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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mayor Villaraigosa not to run for Governor, or is Villar in ??

Consider this today from the San Fransisco Chronicles political scribes Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross in today's Chronicle, or is it "Wrongicles" ??

No go Antonio: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa isn't going to run for governor - at least not in 2010.

Our sources in L.A. say Villaraigosa has come to the conclusion that the time is just not right for him to make a state run - given that he hasn't even been sworn in yet to a second term, and that he's facing bloody political fights at home.

With Villaraigosa out, it's going to be an all-out brawl between San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and California Attorney General Jerry Brown for the Democratic nomination.

Is Villaraigosa in or out?
People close to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa this morning dismissed a report in the San Francisco Chronicle that he had decided not to run for governor in 2010.
Villaraigosa insiders said the mayor has still not made a decision.
Chronicle political columnists Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross today reported that their sources had told them Villaraigosa had decided not to run, in part because he was facing “bloody political fights” at home.

.....and those political fights will commence soon.

Your thoughts......

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USC = "University of Scandalous Conduct" in Sports and City Politics ??

For us in Los Angeles who cheer for the great "Institute of Higher Learning in Westwood" (while wanting to forget that a certain Mecha activist who graduated as "Tony Villar"), whenever they meet the "spoil, pompous children" from the "Four Year Community College on Fig.", on the field of play, today's expose in the Los Angeles Times, "USC, SILENCE IS THE CARDINAL RULE" is an exercise in "better late than never".

And for many who look to sports as a useful and needed diversion from the realities of life. Jokes (will USC be able to play under the salary cap ??) and more jokes (O.J. slash and cuts across the field and into Brentwood!!), mixed in with possible NCAA Sanctions and a possible revocation of a National Championship, will be the by product of the on-going investigation into USC athletics.

But with the Los Angeles Times decision to assign investigated reporter Paul Pringle (who's investigated reporting exposed the corruption by Tyrone Freeman at SEIU 6434), to the growing controversy in Heritage Hall, the "OLD GRAY HAG ON SPRING STREET" may want to expand their investigated coverage beyond the "field of play" and into the "halls of local government".

With USC expansion plans underway near its main campus, mixed in with their ambitious plans for the area around the Health Science Campus in Lincoln Heights, this is the right moment to thoroughly investigate how the "USC WAY" is forced upon the surrounding communities.

Recently, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa appointed USC Vice President of government and community relations Thomas S. Sayles to the Department of Water and Power Commission.

And who would be the front person for USC in the 'halls of government" ?? None other than USC's registered lobbyist at City Hall, David Galaviz (pictured above with cake).

This is the same David Galaviz who is well known to the populace in Lincoln Heights, where he recently served USC and other Special Interests well, as President of the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council.

Whether it was getting the "youth vote", shilling for the "Las Villas Project", steering gang contracts to USC affiliated groups such as V.I.P., giving away public property to bogus non-profits such as Legacy LA, and now fronting USC attempt to subsidizes their Capital Building Program with CRA money, Galaviz is the mouth piece and shill that speaks over community concerns.

These were some of Galaviz past actions as LHNC President.

Earlier in the year, this body voted to support the controversial "Las Villas Project" on the corner of Broadway and Thomas (old Rose Eye Center location). Later on the same night that Councilman Ed Reyes announced the end of the "Las Villas Project", NC members proposed giving money to support a community event for Jenny Krusoe's "Legacy LA Project". Yet at no time did any of the USC employees or Violence Intervention Program staff member Eileen Sanchez recuse themselves from voting, and not cite that their respective employers have a vested interest in the successful completion of the "Legacy LA Project".

Rumor has Galaviz comtemplating some future run for political office (CD-14 ??) with his recent move from Lincoln Heights into El Sereno.

But while Galaviz's political aspirations may take years or never play out, the desires of his employer and ramifications on local communities are playing out now on the "field of play", in the catacombs of the NCAA, and most important, the "halls of governments".

Conquest at any cost ??

Your thoughts.....................................

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Which Charter School Would You Choose ??

