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Monday, November 21, 2011

Meet Councilman Jose Huizar's "One Percent Staffers" who profit while community amenities are cutback

Once again we bring out the ceremonial billboard to honor the esteem Princeton Graduate, turned Mayor Antonio Villar's "politico mijo" CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar. In his latest act of arduous political decision-making, the recently re-elected Boyle Heights native has decided to forgo with the annual "Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaways" and "Holidays with Huizzy Celebrations", in favor of maintaining the "one percent pay levels" of his council staff (** after all, why do I need to give turkeys or toys to constituents who can't vote for me again until 2015?)    
Thus, in order to preserve the highest level of constituent services to those who scored "2" or higher on my loyalty lists. These are the salaries that are paid to "my loyal one percent" (as long as they have no FBI related phone numbers on their city Blackberrys). Ana Cubas, Chief of Staff $142,735.68. Jessica Wethington McLean, Executive Director $121,939.21. Francine Godoy, Deputy Chief of Staff $109,410.20. Paul Habib, Public Projects and Transportation Director $91,065.77. Eric Sanjurjo, Director of Policy $89,099.40 (** since excommunicated for being the supposed "mole"). Tara Devine, Director, Planning and Economic Development $86,714.64. Rick Coca, Director of Communications $75,460.72. Arturo Gonzalez, Downtown Area Director $71,451.36. Zenay Loera, Northeast Area Director $60,656.40. Jesse Leon, Boyle Heights Area Director $60,656.40 (** gone off to Law School after making bank as part of Huizar's re-election team). Jennifer Martinez, Field Deputy and Event Director $52,970.47. Liberty Meza, Field Deputy $51,552.72.Daniel Andalon, Field Deputy $51,552.72, Cecelia Alatorre, Field Deputy $51,552.72. Erick Martell, Field Deputy $43,868.88. David Miranda, Field Deputy $43,868.88. Andrea Sotelo, Executive Assistant & Scheduler $38,295.75. Tricia Robbins, Field Deputy $36,059.76. Rocio Hernandez, Field Deputy $36,059.76. Pauline Medina, Administrative Assistant $39,059.76. George Esparza, Field Deputy $32,364.00
+ $178,789 for Councilman Charro Huizzy Corleone = $1,156,185.37 in total yearly salaries.

This is how you transfer $1,045,000 from the CLARTS Fund to pay for "salaries". You sneak funds transfer into mid-year CAO reports. ** We should note that Councilman Huizar made another $200,000 transfer from the CLARTS Fund to salary account after the CD 14 Elections..
Council Huizar's "Black-balling Queen"/ Executive Director of Bringin Back Broadway Initiative who's salary is paid for by the CLARTS Fund. We should also note that Media Consultant turned Assembly Candidate Ed Headington and a former "Turkey Giveaway Consultant" services were paid for from the CLARTS Fund. 
This disdainful stare from former El Sereno Field Office Deputy Erick Martell, in the direction of a certain blogger, most likely got him promoted to a City Hall staff position.
Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14



Blogger Loretta Mahon said:

Red Spot,

I do not live in your District of choice; am not a fan of Huizars; and appreciate your dedication, albeit virtually to Huizar's district to the near exclusion of all others.

But what does posting already-public salaries accomplish?

It first of all, makes you look petty and jealous of those who bring something to the table.

These staffers figured out how to get jobs on the inside and, for whatever reason, you haven't. I'd like one of these prime salaries too, but the rules say that the Councilmembers get to give the jobs to those who they want on the team. Period.

You made an admirable, albeit obnoxious, effort to oust Huizar. It didn't work. The consequence is that these people, most who are probably decent people, get to have these jobs.

Find a better candidate than the one you backed, and figure out a better way to run a campaign.

Did it ever occur to you that maybe the Huizar supporters were offended by YOUR (often) disingenuous posts, instead of using some straight talk about the issues?

Did it occur to you that your incessant name-calling and other boorish tactics were seen as worse than Huizar's campaign guy's equally boorish "bullet" comment?

Again, as someone who admires you for some of your efforts, you need to accept the current and just focus on making things better in the future. You lost the last round. But if you don't change your game plan, you're likely destined to repeat the mistakes of the past.

November 22, 2011 7:40 AM  

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