many Republicans have been appointed to staff positions or commissions? Two commissioners at most? The only beneficiary for the last show of Republican support for Hahn in 2001 was then Assemblyman Tony Strickland. As a payback for getting the California Republican Assembly to endorse Hahn, Hahn agreed to headline a fundraiser for Strickland in Hollywood. Perhaps this was the beginning of "pay to play"?

May 11, 2005 2:00 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You guys are getting to be just like "One Bill" Cedillo.

Has anyone mentioned that the mainstream media has done Vignali so much they are through, over and done with it?

No one gives a rat's ass. Jimmy stole one election with it and it ain't gonna fly this time. Or, as we rednecks like to say "That dog just won't hunt no more".

Back to the County Republicans and the Lincoln Clubs.

The Lincoln Clubs may be finished with this election.

It is not the tool of a few right-of-right wing folks who have been running it and using it as their own little cash box. I just pulled my membership and will encourage others to do the same.

No organization should endorse without polling its membership, especially one dedicated to electing conservative Republicans.

Imaging being in bed with some of the creeps supporting Hizzoner the Absentee Mayor.

By the way, it is not Doug Boyd who is the officer of the County Republican Committee, it is his wife Linda. So, what is he doing using the stationary?

And, what is she doing using her office as an officer of the County Committee?

This is a NON-PARTISAN race.

May 11, 2005 2:07 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Bill Carrick and Doug Boyd.

Now, there is a marriage made in heaven.

They deserve each other...all they need is Rick Taylor as the ring bearer.

May 11, 2005 2:10 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Vignali is not over and important. Villaraigosa is the one who started the letter campaign to get him off. I think we need to let the blacks in South LA know that Villaraigosa didn't do shit for the 30 blacks STILL SERVING TIME. I also want to know as the Congressional Report is stating that someone made calls an LA politican to the state prosecutors to influence the decisionto get Vignali off. That's obstruction of justice.

Antonio supports, gang members, child abusers, drug dealers this is a very big problem for him.

May 11, 2005 5:40 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

11:27 p.m., you are SO right -- we shouldn't vote for Hertzberg, OR Mahoney OR Villaraigosa for L.A. Mayor because of the Vignali thing. Thanks for helping connect the dots so well.

How many of those are on the ballot?

May 11, 2005 5:49 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Cardinal Mahoney for Pope!

Oh no, forget it..he wrote a letter for Vignali!

Put him in jail and throw away the key.

May 11, 2005 5:51 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

If ADV-lovers "wishes" would make it so -- then Vignali would go away, and so would the "pay-in-advance for play" for the Florida concessionaires and the Taylor Yard school site theft, and the lack of accomplishments in two years on city council. But these are all accurate indicators of the lack of character and the political expediency of ADV.

The chickens are coming home to roost for the candidate too chicken to face most of L.A.'s mass media on his own.

The newspapers are catching on, too... he's been a do-nothing CM and they're catching on.

Wish that away, all you want, it's not OLD or overdone. It's this week!

May 11, 2005 5:55 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

People shouldn't be jailed for trying to free convicted felons -- they just shouldn't be leading the charge for public safety in a major city.

It may be the job of religious leaders to try to find redemption for "sinners" -- but its the job of politicians an their law enforcement counterparts to protect the rest of us -- even if the felon's daddy is a contributor.

May 11, 2005 5:59 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Gotta love David Z Daily Breeze...

Villaraigosa's donors in Florida raise eyebrows
L.A. mayoral candidate's fund-raising swings through Miami bring to light shady characters and others who have business interests in Los Angeles.

May 11, 2005 6:02 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Okay for elected GOP officials to endorse Tony V. -- the more liberal of the two (in a few rare cases of course)... without "polling" their constituents, but it's a crime for GOP organizations to back his opponents?

Its obvious you ADV-lovers are pissed that 20-25 percent of the likely voters won't go anywhere near "Mr. Consensus" -- but that's life in the big, "non" partisan city.

Face it -- when the average GOP "Joe" or "Jane" is trying to figure these things out, they ask friends and family -- "well, which one of the Republican?" and get the answer - "neither one, dearie (this IS L.A., their both Dems, but ADV was big in the ACLU some years back and was against gang injunctions back when L.A. crime was at it's peak."

That's called closing the sale. Sorry your both doesn't have the "goods" to sell moderate-to-conservative voters concerned more about crime than anything else.