The Los Angeles Times has a must read article on the American Indian Charter School in Oakland entitled, "Spitting in the eye of mainstream education".
As someone who has worked in the education field and has sadly watch our once proud public education system become captive to left-wing indoctrinators, union hacks, with the aid of bureaucratic bumblers, it is refreshing to see a method of educating that gets results.
And with results in mind, lets compare the acheivements of American Indian to the "politically connected" Charter School, "Academia Semillas del Pueblo" in El Sereno.
Lets compare the Mission Statements of the respective Charter Schools.
The American Indian Public Charter School serves 200 inner-city students in fifth through eighth grade. The focus of AIPCS is excellent student attendance (99.5%), which helps to ensure the academic needs of American Indian students and others interested in attending our school. We will provide them with an education to enhance their academic skills in reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, science, social science, business, and humanities in order to compete and be productive members in a free market capitalistic society. This will be a collaborative effort between school, family, and community.
Anahuacalmecac’s mission is to provide students effective and comprehensive pedagogy through a globally inclusive curriculum within a positive, supportive learning environment involving students, teachers, parents and staff. Anahuacalmecac is a Nahuatl name meaning University Preparatory High School of North America. Anahuacalmecac’s k-8th grade compliment, Academia Semillas del Pueblo, Xinaxcalmecac, is dedicated to providing urban children of immigrant families an excellent education founded upon native and maternal languages, cultural values, and global realities. Academia’s name in Nahuatl means, “the house of higher learning for the seeds of our people.”
Test Scores:
From the LA Times.
The Academic Performance Index, the central measuring tool for California schools, rates schools on a scale from zero to 1,000, based on standardized test scores. The state target is an API of 800. The statewide average for middle and high schools is below 750. For schools with mostly low-income students, it is around 650.
The oldest of the American Indian schools, the middle school known simply as American Indian Public Charter School, has an API of 967. Its two siblings -- American Indian Public Charter School II (also a middle school) and American Indian Public High School -- are not far behind.
Among the thousands of public schools in California, only four middle schools and three high schools score higher. None of them serves mostly underprivileged children. At American Indian, the largest ethnic group is Asian, followed by Latinos and African Americans.
Some of the schools' critics contend that high-scoring Asian Americans are driving the test scores, but blacks and Latinos do roughly as well -- in fact, better on some tests.
That makes American Indian a rarity in American education, defying the axiom that poor black and Latino children will lag behind others in school.
Semillas API rose to 701 points!
We are pleased to announce that the 2008 Base Academic Performance Index score for Academia Semillas del Pueblo Xinaxcalmecac was increased by the California Department of Education to 701! Congratulations and thank you for all of your hard work. According to Wes Scott, Semillas independent data consultant from Key Data Systems, "Statewide and Similar schools ranks is now 2, and the incremental growth targets for the school, this cycle, are smaller. For instance, the Schoolwide growth requirement is 5 points this year versus 9 points last year. This is all good news. It is interesting that the Base API is higher than the 2008 Growth API. This likely suggests that those few students who took the CMA last year did well on the assessment." Congratulations to everyone for all the focus and diligence over the years.
Controversial Educators:
"What we're doing is so easy," said Ben Chavis, the man who created the school's success and personifies its ethos, especially in its more outrageous manifestations. (One example: He tends to call all nonwhite students, including African Americans, "darkies.") Although he retired in 2007, Chavis remains a presence at the school.
A Lumbee Indian who grew up poor in North Carolina and later struck it rich in real estate, Chavis took over American Indian in 2000, four years after it was founded with a Native American theme.
He began by firing most of the school's staff and shucking the Native American cultural content ("basket weaving," he scoffed). "You think the Jews and the Chinese are dumb enough to ask the public school to teach them their culture?" he asks -- a typical Chavis question, delivered with eyes wide and voice pitched high in comic outrage. There is no basket weaving at American Indian now -- and little else that won't directly affect standardized test scores. "I don't see it as teaching to the test," said Carey Blakely, a former teacher at the school who is writing a book about it. "I see it as, there are certain skills and knowledge that you're supposed to impart to your students, and the test measures whether your students have acquired those skills and that knowledge."
Marcos Aguilar, the school's founder and principal, said in an interview with an online educational journal, Teaching to Change L.A., he doesn't think much of the Brown v. Board of Education decision that desegregated American schools.
Aguilar simply doesn't want to integrate with white institutions."We don't want to drink from a white water fountain, we have our own wells and our natural reservoirs and our way of collecting rain in our aqueducts," he said.
The issue of civil rights, Aguilar continued, "is all within the box of white culture and white supremacy. We should not still be fighting for what they have. We are not interested in what they have because we have so much more and because the world is so much larger.
"Ultimately, he said, the "white way, the American way, the neo liberal, capitalist way of life will eventually lead to our own destruction. And so it isn't about an argument of joining neo liberalism, it's about us being able, as human beings, to surpass the barrier.
"Aguilar said his school is not a response to problems in the public school system, as it's available only to about 150 families.
"We consider this a resistance, a starting point, like a fire in a continuous struggle for our cultural life, for our community and we hope it can influence future struggle," he said. "We hope that it can organize present struggle and that as we organize ourselves and our educational and cultural autonomy, we have the time to establish a foundation with which to continue working and impact the larger system."
Teacher Recruitment:
AIPCS is always in search of teachers and staff who are smart, ambitious, and motivated to teach inner-city youth.
We are looking for hard working people who believe in free market capitalism to join our family at AIPCS.
AIPCS believes in setting a high standard for ALL students regardless of race, ethnicity, language, economic standing, etc.
Multi-cultural specialists, ultra liberal zealots, and college-tainted oppression liberators need not apply.
We are currently seeking highly qualified teachers to teach at Semillas for the 2009-2010 school year. Multiple subject credentialed teacher applicants must be credentialed by the State of California and be fully bilingual in Spanish and English. Single subject teacher applicants must also be fully credentialed in their subject matter - master’s and doctorate degrees are preferred.
Wonder how the likes of UTLA's A.J. Duffy, LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia, Green Dots's Steve Barr, Ben Austin and that great education reformer Mayor Villaraigosa, would respond if American Indian were to open a campus in CD-14 ??
But more important, what would the demand be in CD-14 for a education model that works compares to one that practices symbolic rituals, chants and celebrates revisionist history ??
Your thoughts........

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nominations for the Ass Clown Award, May 2009

Its that time of the month when we post nominations for the May 2009, "Ass Clown Award".
This prestigous award is bestowed on an public or political figure who lowers themselves to the depths of shadiness with acts of deceit, corruption and narcissic behavior.
Nominations for the May 2009 Award are.....
1. Out-going Councilman Jack Weiss
2. State Senator Gil Cedillo
3. Parke Skelton
4. Ace Smith
5. Cybertrolls (Ully, Trujillo and others)
6. Attorney Stephen G. Madison
7. Mayor "MEchista"
8. Public Employee Unions
9. UTLA's "Puff Duffy"
10. Governor "Kennedy Republican"
11. Wetherly Group's Daniel Weinstein
12. All the multiples personalities of Don Quixote
13. Los Angeles Times Scribes George "Lil Red" Skelton
14. LAPD Chief Bill "Bull" Bratton
15. ........and the "Barrio Pimp, Jose Huizar"
Your additional nominations and comments are greatly appreciated.


Separated at Birth ??

"Councilman Potato Head"
Rebuffing concerns about widespread irregularities in the 5th Council District election, county Registrar Dean Logan said he's concluded that problems were limited to only a handful of voters.
The five-page letter released Friday said extensive inquiries had resolved all issues raised by David Vahedi, the neighborhood council leader who trails former Assemblyman Paul Koretz by about 700 votes as the final ballots are tallied.
Looking like "Landslide Koretz" will become "Councilman Potato Head Koretz".
Your thoughts...........

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Jack Weiss' Golden Parachute: Collateral Damage at LAWA?

UPDATE: I'll be discussing this issue with John Phillips sitting in for Al Rantel tonight at 6:30 p.m. on KABC Radio, AM 790 or online at www.kabc.com.

Link to clip from radio show: http://mayorsam.podOmatic.com/entry/2009-05-30T00_29_00-07_00

Used to be that when a politician was termed, voted out or retired from office they'd take a cushy job in private industry or a lobbyist or once in a while return to a previous or family business. If they were a purist they might go into academics.

That's not necessary anymore when the politicians in office have found all kinds of ways to spend money to appoint former elected officials to cushy government jobs and commission seats that pay wages they could not get in private industry, legally anyway. From Cindy Montanez to Richard Katz to Mike Hernandez out of office politicians can be assured job security by their friends who still control the pursestrings.

The latest, greatest and shadiest of this may be the chatter we're hearing that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is planning to appoint termed out Council Member and defeated City Attorney candidate Jack Weiss to the $200,000 a year position of Deputy Mayor of Homeland Security for the City of Los Angeles. According to our source, the position is a hidden line item in Mayor Villaraigosa's 2009-2010 budget that creates the position with airport funds and houses it at LAX.

Even more disturbing that recycling the most hated and defeated politician in recent Los Angeles history are allegations that the City plans to lay-off 24 existing LAWA employees and replace them with the entire CD5 Jack Weiss staff (assuming that some of them wouldn't rather seek employment with Paul Koretz).

