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Friday, May 29, 2009

Open Thread for Friday

LAFD Chief Barry resigned/retired yesterday, effective this August. My question, why? Not the canned reason given to the press, but the real reason he is stepping down.

I run into firefighters on duty every now and then in my travels. I've recently noted that LAFD seems to be more like LAPD nowadays. The 'cliquish', 'clanish', and 'spooky' on-the-job behavior that some have used to characterize LAPD is manifesting itself more and more in the City's fire department. I talked myself out of it after the first few odd encounters, but as I've experienced more strange moments with LAFD personnel I cannot talk myself out of it any longer. Seems like there is something definitely major going on within the department, and it is negatively impacting the personnel. It must be big, too, if a mere public person like myself is running into the symptoms.

Chief Barry was hired ostensibly to clean up hazing and discrimination within the department. How did he pursue this in practice? We'd love to hear from any of you in the department. Or from anyone else who has something on their minds.

Take it away, dum dums (typed with the utmost respect for our readers... well, most of you anyway.)

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