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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

What will be the reaction from IBEW/DWP Strongman Brian "D'Arcy Rizzo" after both City Attorney Mike Feuer and City Controller Ron Galperin called the reigning City Hall Bully's bluff, in withholding the latest payment to the Joint IBEW/DWP Job Training and Safety Non-Profits?
The Bully that is IBEW/DWP Strongman Brian "D'Arcy Rizzo".

Angelinos need to be made aware of a pending Bully Temper Tantrum.
For those who were unfortunate to be on the receiving end of threats from bullies, know all too well that when a uber thug does not get their requested extortion, it can get ugly, real ugly.
Thus, what should Angelinos expect from reigning City Hall Bully, IBEW/DWP Strongman Brian "D'Arcy Rizzo" after City Attorney Mike Feuer and City Controller Ron Galperin initiated plans to put a new overseer and deny the latest payment to his "Joint IBEW/DWP Job Training and Safety Non-Profits respectively? Blackouts? Cut off in water deliveries? More "Working Californians Independent Expenditures" to City Clowncil Central Committee Members such as Curren Price, Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson, Jose Huizar, Felipe Fuentes and Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" to do nothing in response to a Bully's latest threats? 
The latter is most likely unless pressure is put on the City Clowncil Central Committee to cut off this annual $4 Million Dollars bailout to sustain "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's" operating excesses and .........., campaign contribution kickbacks to the majority of those within the Horseshoe who remain silent on this growing scandal.
** Surprise, surprise!! LAPD's computer software program known to the discerning political observer simply as COMPSTAT, is showing an increase in Aggravated Assaults as noted by LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Mayor Eric Garcetti in a recent photo op. Normally, COMPSTAT is program to show decreases in all crimes (especially violent types) by dumbing down what is supposedly a violent act of law breaking. Thus, in the near future, will we see an expose on the truth of COMPSTAT? BTW, lets not forget the impact of now City Attorney Mike Feuer's co-authoring of AB-109 on the rise in crime.
** Mayor Eric Garcetti has a surge of a crisis coming ashore at the Port of LA as a hundred, union-inspired truckers are striking, seeking to become "employees", instead of merely operators. If this job action gain support of unionized Longshoremens via work stoppages, the long-term ramification for the Port of LA and Long Beach could see Shipping Companies bypass the twin ports, in favor of business friendly Ports of Calls by a newly-widened Panama Canal.  
** Former SEIU 347 and 721 Union Leader Julie Butcher is leaving Andy Stern's Fiefdom for a new gig as the Business Representative for Teamsters Local 911. Meanwhile, the Fourth Annual Matt Butcher Memorial Golf Tournament is on July 19 at the Brookside Golf Course, next to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.                 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Dysfunctional, Collectivist Los Angeles Political Machine for Hump Day

The California "Collectivist Dependentcrat's" two-thirds, super majority hold on the State Assembly, is tethering this early A.M. as Republican Susan Shelley is only 173 votes behind the Sherman/ Gatto Machine Candidate Matt Dababneh in the 45th Assembly District Special Election, with more ballots to be counted.  
From left to right, Collectivist Dependentcrat Matt Dababneh and Republican Susan Shelley.
Great morning to all as the Sun rises on a rumbling political landscape in the Western San Fernando Valley.
Upstart Republican Assembly Candidate Susan Shelley may be on the verge of ending the Collectivist Dependentcrats, One Party Rule in California if she can somehow overcome a oh-so-slim 173 vote deficit in her surprising showing in yesterday's 45th Assembly District Special Election.
With outstanding Absentee and Provisional Ballots yet to be counted, the Shelley Campaign's showing in a supposed strong Democratic District, against a highly-financed Sherman-Gatto Machine Candidate, is sure to send political shock waves to Sacramento and nation-wide as Collectivist Dependentcrats face an angry electorate, reeling from the utter fiasco that is (hopefully was) Obamacare come 2014.
California's Collectivist Dependentcrats are fond of touting the once Golden State, now "Greece on the Pacific's" political, trend-setting proclivities, but instead, it may be a upstart Republican Female Candidate in Susan Shelley, despite being out-spent 10 to 1, who has set the political benchmark for a "red resurgence" in 2014. 
** The "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" (aka LA Times) is full of stories in today's edition of Collectivist Dependentcrats spending schemes gone amok.
** First, the DWP Commission took a stand against IBEW Boss Brian D'Arcy's supposed "Job Training/ Employee Safety Non-Profits" by cutting off funding yesterday. Rightfully indignant at the lack of disclosure regarding the line-item accounting of $40 Million dollars plus of past fund, the appointed oversight body requested that City Controller Ron Galperin conduct the objective auditing that ratepayers deserve.
** Second, the City Clowncil Central Committee is set to move forward and support the Port of Los Angeles Container Terminal overhaul that has double in cost from its original estimate. CD 15 Clowncil Central Committee Member "Average Joe" Buscaino should looking inward into his formerly "Republican Fiscal Soul" and demand a full accounting how the port authorites bypass the Clowncil Central Committee in not reporting the true costs.
** Third and lastly, once again LAUSD is rewarded with column inches of newsprint coverage for its dysfunctional iPad Program as yet another hidden cost is outed by the "Collectivist Gray Hag's" Education scribes. 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The Morning Scandalous Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Former "Scandalous Employees International Union" (SEIU) Local 6434 General Manager Tyrone Freeman, joins the likes of Martin Ludlow, Arnelle Grajeda, and the late Alejandro Stephens as "LA Poster Brothers and Sisters" of Union Corruption.
Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas favorite former SEIU General Manager Tyrone Freeman.
Happy bloggin Tuesday to everyone as we share tales of scandalous misconduct, this A.M., from the various branches of the Los Angeles Political Machine.
We start with a political friend of nervous LA County Board of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, former SEIU Local 6434 General Manager Tyrone Freeman. "Brother Tyrone" was sentence yesterday to 33 months on the license plate assembly line (without union wages) in Federal Lockup for defrauding union coffers for his, family and crony's self enrichment. Yet, what went completely unreported in the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" (LA Times) missive regarding the "Brother Tyrone" sentencing, was the aborted scheme to raise the dues of the poorest of union members he represented, to finance the LA County Board of Supervisor Campaign of Mark Ridley-Thomas against CD 8 City Councilman Bernard Parks. We ponder whether Freeman in his next 33 months in the Federal Pen, will sing a tune of campaign finance misdeeds, in return for less time?  
** Is anyone within the LAUSD Educational Establishment surprise that now School Board President Richard Vladovic, would be the subject of a Verbal and Sexual Harassment Complaint (which he denies for the record)? During his first campaign for the LAUSD District 7 Seat, we posted here stories of the self-proclaimed, "Dr. Death's" proclivities to be a verbal hot head during his Administrator employment with LAUSD and the Covina School District. Maybe that was why he barely beat admired Administrator Neal Kleiner by a 53-47% margin? It was, and Kleiner would of won if UTLA had fiscally supported him. 
** The "University of Scandalous Conduct" (USC) continues its repugnant corporate behavior with that latest expose that the "Four Year Community College on Figueroa" (** along with President Barack "H" Obama's Occidental College), underreported sexual assaults on their respective campuses. The fact that USC would not follow up and properly report sexual assaults, is not surprising, considering its aborted raping of sacred and historic green space at Hazard Park. 
** Port of Los Angeles Director Geraldine Knatz is the first former Mayor Antonio Villar hold-over Department Head to be sent out the door, as she is forced out, whoops, resigns as its first female Port Director. Jack Humphreville in a superb blog missive at "MSNBC CityWatch", lamented on the failed leadership at the Port of LA under Knatz and the urgent need for change as a widen Panama Canal (in 2014) threatens the port's standing within the Pacific Rim.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14       