We asked a source in the Mayor's camp to confirm or deny the story but our source claimed ignorance. That's usually spinnish for "We aren't denying it." Our source also noted a number of potential shakeups typical of a Mayor entering his second term, such as the recent departure of Fire Chief Douglas Barry. I was told to expect more "shakeups" including at the Police Commission and "many, many" others.

Assuming the move of Weiss to the Mayor's staff is true - as well as the wholesale firing of LAWA employees to give their jobs to Weiss loyalists - no doubt LA's SLAP-happy pitchfork and torches crowd will be up in arms.

Stay tuned.

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Creation of a "Connected Non-Profit" and the "Pimping" of Public Facilities, Part One

"Connected one gains access to Public Facility"

Many activists throughout the city are up in arms over the role of "connected non-profits" in the body politics.

While most private non-profits operate in an positive ethical manner and do good in the communities they serve, there are a "connected few" that are created for benefiting the friends, cronies and the political desires of the local politicos, can one remember Fabian Nunez's favorite, "A Collective SPACE" ??

Above is one of many e-mails that are making the rounds that chronicle the outright giveaway of public property to the latest "connected non-profit", Legacy LA.

In reading the above e-mail, one can see the corporation between Jenny Krusoe and the office of Councilman Jose Huizar as they "push" to get entry to facility.

One would of not want to have been Recreation and Park's Gary Baer as he attempts to state that there were other worthwhile organizations that wanted a chance to tour the facility and give proposals on possible use, while not knowing that Krusoe had the backing of both Mayor Villaraigosa and Councilman Huizar.

.....and in the days ahead more on the creation of the newest "connected non-profit" and the consequences on the community and ethics in City Hall.

Your thoughts.

****Some recent "contributions" from CD-14 Non-Profit Heads and others.

06/27/08 Maria Lourdes Calanche (Instructor, LA Community College District) Los Angeles, CA 90031 Antonio Villaraigosa Mayor 1305101 - Antonio R. Villaraigosa for Mayor 2009 A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period: 01/01/08-06/30/08] $1,000.00

06/27/08 Oswaldo Lopez (Exec. Director, L.A. Youth Opportunity Movement, City of Los Angeles) Los Angeles, CA 90032 Antonio Villaraigosa Mayor 1305101 - Antonio R. Villaraigosa for Mayor 2009 A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period: 01/01/08-06/30/08] $1,000.00

06/23/08 Sandra L. Figueroa Villa (Social Services Administrator, El Centro del Pueblo) Los Angeles, CA 90041 Antonio Villaraigosa Mayor 1305101 - Antonio R. Villaraigosa for Mayor 2009 A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period: 01/01/08-06/30/08] $1,000.00

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Open Thread for Friday

LAFD Chief Barry resigned/retired yesterday, effective this August. My question, why? Not the canned reason given to the press, but the real reason he is stepping down.

I run into firefighters on duty every now and then in my travels. I've recently noted that LAFD seems to be more like LAPD nowadays. The 'cliquish', 'clanish', and 'spooky' on-the-job behavior that some have used to characterize LAPD is manifesting itself more and more in the City's fire department. I talked myself out of it after the first few odd encounters, but as I've experienced more strange moments with LAFD personnel I cannot talk myself out of it any longer. Seems like there is something definitely major going on within the department, and it is negatively impacting the personnel. It must be big, too, if a mere public person like myself is running into the symptoms.

Chief Barry was hired ostensibly to clean up hazing and discrimination within the department. How did he pursue this in practice? We'd love to hear from any of you in the department. Or from anyone else who has something on their minds.

Take it away, dum dums (typed with the utmost respect for our readers... well, most of you anyway.)

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zuma Dogg Exclusive on Trutanich Transition

This morning I was tipped off by a private Mayor Sam snoop that Zuma Dogg was inolved in a high level conference call with City Attorney-Elect Carmen Trutanich.  According to my high level snoop Mr. Dogg and Mr. Trutanich reviewed some breaking details on the coming Los Angeles Reformation, that is the escorting out of the City Attorney's office of a one Mr. Rockard J. Delgadillo and the impending disinfecting of that office by Mr. Nuch.

You could read the full details at Zuma's blog however the most significant item is that Trutanich has designated the Republican-Democratic Armenian- Jewish duality of Roberts featuring former District Attorney Robert Philobosian and former California Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg to head up the transition team and to make all the major hiring decisions.

I can hear the dum dums crying now.

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Battle Time Nearing to Protect the Southwest Museum

"Los Angeles First Museum Endangered"
This was posted on Ron Kaye's Blog regarding the next move in the Southwest Museum Saga.
I have just heard that another rat on the slime boat of City Hall, the Autry Museum, has gotten the City to schedule a meeting of the Board of Referred Powers to hear Autry's application to expand its building on taxpayer land in Griffith Park. This is the extremely controversial proposal of the Autry to build a new wing to enable it to swallow the historic Southwest Museum an destroy the separate institution of the Southwest.
Now get this Ron, I heard it is scheduled for June 16, 2009 at City Hall at 9:00 a.m. -- one hour before a Wednesday City Council meeting. I was at the other public hearing in August last year on this issue. There were so many people there the testimony before the Planning Department took 4 hours.
Is the City Council really so arrogant and out of touch that they will try to limit the testimony in opposition to the Autry's destruction of the Southwest Museum to like 50 minutes? Does the City's first museum, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, warrant just 50 lousy minutes of time of our City Council when Billy the Elephant got days of testimony?
I saw where Carmen Trutanich asked Council to delay the billboard ordinance until he could review. Here's another issue that is a hint of how this Mayor and this City Council has lost its way and needs review by the new City Attorney. To give serious consideration to the Autry's blatant breach of merger agreement promises with the Southwest Museum is PROOF that pay to play and utter corruption of our City's political process is complete.
The possible unnecessary loss of the Southwest Museum using campaign contributions and three registered lobbyists paid for by the Autry demonstrates that there is nothing sacred that this Mayor and some Council Members will not flush down the toilet for their own personal political ambition. Our City Hall is very very sick.

Let's try "F...ing disgrace!!

Everyone who cares about protecting our civic and cultural history should call Mayor Villaraigosa, Councilman Huizar and the members of the Board of Referred Powers, to demand that a public hearing, with ample public testimony time be schedule so that the concerns of the public are fully vetted.

