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Monday, January 12, 2015

"Gatto Truthers" get Shut Out by Portantino Backers in 43rd AD Delegate Elections

In a possible preview of the upcoming 2016 25th State Senate District Contest between former Assemblyman Anthony Portantino and 43rd AD Assemblyman Mike Gatto, the Portantino Slate shuts out the "Gatto Truthers" 14-0, in the recent 43rd AD Democratic Delegate Elections.  
"The Infant Assemblyman" will surely shed petulant tears after Saturday's Delegate Elections Massacre.

 "Lil Mikey" contemplating the repercussions of the Portantino Faction coming in deep to inflict a resounding Delegate Elections Whoop Ass. 
 With Saturday's shutout of the Gatto Truthers in the 43rd AD Delegate Elections, the political resurrection of Anthony Portantino becomes more assured.

The Gatto Truther Party Hats were no match for the prepared "Portantnistas".
Winners are in bold.  

Shanna Ingalsbee  284
Alexis Djivre  21
Ingrid Gunnell  13
Mary Manoukian  305
Stephanie Landregan  279
Jamie Garcia  329
Breeann Weist  263
Christina Schilling 276
Kathleen Gavin  275
Diana Abasta  11
Silva Kechichian  350
Rosalie Salvato  276
Alina Sarkissian  40
MiJin Fernandes  320
Aline Babaian  347
Judith Smith  320
Tereza Yerimyan  356
Ginger Damon  34
Elen Asatryan  339
Malcolm Johnson 319
Matthew Clemente 280
David Golonski 282
Roger Koll  274
Greg Gomberg  270
Jordan Del Guercio  342
David Dobson  281
Garry Willis  316
Mark Vargas  2
Michael Sorich  231
Luke Klipp  4
Frank Higginbotham  37
Stepan Boyajian  31
Garen Yegparian 84
Matthew Hale  4
Artin Manoukian  46
Berdj Karapetian  371
Garrett Atamian  18
Leonard Manoukian  323
Shant Sahakian  366
George Fatheree  265
Steven Whiddon  321
Jesse Tangkhpanya  11
Ryan Basham  8

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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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