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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Night Against The Status Quo

Governor Schwarzenegger crashes and burns. Jack Weiss loses. An amazing night. But wait there's more.

Earlier Tuesday evening (on Twitter) I called the race in the LA Community College Seat 2 contest for Tina Park over incumbent Angela Reddock, it is now certain that Park will win, current returns with 86% of precincts reporting show Park with 54% of the vote over Reddock with 46%. Reddock had the LA Times but looks Park, who was backed by the LA Republican Party, had the voters in an unexpected win.

It had also looked like insider favorite Paul Koretz was handily defeating Neighborhood Council candidate David Vahedi but very recent returns with 82% of the precints show that Vahedi has closed the nearly 6 point gap he had all night and now the race is extremely tight, way too close to call at this point. If Koretz still wins, it won't be a strong victory if this trend holds.

Other than LA Community College Seat 6 candidate Robert Nakahiro losing to incumbent Nancy Pearlman nearly 62% to 38% it looks like overall a smashing defeat for the status quo and political insiders. That just may be the mood of the voters overall these days. Perhaps elected officials may start taking the people seriously now. Or not.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Michael thanks for posting info on Tina Park. To be quite honest I really don't pay attention to those college board people and never heard of her. After reading threads here and then seeing her name on my ballot I punch it.

May 20, 2009 6:08 AM  

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