Mayor Villaraigosa (213) 978-0600

Councilman Jose Huizar (213) 473-7014

PARKS (e.o.)
REYES (e.o.)
B. Greaves (213) 978-1068
P. Lattimore (213) 978-1074


Morning Briefs and Outtakes on the Local Political News

Meet the familia that doubles as the local political machine in Los Angeles.
And when the mijos or mijas of machine members get in trouble like "Lil Fabian", Esteban Nunez and his "Hazard Crew Homies", what actions do the elders of the "familia" undertake in protecting their own ??
Letters and more letters, as LA Weekly Christine Pelisek reports in her extensive article, "Esteban Nunez Case: Bad Little Suburban Boys". , and their results ??
Lawyering up with top firepower worked well. A week later, on December 9, though it shocked Santos’ friends and family, Judge Szumowski reduced bail from $2 million to $1 million for all the men — after dozens of character letters seeking leniency arrived at the court.
While not uncommon in murder cases, these particular letters really stood out. They came from union honchos, California politicos and high-powered friends of Fabian Núñez, including Villaraigosa, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor leader Maria Elena Durazo, former and current California Assembly members Dario Frommer and Kevin De Leon, and many others.
“In my heart, I know Esteban Núñez as a young man of good and upright character,” wrote Villaraigosa. Assemblyman De Leon described Núñez as “considerate, gentle and well-mannered.” Labor honcho Durazo wrote that young Núñez “took responsibility by working” at a grocery store. “Going to college showed me that he was preparing for his future. He didn’t take anything for granted.”
Núñez “is a nonviolent, sweet young man” who “has stayed in school and perseveres on,” wrote Tracy Campbell of the California Hospital Association — a close associate of Esteban Núñez’ high-powered mom.
Even Corina Villaraigosa, the mayor’s publicity-shy ex-wife, weighed in. “I know that Esteban is in school and working toward a bachelor’s degree.”
One can grasp the power of written spin, errrr, written testimonials.
City O.K.'s 7 Billion Dollar Budget, for now.
City Council members unanimously approved a $7.01 billion budget on Wednesday but warned that spending could be cut if city unions fail to make concessions and if the state takes local money to fix its own financial mess.
The budget calls for some 2,000 layoffs, scales back many city programs and essentially slices about 15 percent, on average, from every city department.
As Rick Orlov reports, this not a done deal, but the unions should ask the mayor why non-profits are being given city money to undertake tasks that the likes of Recreation and Parks have done in the past..., see Legacy LA.
Councilman Parks and Zine, Mayor shouldn't control Pension Boards.
Councilmen Dennis Zine and Bernard C. Parks said no single politician should be able to control a board majority at both the Los Angeles City Employees' Retirement System and Los Angeles Fire and Police Pensions -- agencies that invest billions of dollars on behalf of retired public employees.
Note to Zine and Parks, This is yours and the other 12 clowns, (minus Mayor Papi's "Lil Mijo" in CD-14), time to reassert control over the Mayor's politicalization of various city departments.
Teacher starts hunger strike to protest.
A group of teachers and community activists started a hunger strike Wednesday in protest of the Los Angeles Unified School District's plan to lay off thousands of teachers.
At least nine teachers and two activists are participating in the action, said Sean Leys, a Lincoln High School teacher.
What you know!! a rare teachable moment in LAUSD on dieting, advocating and not teaching at the same time.
"Landslide Koretz" still not "Councilman Koretz".
As of Tuesday, Koretz led challenger David "Ty" Vahedi by 702 votes, winning 18,286 in last week's election compared to Vahedi's 17,584 in the 5th Council District race.
Koretz, a former state assemblyman, sent an e-mail to supporters shortly before 10 p.m. Tuesday, saying that 100 votes were left to count and that he could safely call himself the winner.
However, Los Angeles County election officials said his declaration of victory was premature. The Registrar's Office estimates that 500 to 1,000 ballots remain uncounted. Those include 100 damaged ballots, with the remainder being uncounted mail-in or provisional ballots.
Wow, no comment or mutterings from the "Progressive Viking of Spin" ??
Your thoughts........

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Huizar and Hahn in Middle of Youth Center Funding Imbroglio

Activists in 14th Council District served by Council Member Jose Huizar aren't too happy with their elected official, but then again are they ever?

The erstwhile protege of Mayor Antonio "Papi" Villaraigosa is embroiled in controversy over funding of a local community center.  Community leaders are attacking a plan by Huizar and fellow Council Member Janice "I Love to Park" Hahn to transfer nearly $25,000 in funds earmarked for a CD14 youth technology center to a Boys and Girls Club in San Pedro in Hahn's District.

Boyle Heights residents are confused why funds would be moved from their struggling community to another for the purpose of preventing youth violence in San Pedro when the Eastside community has similar issues of their own.  City officials say this is simply an accounting matter yet locals have experienced broken promises, fraud, waste and abuse before so their skepticism is at least justified.

More importantly to note this is yet another example of why funding non-profits with taxpayer dollars leads not to answers to social problems but makes tempting for elected officials and others to engage in shenigans and make politically based decisions and payoffs.  The better step would be to cut taxes and allow people to make contributions directly to worth non-profits.  Of course, that would eliminate a lot of opportunity for power and jobs for certain people who couldn't get those otherwise.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

City Council, LACERS, and a surprise meeting with Nuch!

I went to LA City Council today to promote my group, Westside Republicans, and make a public service announcement about their upcoming events.

I was going to make comments about the May 19th election, but decided to let it drop... enough time has passed....let's move forward. I concentrated on talking about the protest outside Henry Waxmans office -- 8436 West  3rd Street on Friday, May 29th at noon.

I explained how Cap & Trade is a liberal fantasy about controlling CO2 that will cost the US jobs and growth and raise taxes on energy by over 1.9 TRILLION dollars. It couldn't come at a worse time.

Council President Garcetti admonished me about staying on topic about Council business. I told him I was talking about the economic survival of the United States. I said "that is everyones business".

Several things of interest today in City Council...

1) One of the first subjects up was about the City being "given" a street in San Pedro from the Federal Government...and being handed a few million dollars to boot! Council Member Janice Hahn seemed pretty proud about this achievement. I wish I knew more about it, but the details got skipped over pretty quick.

2) Eternal thorn and career public commentator Arnold Sachs managed to get himself booted from City Hall for a few sessions. Sachs is a City Hall denizen who is about as popular in City Council chambers as a subpoena. That said, I appreciate his efforts because he routinely protests obscure actions by the City Council that the media ignores. Sometimes, he is the only voice of opposition. But today he was a bit aggressive, calling the Council Members "criminals"...which I'm sure they didn't appreciate. Council President Garcetti told Sachs he was "out" for a few sessions. Poor Arnold...he means well. Don't know what he will do with all the free time, but to be honest...I was never quite sure why he went to City Council meetings in the first place. Sachs once admitted to me that he doesn't even live in Los Angeles.