May 11, 2005 6:06 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

(This is what ADV's toadies call a "day of service" -- a block party with DJ). Note that the "days of service, which are really just thinly disguised campaign photo-ops for Villaraigosa, didn't start until a year ago, about the time he started his campaign moves (unofficially, or course). Public Works does the real work -- CDstaff send out e-mails and promise a chance to actually SEE the absentee CM in the flesh.

P.S. In ADV-speak, 1,000 means 300-400 and staffers carrying mirrors to make it look bigger... check the nespaper accounts of the Kerry endorsement sham gathering. SHAM, SHAM, SHAM. The 1 "accomplishment" is for his campaign stories.



More than 1,000 community members joined L.A. City Councilmember
Antonio R. Villaraigosa and Power 106's Goodfellas Romeo and Dejai to
clean up and beautify the community in El Sereno on Saturday, May 7,

Area residents were invited to join in the effort to beautify the
neighborhoods by planting trees at local schools, clearing debris and
bulky items, making house repairs, and painting a community mural.

Most residents began the day at El Sereno Park and Recreation Center
from where the Councilmember sent them off to various locations
throughout the community. Students from the nine area schools went
straight to locations to begin the clean up and to plant trees.
Since taking office, Councilmember Villaraigosa has hosted eight
other Days of Service in Council District 14.

Last May, the Los Angeles Daily News and USA Today recognized a
similar day of service, organized by the Councilmember in Boyle
Heights, as part of Paul Newman's "Make a Difference Day" honors.
Over 1000 residents pitched in to beautify their neighborhoods on
that day as well. Since then in Boyle Heights, 1200 showed up on
June 12, 2004 to clean the neighborhood, and more than 850 people turned out on February 19, 2005 to participate - in the rain.

In all, the nine Days of Service organized by the Councilmember have
turned out more than 7000 residents.

"The Day of Service is a great opportunity for community members to
give back to their own neighborhoods. We hope that participants learn the value of working together towards a common goal - in this case, beautifying the community so that everyone can be proud of the place in which they live," said Councilmember Villaraigosa.

May 11, 2005 6:13 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

ADV has unleashed Parks as his attack dog on the Harbor commissioner item, obviously -- but it can't have any legs. For one thing, Parks has NO credibility when it comes to investigating wrongdoing, with Rampart hanging over his head.

ADV has fallen back on his "corruption" stream of consciousness patter, but it's useless especially at this stage.

Anyone who wants to believe his that Hahn is "corrupt" already has that in mind. This is overkill -- like claiming to find one more "body" in the the backyard of an alleged serial killer... the jury is till out on all this -- won't matter if you say its 15 "murders" or 16, until someone can prove the case in the first place.

May 11, 2005 6:26 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Anyone who has brains except Villaraigosa's field staffers that this is NOT TRUE. I know people who attended and at most they got maybe and that's a big maybe 200. I want to know who paid for the 5 buses that brought in some clean up crew from outside the district and who were they. Seems Attention Deficit Villaraigosa has pissed so many people off threatening and harrassing them to help with the clean up they stopped showing up. He needed to make sure some people were there for the press.

May 11, 2005 6:27 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Another desperation move for ADV -- no one cared how many potholes he found in the Valley the day before - now he's zooming over the harbor, and operation which means "squat" to 90 percent of the city's voters.

Meanwhile Hahn pounds on the top items on everyone's list of concerns - public safety and schools, ADV weakest and now most "suspect" areas (since Taylor Yard), respectively.

May 11, 2005 6:29 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yeah, 6:27 A.m., most of ADV's public events in the district are getting more and more "yawns" from people here.

Bad for him on two fronts... supporters think he's already "won" so they won't bother to vote, and for the rest of the district, he's even less of a factor of life here than when he was just an "absentee" councilmember who cruised through to pick of campaign "tribute" very few weeks starting mid-04.

May 11, 2005 6:32 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What, no more endorsements-of-the-day for Villaraigosa?

Shirley there must be some Sacramento big Lib that hasn't chimed in yet -- someone the electorate of L.A. will hear the name of and say "who's that? Do they represent ME somewhere??"

