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Friday, August 16, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for TGIF

A blog message to Mayor Eric Garcetti, this is your first "Man Up Moment" as DWP IBEW's Strongman Brian "Boss D"Arcy" and City Clowncil Central Committee President Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson, attempt to ram through pay raises for DWP employees.
Can Mayor Garcetti rise up and stand against anymore waste of public money into the DWP IBEW sewer?
The DWP IBEW Strongman Brian "Boss D'Arcy".
Great Friday morning to everyone as we near the 10 AM start time of a day of choreographed public hearings within the John Ferraro City Council Chambers at City Hall on proposed DWP employees pay increases.
This morning's "Old Gray Collective Hag on Spring Street" (aka LA Times) Print Edition headlines that Mayor Eric Garcetti stands alone against an united City Clowncil Central Committee ..... and DWP IBEW Strongman Brian "Boss D'Arcy".
As many discerning local political observers have noted, this is the first (and defining early test) of leadership for new Mayor Eric Garcetti, who campaigned against excesses at the DWP.
No doubt, DWP IBEW Strongman Brian "Boss D'Arcy" would love to show Mayor Garcetti who really controls the political dynamics at 200 Spring Street (in addition to the DWP Headquarters on Hope Street), but if Mayor Garcetti is true to his campaign message, he can man up against "Boss D'Arcy" ( and his "Mini Amin" Wesson crony) and sent an early defining message that he stands with the average Angelino, in reforming a dysfunctional DWP.
Mayor Garcetti, no doubt an erudite student of American Political History, needs to channel his inner progressive political instincts and revisited the early 20 Century Populist Politician William Jennings Bryan's "Cross of Gold Speech". If Mayor Garcetti seeks to remain true to his progressive persona and wants to be taken seriously as a populist who stands for the average Angelino, then he needs to craft the message that the crucifixion of Angelinos on a cross of IBEW-crafted DWP waste, must stop and needed reforms must become paramount at Hope Street.
Now hoping that Mayor Garcetti will heed the advise.
**  Today may be Friday but its still not too late to bless our readers with "Another Soulvine Thursday" missive via the reigning South LA  Columnist of Record Betty Pleasant and this weeks edition finds Betty "musing with praise" none other than our favorite Infant Assembly, turned Ethnic Cleanser (or Armenians from 43rd AD Central Committee Voting Sheets, allegedly) Assemblyman Mike "Slobo Mikey" Gatto. An excerpt below.
Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s legislation to prohibit local governments from fleecing motorists who park at broken meters was signed into law Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown. The measure will ensure cities such as Los Angeles repair their broken meters in a responsive and timely manner by prohibiting them from ticketing cars parked at such meters. In response to Gatto’s legislation, the Los Angeles City Council recently rushed to temporarily repeal its ordinance that allows for ticketing at broken meters. But the council voted to preserve its ability to reinstate the unfair ticketing policy after a six-month trial. However, Gatto’s newly signed AB 61would eliminate this authority and allow motorists to park in spaces controlled by a broken meter for the maximum time allowed by the meter
“Local control does not provide the right to fleece taxpayers,” Gatto said. “The question of parking at a broken meter should not be up for review or reconsideration every six months, nor should motorists be subject to confusing ordinances as they drive from city to city. It’s time to end this unfair practice throughout California.”

..........and now wondering if Parke Skelton will put Betty on the "Slobo Gatto for CD 4" in 2015?
 ** We want to bring your attention to a growing "David vs. Goliath Story" involving the "University of Scandalous Conduct" (USC) proposed takeover of park land at Historic Hazard Park. As the Eastern Group Publication reported, local community members came out in force to oppose this land grab. We post this brief video of the recent community meetings, with a more in depth report coming this weekend.

Your thoughts ..................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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