3) Aggressive Socialists wearing red ACORN t-shirts were there demanding free housing  or reduced cost housing. I was appalled by their shameless behavior. One of them said housing was their "right". Another said"give us our housing!" Yet another said that if she didn't get her reduced cost housing... "we will come after you!"  Frightening. I thought it highly ironic that language like that coming from Zuma Dogg would probably end up with him in handcuffs. But for the liberals? Totally OK with it. Wearing the color RED was appropriate for them because they won't be Socialists for long. They see the end game in the distance. Is this what Los Angeles has become? A city of panhandlers with government enablers?

3) City Hall celebrity gadfly Zuma Dogg and his partner in crime Matt Dowd (Dowd had recently been booted for swearing during Council meetings) continued their colorful and spicy commentary on the Council, actually getting away with calling the Council members "losers" several times.  Dowd repeatedly called Jack Weiss a "loser" while referring to the recent election results. 

(As an aside, I can accept Zuma Doggs criticisms because he's originally from Cleveland, but I have never been fond of listening to Dowd  criticizing U.S.  politicians. He sounds like a bit of an ingrate. If he doesn't like things here in this generous country that has been so kind to allow him to live here...  he always has the option of buying  a return ticket on Quantas.)

4) I was anticipating fireworks to go off when they got to subject 11 in the meeting... LACERS! The bungled City retirement investments. The discussion of Zuma Doggs favorite subject was almost certain to cause him to have a meltdown...but surprise- surprise!!...the Council skipped the commentary and nobody from the public got to speak about it. They hurriedly moved to a secretive, closed session and kicked everyone out of the chambers. Very strange. I didn't like the lack of transparency there.

5) When the Council came back from the secret session, I arrived too late and missed my turn to speak about the budget. I was disappointed because I wanted to confront the Council over pandering to the Socialists. Wendy Gruel sent one of the LAPD officers to inform me that I had missed my turn. I was impressed. Wendy Gruel and I don't agree on political issues, but I admire her professionalism. She pays attention to small details and keeps her head in the game. That's important. Hopefully she will be a great Controller.

Because I had missed my turn to speak, I bolted from the Council meeting to go get something to eat.
Walking down Main Street, who do I see but new City Attorney Nuch Trutanich!!
It was very obvious to me that Nuch is busy as hell right now -  he was talking on two cell phones at the same time!
He had one on both sides of his head, trying to have two conversations at once.
I waited until he was done and shook hands with him and congratulated him on his victory.
We talked for a few minutes about the transition. He sounded frustrated that Rocky Delgadillo wasn't making the transition easy for him. I told him he should go into Delgadillos office and start firing staffers left and right.

I said "They know they are out of power now and that's politics. When your man loses, the whole support staff and assistants crowd gets tossed out." I told him that I would love to have the opportunity to march into City Hall and replace some of the deadwood...some of the bad government employees.

"Fill out an application" , he said, joking and laughing as he walked away.

Nuch is a great guy. A lot of people in this City are counting on him.
I hope he does a great job.

Clowncil to Vote on Mayor's Budget Today

Today the Los Angeles City Council holds its final (sic) hearing and votes on the Mayor's proposed budget. The budget has a deficit of roughly $500 million to negotiate in cuts, consolidations, and layoffs to most City departments. DWP is being used as the de facto dumping ground for displaced employees, as well as a magic funding source for many of those amazing Clowncil "Hey - we found some money we didn't know we had!" moments.

Since the Mayor has based his budget on a number of unlikely scenarios, most reasonable humans know that the real deficit is closer to $1 billion. Any bets on when the City runs out of money and reopens the budget issue?

The City Budget hearing is item 20 on today's council agenda in case you are following the meeting this morning.

UPDATE: An excellent public comment on the budget demands a 25% pay cut for Councilmembers and the Mayor, a reduction to 2 staff cars and 5 staffers ea. An excellent suggestion based in a LA Weekly article! Let's have a little 'shared sacrifice' from the Clowncil!


Outtakes from the "Cut and Paste Barrio" of Los Angeles

Judging from these comments in the Barrister's Fishwrap "Daily Journal", Election Night May 19 is a day that, "Barrio Pimp, Jose Huizar", would want to jettison from his memory.

"It was a harsh, negative race that had plenty of critics, including Councilman Jose Huizar, an attorney himself, who appeared at Weiss' Tuesday gathering at Canter's.

' The public doesn't deserve this,' Huizar told reporters standing on Fairfax Avenue. ' But that's the nature of the game.' "

So who and whom was the "Barrio Pimp, Jose Huizar" refering to with his comments ?

One e-mailer had this comment.

One wonders: Was Mr. Huizar criticizing the nature of a political campaign or was he saying that the Los Angeles public does not deserve to have Carmen Trutanich as City Attorney?

Or was he reflecting on how the results of the City Attorney Race would impact his political career as noted in these comments to Daniel Hernandez in his classic column on "MAPs, Mexican Ammerican Princes".

We did some research, and I am the first Latino immigrant on the City Council,” says Huizar, who was born in Zacatecas. “It encapsulates the growing Latino population in L.A. that someone like me” — his eyes flutter a bit — “can come to this country (Thanks to the Coyote ??), and because of the educational opportunities, represent the community. It’s huge.”
It’s also “huge,” he says, that he sits on the Princeton Board of Trustees, the first and only Latino to do so. He frequently points this out. He also admits that many of his achievements in L.A. politics have been due to his close relationship with Mayor Villaraigosa ("Papi"). Then, without being asked about the topic, Huizar brings up the possibility that he could one day succeed his mentor. “People say, ‘Oh you want to be mayor,’ but I’m happy doing what I do now. I’m very happy being a City Council member,” Huizar insists. “I’ve been dreaming about this since I was a kid. I used to ask myself, why can’t Boyle Heights have the parks, all the infrastructure. Now I can do something about that.”(How about honest government ??)
The whole time, Huizar is fiddling with his cell phone, tearing up a napkin, looking down. Even he seems to hardly believe himself.( A rare moment of truth).

Maybe the "Barrio Pimp, Jose Huizar", should spend more time looking behind, for one may find that some are gathering for a challenge in 2011.

CD-14 Briefs:

*Adelante and Whiteside Redevelopment Merger Moving Forward.

*Boyle Heights Activists Eyeing Monterey Park Ban on Street Vending.

*State Senator Gil Cedillo Bill on 710 Tunnel Resolution Moving Forward.

*Huizar's Proposal for Broadway Parking Garage Raises Eye Brows.

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Early Morning Briefs and Outtakes......

