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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Images and Notes on the Upcoming Municipal Elections for Saturday

As the Candidates for City Council, LAUSD, LACCD and the dueling on either side of Charter Amendment 1 & 2, initiate their respective "Get Out The Vote (GOTV)" activities this weekend, we post for our review, news, images and notes from the various races across the city.
With appreciation to Hans Johnson from the "Save Our City Elections/No on Charter Amendment 1 & 2" Campaign, we now have our Official "Private Citizen/Deceitful Campaign Consultant" John Shallman Portrait.
** With no apologies to "Private Citizen/Deceitful Campaign Consultant" John Shallman, we make this early Tuesday Election Perdition, that the superbly orchestrated "Save Our City Elections" Campaign, will have an impact upon several City Council Elections, as those who were smart enough to join the growing "No on Charter Amendment 1 & 2 Coalition", will likely benefit from a Coattail Effect as evidenced below.
Voter sentiment on Charter Amendments 1 and 2 appears to be souring. At a community forum Wednesday, Feb. 25, in Eagle Rock attended by more than 100 people and featuring candidates for the seat representing Council District 14, including candidates who are opponents and supporters of the measures, event moderator and NBC reporter Mekahlo Medina asked the crowd for a show of hands on whether they support or oppose the charter amendments. According to estimates by several observers, more than 80 percent of attendees indicated they opposed the measures.
** The following photo was seen on the "Facebook Wall" on the politically-connected El Sereno Restaurant "Hecho En Mexico".
Would Francine's former Boss support the veracity of this message? 
** As the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board takes the "Tepid White Mayor" Eric Garcetti to task for his silence in regards to taking positions on Ballot Measures and endorsing Candidates in Tuesday's Municipal Election, his appointed, paid President of the Board of Public Works Kevin James, has this message for CD 6 Voters.
Mayor Garcetti to now City Hall Insider Board of Public Works President Kevin James: "Your endorsement of CD 6 City Councilwoman Nury Martinez, looks so Establishment!!
** With a US Court Judge choosing to overlook the blatant, racial motivations behind the now litigious 2012 City of Los Angeles Redistricting Commission Backroom Dealings, City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson got a mailbox reminder of some of those supposed, racially-theme comments made behind close doors .........., and surprise, surprise, he was not too happy with the content.
An African-American Strongman needed to cleanse a certain ethnic group?
Page One of "Too Many Mexicans Hit Piece".
Words from behind close doors made public.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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