May 11, 2005 6:34 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

More Valley voters chiming in bashing print media for this endorsement of ADV, but this time it's the Times Valley readers responding in similar numbers and one to the way DN readers rebelled (there was one other letter, pro-ADV, sounded like a mailer from ADV retyped into e-mail... they just need to be more "creative"):

Thanks to The Times for its endorsement of Villaraigosa for mayor. I was having a hard time deciding because both men leave much to be desired. But I can always count on The Times to help me decide. Your endorsement convinced me to vote for Hahn.

Aaron Fisher
Los Angeles


Shame on The Times for endorsing Villaraigosa.

The absence of ho-hum isn't what "will make a good mayor." It's integrity, accountability, responsibility and good old common sense — none of which Villaraigosa has proved he has.

Barbara DeKovner-Mayer Harris


Interesting that The Times' endorsement of Villaraigosa fails to address his participation among a bloc of council members who voted down the one-half-cent sales tax measure being placed on the ballot as a means of hiring more police officers.

When Police Commissioner Rick Caruso commissioned a poll on this matter, 70% of the citizens of L.A. were in favor of the tax and the additional police hires. Why wouldn't Villaraigosa et al let us vote on it?

Jack Bornoff
Studio City

May 11, 2005 6:38 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yes, ADV has gone back to the "corruption" mantra, because he thinks getting off of it to accused Hahn of being AWOL re: two-year-old MTA strike and at school board is falling on deaf ears and making him lose ground.

But the "he's corrupt" finger-pointing only worked BEFORE Fla. money revelations - now it's just "he's dirtier than ME" and will backfire even more.

ADV would`be better off telling people he was born poor and was abused. Maybe he could even throw in the he used to be African American, for greater effect. As long as your just LYING, Tony V. lie big and often.

(Look at me, giving Tony Rapp advice on LYING to the public. Hell, he wrote the book!)

May 11, 2005 6:45 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Times' Patt Morrison chimes in today, basically dissing Hahn for the same things here bosses did. It's not really so much an endorsement of her Mount Washington next-door neighbor, Villaraigosa, as she's pining for the coulda-been matchup between him and Hertzberg.

Whine, whine, but they still try to nail Hahn as do-nothing, when his list of accomplishment for any given month as Mayor outshines, ADV's two full years in office.

Just write in Hertzberg, all you whiney White people -- it no more a waste of yout vote that "settling" for ADV's propped up, cue-card-reading empty suit.

Hahns will pull this out, and then maybe ADV and Hertzberg can bunk together again, somewhere else where "accomplishments" just means signing on to someone else's legislation between "house-warming" parties.

May 11, 2005 6:51 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey, ADV "investigations" prove nothing...

It's an "investigation" when the cop pulls you over and asks you to step out of the car. It's "investigation" when customs looks through your carry-on.

Investigations would prove you stole you council salary for two years... 10 times the amount of any "suspect" contribution to any past Hahn campaign.

When do the people of CD14 get any "play" from you for all that "pay?" When you've moved on to the next job. In fairness, you should have told people there was a $300,000 up front "deposit" required before you started doing any actual work for the city.

How much is "refundable?"

If you win next week, the cost of a special election to replace youin the district should come out of YOUR stolen paychecks since 2003.

May 11, 2005 6:55 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

OH, damn. Fake GOP4AV (Parke Skeleton) is going to "leave" the Republican party...

To paraphrase Will Rogers, "now the average IQ will go up in BOTH places!"


May 11, 2005 6:57 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

SO change your bogus screenname "Republican_for_av" - (Dirty) Money-Bags Murelo has options on using it next. . .

May 11, 2005 6:58 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Now THAT's a rogue's gallery of GOP support!

Arnold's promised Murelo big deals if he DOESN'T endorse him next time around.


May 11, 2005 6:59 AM  

Blogger Republican against ADV said:

Too bad, the GOP's loss is... well, no one's gain, actually.

Its really a tough fit for a Republican who supports the most liberal Democrat in the state. May be time to a new, truth-in-advertising party:



The Bull Shit Party?

The NO Prohibitions Party?

Citizen Without Borders?

And the party slogan could be, "Castro is a closet conservative"

May 11, 2005 7:06 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

How does it feel for all you Hahn flacks to go into the office every day and type, type, type as much as you possibly can for a cause you already know is lost. It makes me laugh to think of you losers wasting so much time, as if your inane comments could change the fact that Hahn is down by 11 points with 6 days to go, has no money, no morale, and no chance. Maybe if this election were based on time wasted typing Hahn would win, but unfortunately for you it isnt.