"Landslide Koretz" meet "Councilman Koretz".

That is what Paul Koretz with verbage crafted by Parke Skelton, wants you to believe, as stated in his "victory declaration".

"Although we have been told that there are still approximately 100 ballots left to count, we can now safely claim victory," the Koretz campaign said. "Once these ballots are counted, and the election is certified, we will update the website."

But leave it to Paul and Parke to have their backup plan in place....

To defend our lead through the vote counting process, we have hired election law expert Stephen Kaufman and his firm. This means we need to raise funds again to pay the cost of this effort, which could go as high as $20,000. This is an extension of the General election campaign so the same contribution limits apply with a maximum $500 per person limit—so if one has already given the maximum ($500 per person) then no more can be contributed to this effort. If someone is a new contributor to the General election, then they can give the full $500. Anyone who has already contributed to the General election, but has not donated the $500 maximum, can contribute the difference up to the $500 limit.

We have to raise this within the next week. Anything anyone can do to contribute or raise funds will be a huge help!



News Galore on Prop 8.

That is if you were reading the LA Times Website "LA Now", as the scribes went on with "post y post y post" on yesterday's California Supreme Court ruling upholding Prop 8.

Then there was this about Billboards.

When things look dicey, politicians at City Hall have a time-tested strategy: punt. So, faced with criticism from business leaders and neighborhood councils, the Los Angeles City Council put off a vote on the complicated overhaul of its sign ordinance, agreeing to wait until after July 1 to make a decision -- after City Atty.-elect Carmen Trutanich is seated.


Your Thoughts.......

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Parke's "bloggin response" to Ron Kaye's CD-5 "Election Irregularities Post"

Parke does blogging.......

Ron Kaye's post on the claims of "election irregularities" in CD-5 merit this response from the "Nordic Spin Master" who is also the campaign consultant for Paul Koretz.

By Parke Skelton on May 26, 2009 11:53 AM


Every election produces some "irregularities" or at least claims of them. You know that. And people, voters and election officials, make mistakes.

But don't you think it is a tad irresponsible for you to be undermining the validity election on the basis of no independent investigation, statistical analysis or facts? Simply parroting the complaints of the Vahedi camp is not evidence that "a revote may be necessary." Or that we "may never know who won the election." That's an awfully portentous claim.

Yes, polling places were consolidated. It was a low turnout special election -- and like 10:30 a.m. comment, most voters "looked at their sample ballot and found the correct place." And a relatively small handful of voters in one ballot group did not receive the correct ballot guide with their absentee ballot.

All of these claims are being investigated by the Registrar and a report will be issued. Virtually all remaining ballots will be counted today. We will know who won the race. Just wait a few hours. And be willing to accept the verdict of the electorate.

Parke Skelton

Can one smell the smoke of a "looming political firestorm" in CD-5 ??

Your thoughts................

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Prop 8 Ruling Due Shortly

Hat tip to Zach Behrens, you can watch it here: http://cbs5.com/cbsnewslive

UPDATE: KPIX reports Supreme Court upholds Prop 8; existing marriages valid.  The fight continues.


Open Thread for Mond... errr, Tuesday

Long weekend comes to a close today with OBama's nomination for the Supreme Court earlier and the announcement of the California Supreme Court's decision on Prop 8 at 10am.

Locally, we have signs signs everywhere signs on the City Clowncil agenda.

Ron Kaye has the details of serious election irregularities in the CD 5 runoff.

And Matt Dowd is still speaking in public comment this morning.

BREAKING: Looks like Prop 8 stands, but existing marriages remain valid. Nothing too surprising, sadly.

From Mayor Sam via Twitter: Prop 8 Rally in Downtown LA Today 6PM. Meet at Pershing Sq. 532 S. Olive St.

Via Twitter: AWESOME via @johncoulthart Prop 8 decision protest blocking traffic in SF: http://bit.ly/15IWWW

Opine away.... dum dums?

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Monday, May 25, 2009

50,000 Names - George Jones

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you today because this weekend will mark your first Memorial Day Weekend as President. I would imagine that tomorrow you will be very busy attending ceremonies and giving speeches. I am a bit concerned about this because in the past you have shown a tendency to be critical of the United States of America and the policies that this country has followed for the last few decades. Mr. President, on Memorial Day, this type of attitude will not be acceptable. Not just to me, but to most citizens of our nation.

I can offer you some advice. As a former member of the military myself, I can tell you that leaders like yourself - men who have never worn a uniform or taken that oath - are generally viewed with subtle suspicion by both active and former military members. It is important to overcome this hurdle of trust by letting your service members know exactly where you stand, loyalty-wise. I thought I might include this video of one of your predecessors, former President Ronald Reagan. He was phenomenally popular with the American public for several reasons, but the most important reason was that he didn't let us down. He kept a steady hand while guiding us through difficult times. He looked like a President, he sounded like a President, and most importantly, he acted like a President.

I am not saying you should just copy him or his style...you have your own personal style. But if you can end your term as President being even half as popular as Ronald Reagan, you will be able to call yourself a success.

Five minutes into the video, President Reagan seems truly in awe of the achievements of the veterans who surround him. The men who stormed the beaches at Normandy and liberated Europe.

"Why did you do it?", he asked them.

Their unspoken answer? They did it because they are Americans.
They did what we Americans always do... we spread the message of freedom by protecting the freedoms of others. We have been smashing evil worldwide since 1776. It is a part of our identity, a part of who we are. You could say it is in our DNA.

This American "arrogance"(?) that you like to talk about when criticizing our country? I don't see it.
I see a world where there are hundreds of millions of people who are alive today, thanks to the efforts of the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces. Many, but not all, are thankful for it.

This "failed capitalism"(?) that you like to talk about in your speeches? This is the same Capitalism that allowed us to turn our automobile factories into tank factories...to turn our airliner factories into bomber factories. Our belief in capitalism and a free market economy allowed us to save the world from the horrors of Nazi fascism, and later on, from the horrors of Soviet-style Communism. Although many Europeans currently enjoy the freedom of sitting back and making sarcastic comments about our elected American leaders...all of them...deep in their hearts... they know that modern-day Europe would not exist as it does at this moment without American leadership.

Mr. President, I did not vote for you , and to be honest, I have been stunned and in disbelief at some of your political decisions lately. However, our country and its future are far more important than any political issues we face at home, so I will hope that you will be a success on an international level. American ideologies of freedom and free markets need to succeed. The world is counting on us. America is too important.

Even our rivals would not want to live in a world where America fails to live up to its potential.


Phil Jennerjahn

Friday, May 22, 2009

Caption This for Friday

We're all pretty tired after the election, so let's put on our comfy clothes and relax.

