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Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Central Basin Water District Political Misadventures of a LAPD Commissioner name "Sandra" (Figueroa-Villa)

LAPD and Ethical Watchdogs should be wide-eyed at the Association and Endorsement by LAPD Police Commissioner Sandra Figueroa-Villa, of the notorious Central Basin Water District Director (via the Ramona Gardens Housing Projects) Art Chacon. 
 El Centro del Pueblo Executive Director and LAPD Commissioner Sandra Figueroa-Villa.

** Blogger's Note: When Mayor Eric Garcetti named the Executive Director of the Echo Park "Connected Non-Profit, El Centro del Pueblo" Sandra Figueroa-Villa to the Police Commission, local discerning political activists were questioning the choice of Figueroa-Villa, considering her ties to some of the "persons of interest" in the Southeast Los Angeles Corruption Investigations. With Tuesday's Election less than 48 hours, those questions of Figueroa-Villa's Southeast LA Associations are surely to resurface with her Endorsement of the notorious Central Basin Water District Director Art Chacon (who is the brother of El Centro del Pueblo's Staff Member and former City of Norwalk City Council Candidate Fernando Chacon). Art Chacon is a member of the former Ramona Gardens-residing, now Southeast LA Chacon Political Family. Art's (and the Chacon Political Family) Criminal and Political Corruption Rap Sheet has been chronicle in multiple publications (Daily News, LA Times, Whittier News and Los Cerritos News among others). Recently, Chacon's "driving issues" have merited column inches of coverage, as his vehicular escapades have cost the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in settlements, and enriched him through dubious allowances granted to him (while not in procession of a valid driver license). We should also note that the Chacon Political Family had ties to the notorious South Gate Political Machine of convicted ex. Officeholder Albert Robles and his indicted associates Ricardo Hernandez and Angel Gonzalez. Its been documented for some time, that Figueroa-Villa (and her "Connected Non-Profit) has had long time ties to the Chacon Political Family and benefitted with contracts for services. But with the FBI investigating the Central Basin Water District and the Calderon Political Family (along with the Political JV Chacon Family), one would think that a newly-appointed Police Commissioner, would practice better discretion in endorsing Political Candidates---Scott Johnson.       
Is this the quality of candidate that a LAPD Commissioner should be associated with ......, and endorsing? 
 Art Chacon proudly embraces his Endorsement by Police Commissioner Sandra Figueroa-Villa.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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