I just want to make sure you type, type, type Wednesday morning after Hahn gets his ass kicked.

May 11, 2005 7:07 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Testy poster and obviously an ADV lover. Sure sounds like their a little pissed. Could it be that they know their little man Antonio at this point in 2001 screwed it up himself? Could it be that they know in the next couple of days the big guns will come out and expose his sleazy behavior, his record on crime, his absenteeism and he's missed two weeks of city council meetings. Antonio is now saying he wants to get his positve message out. Does anyone know what that is. I love how the ADV lovers always blame Hahn staffers on posting. Idiot!!!! We're voters who are sick and tired of ADV's trust me and I can bring people together. If he can't clean up his own district he has NO business on the other side of the city.

May 11, 2005 7:23 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Not pissed, just amused. And no, you are not a simple voter. You are a paid Hahn hack who has run a dirty, exceedingly negative campaign. Then again, I guess you can't make chicken salad out of chicken sh*&.

May 11, 2005 7:42 AM  

Blogger Republican for AV said:

YOu guys can't read: I am leaving the Lincoln Club, not the GOP.

I am leaving because they endorse a Democrat, even though they are committed to Republican candidates, and there was no polling of trhe membership before the endorsement.

I will not belong to a group where the rank and file have no say; that would be called a "Union).

Antonio is the better candidate for Republicans because he is business friendly, that means job friendly as well.

Drive around LA and tell me where you see cranes, other than one in Century City.

Then drive around San Francisco, San Doego, New York, Chicago, even Miami, or any other major city in America. There are cranes and there are jobs.

The unions have shut this town down and their puppet Jimmy Hahn has gone to sleep while they have done it. "Living Wage Ordinance" another union concoction.

If you like mediocrity, stay with Hahn. If you want change and business to flourish, support Antonio.

This is a non-partisan office, so Republicans can feel fine voting for Antonio. Don't let the fake foxhole conversion by a desperate Jimmy Hahn, a lifelong Democrat, fool you.

They are both Democrats, but Villaraigosa is the better choice.

May 11, 2005 7:53 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Nick Tonsich, James Acevedo, Ted Stein, Troy Edwards, Leland Wong, Chris Hammel, John Stodder, Doug Dowie, Pierce O'Donnell,Charles Fitzgerald, Alan Abrams, Alan Casden, the McOsker brothers, one in the Chief of Staff's office and the other in the Firefighters Union; how many more to go?

How much behind the scenes chicanery do you guys need to see to be convinced that this is the most investigated administration since Frank Shaw?

This city is twisting in the wind, while these folks have projects approved by the city, sit on the Commissions that approve them, pay each other huge amounts of money and give a union a huge raise because your brother is running it, make money hand over fist and all the while, we pay taxes and watch our taxpayers money go down the drain.

And still you say "Vote for Hahn" or "he fixed some potholes or fixed an intersection". How many potholes and intersections did he NOT fix?

He hasn't fixed traffic, or police or LAX or any other major problem in four long years.

He has been fiddling while LA has been burning time.

It is time for a change.

Vote for Antonio on May 17th. Nothing could be worse than Hahn.

May 11, 2005 8:07 AM  

Blogger Mayor Sam said:

Time for me to have to explain some things again:

1) Individual Republicans can endorse whomever they want - Poopy, Villar or my a potted plant.

2) The problem with the Lincoln Clubs is that the corrupt leadership chose to endorse a candidate without approval of the members of that organization. That's even worse than Jimmy Hahn and Natalie Reyes driving city staffers to Democrat meetings in city owned vehicles to stack the deck on endorsement votes when they have no intention of actualy being members, but they at least followed those clubs' flawed process. What the Boyd's have done here is wrong - no matter who they endorse and Republicans have a right to be pissed.

3) I don't give a shit what Hurricane Jackie Goldberg thinks. Despite her socialism, we still have private property rights. If the owner of that property decided to sell to Muerello instead of the dumbasses at the LAUSD, so be it. If the LAUSD dropped the ball, wouldn't be the first time, but nothing criminal about it. If Muerello saw a business opportunity and speculated on some land, good for him. That's the American way. He could very well buy that property to later find the LAUSD changed their mind on it, and now the land ain't so hot.

4) Its sad that we have come to the point in this city where both the Democrats and Republicans have become horse's asses.