Besides, next week is gonna be a busy one with the California Supreme Court announcing their Prop 8 verdict on Tuesday, and the LA City Council having to reopen their budget process (says Bitter Bernie).

Besides Arnie continuing to threaten Californians with (fill in the blank), what else is happening next week?

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Morning Briefs, Outtakes and Post Mortems on Election Day (Villar Edition).

Mayor Villar had to turn his head to see what was being written about him this morning across print and electronic media.
.......and by the look on the "MEchista's" face it is not good.
LA Times David Zahniser's "Winner and Losers".
"If anyone lost big last night in L.A.’s local elections, it was Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who risked his considerable clout to get Councilman Jack Weiss elected as city attorney – only to see former prosecutor Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich win instead".
LA Weekly News Editor reflections on May 19.
"A political unknown, former San Pedro cannery worker and longtime attorney Carmen Trutanich, trounced Villaraigosa ally Jack Weiss for the job of Los Angeles city attorney, an outcome seen as a major blow to Villaraigosa’s political reach and chances at the governorship".
Now, the electorate has delivered a "slap" to Villaraigosa with the defeat of Councilman Jack Weiss, the mayor's closest City Hall ally, Councilman Bill Rosendahl, who did not endorse either candidate, said Wednesday.
"Politically speaking, it puts him in a weaker position," said Councilman Dennis Zine, a Villaraigosa friend who nevertheless backed Trutanich.
Ron Kaye's Blog.
"Democracy lives in LA, finally".
Zuma Dogg says.........
Can we now stop using words like "rising" and "superstar" when discussing Antonio Villaragiosa's political career. "Diving Stupidstar" is still in!
Daily News Editorial on May 19 results.
"That backlash was felt locally as well. In the city attorney's race, the hands-down favorite of the power elite (Villaraigosa) was Westside liberal Councilman Jack Weiss. Only the most optimistic of civic watchers thought Carmen Trutanich had the chance to beat Weiss, let alone defeat him by such a wide margin.
And in L.A. City Council District 5, neighborhood representative
David Vahedi came within a few hundred votes of upsetting the campaign of longtime Westside pol Paul Koretz, who had the blessing and backing of heavy political hitters such as Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and Rep. Henry Waxman".
"Over the past few years, our state leaders have faced similar situations, defined by unprecedented deficits and partisanship aimed at driving the state off a cliff, by a system that is fundamentally broken and hardwired for failure," Villaraigosa said. "California must take steps to rectify the mistakes of the past and lay the foundation for a more stable, successful future." (Villar might want to leave the task of "spin" to the "Cybertrolls")
Then there is this column by Steve Lopez about teachers at Villar's old High School in Boyle Heights who are in active revolt against his "Partnership for Schools".
"Your attention, please. (Remember Steve, the moniker "ADV")
Will Antonio Villaraigosa please report to the principal's office at Roosevelt High. Immediately. (Tony remembers, "Villar, report to the Dean's Office")
"Yes, folks, I'm once again calling out the Education Mayor, as he has called himself. (I thought he was the "Pothole King" or the planter of a "Million Trees" ??)
The L.A. mayor attended Roosevelt in Boyle Heights as a kid and took control of it last July along with nine other schools he promised to rescue. (....and some Catholic school where he got kicked out for fighting)
"Judge me by what we do in these schools," Villaraigosa said in September. (Judgment was given through "Lapdog Weiss" on Tuesday)
Three weeks ago, teachers at Roosevelt did just that, taking a poll on how things are going.With 199 teachers casting a ballot, 184 expressed no confidence in the mayor's Partnership for Los Angeles Schools (PLAS).(How about the "80 FAKE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHES" for numbers ??)
Is "rebuke" a strong enough word? (B.... Slap!!)
How about "revolt"? (Lets try karma or justice.)
Your thoughts..........

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weiss Before The Loss

View more news videos at: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/video.


Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye Jack Weiss!


Statement from Carmen Trutanich

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Last night, the citizens of Los Angeles took a gigantic leap toward changing Los Angeles. I am humbled and honored by the voters for putting your trust and faith in me. I will not let you down. I am excited to begin plans for my transition and bringing the best and brightest team of professionals together to reform the office of City
Attorney and bring honesty, integrity and transparency to City Hall.

It's a new day and I see a brighter tomorrow. I see a Los Angeles where we can measure our progress by the quality of our lives -- the purity of our air and water, the safety of our streets, the quiet enjoyment of our neighborhoods, and the excellence of our schools. As your City Attorney, I will work with every fiber of my being to be the people's lawyer -- a true advocate for a better Los Angeles. Though I do not formally take office until July 1, my work for the people begins today.

Once again, I thank you."

-Carmen Trutanich


Trutanich, Park, rising stars of L.A. Politics - Governators Props go down in flames

Yesterdays defeat of Jack Weiss was a good thing for the City of Los Angeles. Nuch Trutanich showed that people can make the choice between a good candidate and a bad one, no matter how much money gets thrown into negative TV ads. Most human beings have an instinctive "dishonesty detector" and their alarms were going off full blast when listening to Jack Weiss. Congrats to Nuch. I met him on the campaign trail earlier this year while I was running for Mayor. I came away from our meetings very impressed with his integrity and candor. Like I said in a previous blog, he's a man's man, and I trust him with the keys to the City Attorneys Office. I am quite certain he will do an excellent job as City Attorney.

While I was very happy about his victory, one big thing really bothered me about it.
Every time I look at Nuch Trutanich, I keep thinking... "This guy is the next Mayor of Los Angeles."
As a probable candidate in 2013, I was already unhappy about having to face off against probable opponents Eric Garcetti, Laura Chick, and maybe even Wendy Gruel. If Nuch Trutanich spends four years doing a great job in City Hall, then decides he wants a promotion, it will be a very distressing moment for me.
Hopefully, he will be happy running for an overwhelming landslide re-election in 2013.

Another huge star from last night is Tina Park, a former New Yorker who is blazing a quick path to the top here in L.A. I first met Tina about six months ago at a meeting of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club. She really impressed me with her intelligence, drive, enthusiasm, and preparation. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Tina because she was one of the first of the other candidates I met and the first of them to sign my petition to allow me to run for Mayor. If I ever amount to anything big in politics, she will have a place in history...as she held the camera to record my very first campaign speech that night. (As a side note, I got stomped by Walter Moore that night as he had brought about half the crowd with him.)

Tina Park is now a rising star in L.A. politics, and I predict that within a few years we might be calling her City Council Member Park, if she can find the right match-up in a future election.

