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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WayBack Wednesday: Huizar's BlackBerry Love

A comment thrown out by candidate Gloria Molina at Wednesday evening's CD14 debate at the Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock has made us get sentimental for the days of 2008 when a joint Zuma Dogg-Mayor Sam breaking news story showed Council Member Jose Huizar in the midst of some heavy duty texting during a Council meeting.

"Why are you not answering my calls?

This was on the Council Member's then BlackBerry. For some of you young kids out there, a BlackBerry was not really a smart phone, but not quite a dumb phone either that all of us had before Android hit the scene. The rub was that Huizar was sending "lovey-dovey" messages to some particular female. Of course, years later the Council Member's affairs played out in the press and our suspicions were correct.

"Lovey-dovey messages?"

Getting back to this evening, during a heated exchange in the debate, Molina made the broad statement "We don't need a sexual harasser in City Hall." Wow. Kind of harsh. But maybe Gloria is on to something.

Anyway, enjoy the retro moments!

(Photos and video by Zuma Dogg)

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