5) Who gives a fuck if Stuart Waldman runs against Andrei for the Neighborhood Council? What does that have to do with this post? Who gives a shit about Valley Glen? What are they going to do? Talk about the new $3 movie theatre in Valley Plaza? Get more folks to join the Ballys on Victory Blvd? For Christ's sake? Lets find something more interesting to do.

May 11, 2005 8:48 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thanks to a past poster who informed us on the process to have SVREP and Barrio Planners books audited. I and two other concerned citizens wrote our letter to the AG citing corruption and illicit activities in these two organizations mentioned above. We documented our suspicion of and not limited to Villaraigosa and his involvement, Antonio Gonzalez, Alma Martinez, Ron Martinez, Gloria Molina, Frank Villalobos, Alvin Parra, Martha Molina.

May 11, 2005 9:02 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I am going to make a direct plea to Antonio Villaraigosa. I supported you from the first Mayoral election and believed every word you said about the community and people. Last night, I was presented with the tape, the attendance was not 40 people as previously posted by the one holding the tapes, it was more private, about 25 people attended. After hearing the recordings, my support for you is over. My hope is for this tape not to be made public. I plea with Villaraigosa to be honest and for the person holding the tape, do not make it public, it's not worth the threats you might get from people in shady places. I would not release it, it is extremely damaging to Antonio Villaraigosa. I will not vote on May 17th.

May 11, 2005 9:08 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What was on those tapes? Come on, give Mayor Sam a bone here, he deserves some recognition for hosting this blog, he should have at least one scoop in this election.

May 11, 2005 9:46 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

FAKE GOP dude, if your idea of "prgress" is cranes all over town, your not a pro-business Republican, you're a GD developer. ARE YOU RICHARD MURUELO???

Ask ADV some time what his base core rank and file in Northeast L.A. thinks about "cranes" and development.

Those tree-hugging, historic preservationists never met a development they couldn't EASILY learn to hate.

If you miss seeing your little Bob the Buider cranes all over town and think ADV and his rabid lefties will help you out on that front you are SO mistaken. There isn't a candidate in the history of city politics more beholden to the "nothing moves, nothing changes" leftist progressives than Antonio.

If you see ANYTHING related to cranes under HIS watch, it will be some neo-Greenpeacers scrapping the NEXT school site in L.A. to preserve some rare Angelino Spotted Billyclub Crane species that's number 514 on the endangered species list.

ADV = pro-BUSINESS? Boy are you spanking his endangered monkey!

May 11, 2005 9:53 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey, Repub For AV... don't worry, since you're anonymous, and a ACE/PArke plant, the GOP isn't going to miss you. The only GOP functions you've ever attended were as a spy, and I'm pretty sure if you eve did reveal your ID, not Reaganite would cross the street to piss on you if your hair was on fire.

May 11, 2005 10:09 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Shitty logic, this:

"They are both Democrats, but Villaraigosa is the better choice."

For Republicans, dude says... like WOW. If you can't vote for a Republican, registers GOP-types, then pick the most rabid, leftist, socialist, gang-banger coddling, non-progressing "progressive" you can find.

There's SOME odd sense to that. After four years with a do-nothing "mare" like ADV, even liberal Democrats will be ready to vote to Wacko Walter.

Is that you hiding back there, Moore-is-better-next-time. Are your secretly trying to get ADV elected so the seat will be open for another try for you in 2-3 years (or, you can run in '09, after ADV's goes upriver with Muerelo when their "legal" deal to double-deck high schoolers in the Northeast is discovered for what it is...).

May 11, 2005 10:15 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

OKAY, you're on Mayor Sam... Next week we start the petition drive to have the Avenues and White Fence gang-bangers BUSSED up to those empty Valley schools, since the school-stealing deal is so "legit" and American?

Do they Tagging 101 at Valley schools as an elective?

It'll be a REQUIREMENT for graduation after this. (Behind-the-wheel drive-by shooting training will be an elective...)

May 11, 2005 10:19 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I just LOVE how ADV-lusters keep trying to paint L.A. as some city falling down around Hahn's ears while he naps. For most people in the city, things aer BETTER than they were 4 years ago, and they JUST aren't hearing all your spin. Your not getting them where they live -- but CD14, now THAT's another story. Things are WORSE (the kinds of things an active CM COULD have fixed, quickly easily).

That story's getting told and it's being believed, NOT just in CD14.

Mack over at LA Voice -- NOT a Hahn fan, has been saying MORE and more often how ADV did NOTHING in two years.