David Vahedi is still in limbo after last night. Final results have him losing the CD 5 race to Paul Koretz, but there are always issues in a race this close. He is losing by about 300 votes, but there are usually a few thousand late mailers and questionably valid ballots to be counted. It is not over for him, but he has to be prepared if things don't go his way. I really like David a lot, and he would have been a far, far better option than career politician Koretz, who I consider to be a hack...who just runs for office after office, non-stop.

My advice to David Vahedi...keep your head up. If it doesn't happen, spend the next four years shaking hands and getting to know every voter in CD 5. After four years of socialism and tax hikes from Washington to Sacramento to Los Angeles, voters should be fed up with it. They should be ready to throw all incumbents out of office in 2013.

My condolences to Rabbi Shifren, who lost to Curren Price in State Senate District 26. Price is just another hack politician who moves from district to district every time he gets term-limited out of some position. He will be a total waste of time in Sacramento, and just vote along with all Socialist policies the liberals can put forward. He won't change anything. He won't have any effect whatsoever. There is really no point in him being there. He could stay home and cast his votes over the internet, actually.

Great joy in seeing the Propositions from the Governator go down in flames. No big tax raises, Arnie...time to fire people and slash worthless government programs. Prop 1F was the only success, and even that was just a voters backhand to politicians. I didn't agree with it because it ties politicians performance to pay raises, which in some odd circumstances might cause them to do something even more vengeful and destructive than usual. As with most government and ballot propositions, I felt it was unnecessary.

Don't like the performance of your politicians..?

Notes on the Election Scorecard, with respects to Allan "Mud" Malamud R.I.P.

Someone not happy this morning ??

Can Bratton announce his endorsement now for Jose Huizar in 2011 ??
So what does LAPD Chief Bill "Bull" Bratton really think about Councilman Dennis Zine ??
One political incarnation that will not materialize in the near future.
Antonio Ramon Villar
Mechista Tony Villar
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Governor Antonio Villar
"Landslide Koretz", LOL!!
Governor "Kennedy Republican" handle his ass kicking like a "girlie man".
Draft Emanuel Pleitez for CD-14 in 2011.
How long before Kevin Roderick, aka "WWG" starts fawning over Los Angeles Community College District, Board of Trustee winner Tina Park. One can envision a puff story in Los Angeles Magazine in the near future.****Link here to read about the latest girlie interest for "WWG".
Maybe Gil Cedillo can replace Tyrone Freeman at SEIU 6434, Cedillo knows his way around usage of Union Credit Cards, allegedly.
Where do Parke Skelton and Ace Smith house the "Cybertrolls" ??
Paul Koretz and David Vahedi are the "Al Franken and Norm Coleman" of LA politics for the near future.
How long before the likes of Keith Brackpool, Ron Burkle, Eli Broad, and other Special Interests abandon the Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Bandwagon ??
Who wins the award for election coverage ??
"Weekly of Record"
"Daily Moldy Green Sheet"
Winners on Election Day:
Los Angeles new political star, Tina Park.
Carmen Trutanich.
District Attorney Steve Cooley, maybe future Attorney General Steve Cooley ??
Talk Radio hosts Doug McIntyre and Kevin James.
KFI's John and Ken's Tax Crusade.
City Council President Eric Garcetti.
Neighborhood Councils.
Parke Skelton and Eric Hacopian in CA-32.
Judy Chu.
CD-5 for supporting Nuch.
Gavin Newsome and Jerry Brown.
Emanuel Pleitez for strong first time showing in CA-32 race.
Ron Kaye
Losers on Election Day:
Ace Smith and the "Weiss Ass Cybertrolls" (Ully and Mike).
Villar/Durazo Machine.
County Federation of Labor.
Labor, Eco Left in Sacramento.
CD-5 for electing Koretz.
Governor "Kennedy Republican"
California Teachers Unions.
"OLD GRAY HAG ON SPRING STREET" and "Daily Moldy Green Sheet" for supporting the "Ones"
Sierra Club.
Gilbert "One Bill" Cedillo.
"Barrio Pimp" Jose Huizar for supporting Jack Weiss.
Jack Weiss.
Southwest Society and the Autry Machine.
............and the "Lame Duck Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa!!"

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Vahedi Surges in CD5

BIG NAIL BITER IN CD5 - all but two precincts counted, Koretz lead over Vahedi now down to only 316 votes! Looks like Rick Orlov jumped the gun.

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CD 5 is "THIS" close...**Final results posted.

This race will be decided during the "wee hours" of the morning.

Consider the latest at 12:46 AM.

PAUL KORETZ 15,787 50.51
DAVID T VAHEDI 15,471 49.49

This may require a recount............

****Final results with 100% of precincts reporting,

PAUL KORETZ 15,917 50.53
DAVID T VAHEDI 15,582 49.47

Koretz by 335 votes.........

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A Night Against The Status Quo

Governor Schwarzenegger crashes and burns. Jack Weiss loses. An amazing night. But wait there's more.

Earlier Tuesday evening (on Twitter) I called the race in the LA Community College Seat 2 contest for Tina Park over incumbent Angela Reddock, it is now certain that Park will win, current returns with 86% of precincts reporting show Park with 54% of the vote over Reddock with 46%. Reddock had the LA Times but looks Park, who was backed by the LA Republican Party, had the voters in an unexpected win.

It had also looked like insider favorite Paul Koretz was handily defeating Neighborhood Council candidate David Vahedi but very recent returns with 82% of the precints show that Vahedi has closed the nearly 6 point gap he had all night and now the race is extremely tight, way too close to call at this point. If Koretz still wins, it won't be a strong victory if this trend holds.

Other than LA Community College Seat 6 candidate Robert Nakahiro losing to incumbent Nancy Pearlman nearly 62% to 38% it looks like overall a smashing defeat for the status quo and political insiders. That just may be the mood of the voters overall these days. Perhaps elected officials may start taking the people seriously now. Or not.

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Tina Park Projected as Upset Winner in LACCD Board of Trustee, Area 2

"Red Spot in CD 14" is projecting Tina Park the winner in the Los Angeles Community College District, Board of Trustee Race in Area Two.
As of 12:30 AM, the latest results were,

TINA PARK 131,874 54.19
ANGELA J REDDOCK 111,483 45.81
Congratulations to Park on her victory this early morning.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Carmen Trutanich projected to win City Attorney Race

"Red Spot in CD 14" is projecting that Carmen Trutanich will be the next City Attorney of Los Angeles.
As of 11:50 PM, Trutanich has taken an little more than 10% lead over CD 5 Councilman Jack Weiss.

JACK WEISS 80,180 44.88
Congratulations to Nuch on his great victory!!

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