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Thursday, July 10, 2014

TGIF Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine

The ease of City Attorney Mike Feuer in using LAPD Officers for a Photo Op in announcing the seizure of Illegal Fireworks is something not easily replicated when frustrated Angelinos seek enforcement of laws regarding discharging Fireworks within the City Limits. 
Frustrated Angelinos would love some LAPD attention to their pleas regarding illegal discharge of Fireworks.
We get emails .........
......, and in attending recent meetings within Northeast LA, City Attorney Mike Feuer is sure to draw the ire of average Angelinos with his use of LAPD resources for a self-serving Photo Op to grandstand over the seizure of Illegal Fireworks, while many residents went wanting for enforcement of laws regarding the discharge of pyrotechnics in Los Angeles.
In the case of one Northeast LA resident, frustration over LAPD's Northeast Division absence of a response to repeated calls to deal with a neighbor discharging Illegal Fireworks, the resident takes drastic measures to ensure a response. 
On July 4th It took from 5:30 in the afternoon with 4 calls to LAPD to ask the neighbor to stop; even though fireworks are forbidden in the City of Los Angeles. They finally came when I threatened to use a gun to make “fireworks’ of my own.  The Police saw the remains of the explosive on the neighbor’s property, on the city street, on a number of cars and after my offer to file a formal complaint, the Police officers refused. The neighbors laugh at me and the Police Officers knowing that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.
......, that's unless City Attorney Mike Feuer needs some props for another self=serving Photo Op.
** While many City Hall observers are accepting a Second Term for LAPD Chief Charlie Beck as a political given, a vast majority of those who attended Tuesday's evening Townhall Meeting in Lincoln Heights to give testimony on the former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar's anointed choice to replace previous Chief Bill Bratton, were not in agreement. As the Eastern Group Publications reports ......., Only a handful of the approximately 100 people at the meeting spoke in favor of extending Beck’s contract, while dozens of speakers used their two-minutes of public speaking time to lambast Beck, telling the commission over and over again not to reappoint him to another term. We are sure COMPSTAT will give him a passing grade.
** LA Wave Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant loads up on her latest WMDs (Wanton Missive of Distortion) including these thoughts on Mayor Garcetti's "Promise Keeping" (or lack of) to the African-American Community.

It should be noted that in the year Garcetti has been mayor, heʼs made several appointments to high-ranking city positions — none of which have been African-Americans. In fact, he hasnʼt even paid his debts and kept his promises to blacks who helped him acquire his office. For example, Najee Ali, our best and most committed community activist, worked himself into cancer on Garcettiʼs campaign for mayor. Despite the fact that I didnʼt like it, Najee worked like a dog for Garcetti and was promised some kind of city job if Garcetti won. Well, Garcetti won. Does Najee have a job? No.
Everybody else does, but not Najee. Instead, all heʼs gotten from Garcetti during the past year has been promises, the most recent being a promise to get him into a community relations position with the MTA, on whose board Garcetti sits. The community and Najee are upset about it. Me? Iʼm mad as Hades about it!
Garcetti is a two-faced liar and a user and I told you people not to elect him. But you did anyway. The open letter speaks of another black man whose life has been mismanaged by Garcettiʼs campaign promises that turned out to be mayoral lies. I could quote the title of a famous blues singerʼs song: “It Serves You Right to Suffer,” but I wonʼt.

....., but she did.

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  


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