People are learning the words to the ADV song, and Mr. "bring them together" is quickly becoming known as Mr. "leave me alone, I'm campaigning."

May 11, 2005 10:23 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

come on, does no one see the absolute, stunning irony of an alleged REPUBLICAN email linking to the people's weekly world?


May 11, 2005 10:44 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Did you take this to mean they were in some kind of agreement with the publication?

Isn't this what you hacks call "opp research" or some stupid shortened, prot-military speak name?

How is that any different than the Anti-Antonio's here linking to the pro-Mecha crap from Tony's past, or Hahn-haters linking up Netkin's bile to try and make Jimmy look bad.

You're STRETTTTTTCHING this SO far, you look silly.

Isn't there ANY fake good news for ADV you people can re-gurgitate? His Todies in Northeast L.A. are just NOW announcing his L.A. Sentinal endorsement -- a week or so after the fact. Now THEY know Tony and his "stick myself with the poison needle accidentally" history, and know you HAVE to save some of the fake good news for the end, to cover his 4th quarter fumbles better.

Timing, and PACING, An-Toadios!

Tony's hit the WALL in this marathon, and he's NEVER run this race well before!

May 11, 2005 11:30 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The "Z" man at the "David Breeze" nails ADV's corrupt little bi-coastal dealings again -- and running DESPARATE and losing ground fast, ADV tells media he "won't respond to Hahn's accusations anymore" (then promptly makes another accusation ABOUT Hahn). But HEY, here's good news, dirty-money-man Muerelo has better "quip" writers than Antonio does!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Villaraigosa's donors in Florida raise eyebrows; L.A. mayoral candidate's fund-raising swings through Miami bring to light shady characters and others who have business interests in Los Angeles.
By David Zahniser
Copley News Service

For Los Angeles mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa, it was a whirlwind day of campaigning -- a flight to Miami followed by three back-to-back fund-raisers with members of that city's business elite.

Villaraigosa's Florida allies used the April 13 visit to promote him as a rising political star.

But some of the participants in those fund-raisers have been drawing unwelcome attention in Miami and Los Angeles, both for their private sector transactions and their public political dealings.

With Florida fund raising now serving as a major theme of Mayor James Hahn's campaign against Villaraigosa, the councilman has had to defend his appearance with supporters who include:

•Home builder Sergio Pino, who co-hosted Villaraigosa's first Miami event. Pino faced questions last year after he held a fund-raiser for Miami-Dade's top prosecutor, just as her staffers were reviewing his daughter's case for felony cocaine possession. The case was later dropped.

•Lobbyist Sylvester Lukis, a co-host of Villaraigosa's second event, who was indicted on federal bribery charges and acquitted. While he was found not guilty of all 10 charges in 1997, his wife was convicted of mail fraud in the same case and was serving a 27-month prison sentence until former President Clinton freed her in the final weeks of his presidency.

•Sean Anderson, president of Travel Traders, a hotel gift shop company whose employees and associates gave Villaraigosa at least $47,000. District Attorney Steve Cooley is investigating whether money laundering was involved in the contributions, which Villaraigosa has chosen to return.

•Developer Richard Meruelo, a businessman whose family has given Villaraigosa more than $100,000. Meruelo, who attended two of the Miami events, is battling the Los Angeles Unified School District over the site of a proposed high school.

•Meruelo's brother, Homero Meruelo Jr., who also attended Pino's event but did not make a contribution. He was convicted of insurance fraud more than a decade ago.

Hahn camp questions judgment

Hahn's top campaign adviser argued that the Miami trip raises questions about Villaraigosa's judgment.

"When he went out to Florida, he assembled a rogues' gallery of questionable characters, and it raises more and more doubts about why are these people investing their money in Antonio for mayor," said Hahn spokesman Kam Kuwata.

Villaraigosa spokesman Nathan James said there was nothing unwise about the councilman's fund-raising trip. Any criticism from Hahn over that trip is an attempt to distract voters from his "failed record of leadership, his broken promises and his own multiple federal and state investigations of his administration," James added.

"What was unwise was Jim Hahn appointing his chief fund-raiser as head of the proprietary departments" -- the harbor, airport and Department of Water and Power, James said in a reference to former Deputy Mayor Troy Edwards. "That's an action he took as mayor that he's never fully explained."