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Monday, December 03, 2012

What's Still Going On In LA This Monday?

That's funny!

The "Krekorian Sinkhole" in North Hollywood remains, getting deeper with recent rains and seemingly addressed only on Facebook by Krekorian spinmeister, Jeremy Oberstein.

Andrea Alarcon remains as President of the Board of Public Works, even after new details emerge in her alleged case of child abandonment following a wild party at City Hall and after, a local hotel.

Joseph Mailander continues to expose the ineffective, expensive and band-aid approach to homelessness. The merit to Mailander's argument - which for sure is one to give some homeless activists, elected officials and others a mild case of indigestion - is that it a common sense approach, that has worked in other countries and comes from a dyed-in-the-wool committed liberal, not Richard Riordan.

Workers at the LA Port are still on strike.

Phil Jennerjahn is apparently still running for Congress.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday morning outtakes from the "RED SPOT INSTITUTE"

Wet morning to all from the "RED SPOT INSTITUTE". Storm whimper out but streets are still slick. Think safety as you make your way to "SPRING STREET". Topics to ponder.

Former Mayor Sam award winner, Universal P.R. flack, Mt. Washington resident, Eliot Sekular(picture above), spins the latest in the contentious Southwest Museum saga.

This blatant attempt to remove the contents of a CD 14 icon and give them over to "BIG AUTRY" has split the Northeast communities into pro and anti Autry factions.

But one needs to probe what "PERKS" members of the "POLITICAL INSIDERS EXCLUSIVE, SOUTHWEST SOCIETY" are receiving for their duplicitous role in the "GIVEAWAY ON MARMION WAY"
**Response from the "Friends of the Southwest Museum"** on the Arroyo Seco Journal web page. Scholl down below "High School story". Thanks to Zuma and Dan Wright for the heads up.
Also, on NELA list yesterday, the Coalition announced that the community's response to the betrayal of the Mayor and Huizar was to raise $21,000 in one night last week. These funds will be used to legally enforce against Autry. Raising so much money in one night, I think, speaks to how pissed people are at the Mayor and Huizar.

Daily News reports that deaths from illness and other causes are on the upswing at City of Los Angeles Animal Shelters. I will let the "FRIENDS" of Animal Services GM Ed Boks provide the commentary on this story.

City Beat has interview with City Councilman Tom LaBonge. Labonge shills for his future job as "CITY HISTORIAN"

City leaders reveal their plans for port expansion. Port area residents and environmentalist say plans are not "GREEN" enough.
Your thoughts and contributions appreciated, example below.
Anonymous said...
Villaraigosa always says everyone should support LA businesses and help the economy. Then why was he in Beverly Hills two weeks ago getting a haircut and his hair dyed? The cost was $400.00. Will someone please tell him he can go to the local barber shop and they can do a much better job for $8.95.
December 07, 2007 6:54 AM
Talk about forgetting your roots in C.T.

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