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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

Political Court Jester Michael "MEAT(less campaign victories of late)" Trujillo signs on as unpaid toady for the 2016 Hillary for President Campaign.
"MEAT" shying away from another Measure B flashback.
Lets all say good morning to former Mayor Sam Blogger, turned designated driver for former Mayor Tony Villar and rarely a victorious campaign consultant, Michael "MEAT(less)" Trujillo.
Trujillo, who also goes by the alias "Chief Parker" (especially when crafting "political bullets between the eyes emails"), was given some "Old Gray Collective Hag on Spring Street" (aka LA Times) love yesterday in its online edition, by announcing his acceptance of an unpaid position (for now) via another graying collective hag name Hillary Clinton, as she starts recruiting her campaign team for 2016.
"MEAT", along with other members of former Mayor Antonio Villar Campaign Team, previously worked the ground game in Hillary's losing 2008 Campaign, with success in California, but losing in places like North Carolina.
Locally, "MEAT's" endorsed candidates in the March Elections did not fare too well, indicative by the absence of Ana Cubas, John Choi and Wendy Greuel from any current public office position. Further, "MEAT" efforts to get former CD 2/7 City Councilman Richard AlarCON elected (again) to the Assembly was a failure.
In ending, we wish "MEAT" the best, but we must say "what difference does it make" whether Trujillo is on or off the Hillary Campaign team?
** Word this AM is that Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City Clown Central Committee are "this close" to a compromise regarding the proposed DWP contract. The "Old Gray Collectivist Hag" is reporting that a 2% further cut in pay raises, have brought but sides closer together. But the talk of a near deal should not stop city residents from supporting reforms being called for by Mayor Garcetti.
** Its been a while since we bloggin broached anything about new City Attorney Mike "Bet Tzedek" Feuer, but rest assure that the former Bet Tzedek Executive Director (and recipient questionable campaign contributions), will be on the receiving end of lots of blog coverage. This, as the result of the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag" report on the diversion of close to 300 LAPD Officers to monitor the thousands of supposed "Non Revocable Parolees/ Low Level, Non-Violent Offenders", who are on the streets thanks to Feuer's co-authorship of AB 109.
** In lampooning City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson's recent sock drive at City Hall. We submit this "Sock Puppet Lookalike" below. Please follow along ....
  DWP IBEW Strongman Brian "Boss D'Arcy" and below ...........
City Clowncil Central Committee Budget Chairperson and DWP Contract Shill Paul Kerkorian. Together the union of D'Arcy and Kerkorian creates the ...........
The "CD 2 Clowncilman Paul D'Arcykorian Sock Puppet", coming soon to a guest post in the Studio City Patch.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 


Blogger Esperanza Perdida said:

You keep forgetting to mention that Trujillo also worked Cindy Montanez's campaign - so now he has also been involved with the most epic failure in city council campaigning. With regard to the Clinton campaign in California, it wasn't a victory for Clinton. Through gross miscalculations - believing that California was a winner take all state - Obama got more delegates out of this state than nearly all his other state victories, with the exception of Illinois. One failure after another yet he brags as if he is the best campaigner out there - what a joke.

August 21, 2013 9:00 PM  

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