Hahn has spent the past week running attack ads on the fund-raisers in Florida, a state whose politics have been the subject of newspaper investigations and federal corruption probes for a decade. One Miami Herald columnist argued last year that lobbyists had turned Miami's airport into a "suck-hole of avarice, favoritism and waste."

Meanwhile, Richard Meruelo and other Villaraigosa backers voiced disgust that Florida fund raising has become a focus of Hahn's campaign.

"Hahn has nothing better to talk about," said one supporter, Miami media consultant Jose Cancela. "Florida's always good for a few political jokes."

One Miami event was co-hosted by Pino, whose company, Century Duty Free, was targeted by Miami-Dade's inspector general in 2002 for its handling of a contract at Miami International Airport. The report concluded that Pino and his three partners received $14.6 million but provided no services.

Backer was involved in Miami inquiry

Pino was also the subject of a Miami New Times article last year that focused on his July 22 fund-raiser for State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, the top prosecutor for Miami-Dade. The event occurred a few weeks after his daughter, 24-year-old Jacqueline Pino, was arrested on charges of felony cocaine possession and resisting arrest.

Pino's daughter was apprehended outside a Miami Beach nightclub after her friend, 20-year-old Vanessa Gonzalez, got into an altercation. As Gonzalez was being arrested, Jacqueline Pino removed a Ziploc bag of cocaine from her friend's pocket, and was then arrested herself, according to a police report.

Pino threw a fund-raiser for Rundle weeks later, even as prosecutors were reviewing his daughter's case. Pino confirmed in a New Times interview that the event was at his office and said he went ahead with it because he knew the arrest had been a mistake.

Rundle's office dropped the case on Aug. 6, saying it did so because Miami Beach police officers had failed to show up for meetings on the case. In a memo, a Rundle aide also said the cases were too minor to justify the "considerable time, effort and expense."

However, Miami Beach police spokesman Bobby Hernandez said his agency considered the felony charges serious and wanted to pursue them, but tried without success to coordinate with Rundle's office.

Pino could not be reached for comment Monday and Tuesday. But Cancela, who sits on the board of Pino's company, described the timing of the fund-raiser as "pure coincidence," adding that Pino has held several events for Rundle.

In another case involving a fund-raising co-host for Villaraigosa, Lukis and his wife, Lee County Commissioner Vicki Lopez-Lukis, were indicted on 10 counts of bribery. Prosecutors asserted that Lukis funneled money to Lopez-Lukis -- his girlfriend at the time -- as he persuaded her to award a county contract for his client, according to court documents.

Lukis was found not guilty after the couple argued that they were only trying to cover up their relationship. But a jury found that his wife had "knowingly and willfully devised a scheme to defraud the citizens of Lee County of their intangible right to ... honest services," according to court records.

Asked about the case, Lukis said his legal history is irrelevant to Villaraigosa's campaign and argued that his wife has already paid a major debt to society.

Meruelo argued that his brother's criminal history is unconnected to the campaign.

"(Hahn) is just desperate," he added. "He just wants to mar Villaraigosa in the eleventh-and-a-half hour."

May 11, 2005 11:44 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I'd really like to know more about "Donnie's Victory Formula."

Does it include a lot of heavy drinking and weed smoking? Because that's the formula you'd need to be taking, if you think Hahn is going to win next Tuesday.

Anybody else have any insights here?

May 11, 2005 4:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Also, is this the same formula that Donnie Fowler used to get himself fired in less than a month on Wesley Clark's campaign?

May 11, 2005 4:49 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Poor Antonio lovers. You guys must really be nervous during this last stretch. Your guy usually stumbles and screws it all up. He can all the endorsements he wants. Bottom line is the race is a hell of a lot closer and Antonio is crappying in his little shorts. He knows there's enough baggage out there on him that hasn't even come out. TIMING TIMING TIMING

May 11, 2005 5:12 PM  

Blogger Westsider said:

If you want an original copy of the email for this posting, send me an email at westsider90049@yahoo.com

May 11, 2005 8:52 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

News flash:
"Republican for AV" is NOT Parke or Ace.

He really is a Republican.

He is a member of the Lincoln Club.

And he had every right to be pissed off at his fellow Rep's.

If you knew where to look, you might find out who he really is.

May 11, 2005 11:35 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Meruelo is republican for av

May 12, 2005 6:18 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"Meruelo is republican for av"

WRONG! Guess again!

May 13, 2005 6:01 PM  

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