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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Councilman Parks drops "Shock and Awe Missive" on Clowncilman Price's Coliseum Fireworks Show Takeover Attempt

CD 8 City Councilman Bernard Parks keyboards "Shock and Awa Retort" to CD 9 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Curren Price and political allies (USC, City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson, LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Home Renovation" Thomas) attempted takeover of Coliseum Fourth of July Fireworks Show 
 The former LAPD Chief has not lost the ability to keyboard a "Shock and Awe Retort" to political backstabbers who want to gain procession of his cherished CD-8 Council District creation.
New CD-9 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Curren Price is losing the PR Battle over his "going Saddam", in invading CD 8 turf and attempting to loot its Fourth of July Fireworks Show.
Nothing like a little "Political Shock and Awe" to start the week.
Happy Sunday evening to all as we search through the "smoke of political retort", in ascertaining how CD 9 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Curren Price weatherered the bruising "Shock and Awe Missive" via termed-out CD 8 City Councilman Bernard Parks ............, and with no apologies to Clowncilman Price, this verbal barrage is "priceless". 
The former Inglewood State Senator, turned newby CD 9 City Clowncilman (in waiting for the next Ana Cubas Campaign against him), may want to execute a prompt withdraw back behind the redistricted boundaries of his CD-14 looted council district, in the aftermath of these verbal bombs
Although I appeared on "The Bold and the Beautiful" earlier this week, my method acting could not prepare me for the performance at Wednesday’s Coliseum Commission meeting. 
I’m not going to disclose all the meddlesome details but the main fact is that Price did not come to me directly to discuss wanting to produce the Fireworks Extravaganza; I had to hear it from some of our vendors whom we have strong relationships with. The deception on Price’s part is reminiscent of when Milli Vanilli was stripped of their Grammy for lip-synching. Actually, it’s worse than that. He’s lip-synching and the Mark Ridley-Thomas and USC backup vocals can only hold him for so long, as excerpted below .......... (kaboom!!)

......., and the verbal barrage continues below.

The only defense that Price incessantly kept repeating is that the Coliseum is in his district (** kinda reminds us of Milli Vanilli's "Girl You Know Its Fake", like the litigious 2012 Redistricting Commission boundaries, but I digress), therefore, he should put on the event. 1) there’s not enough space in this letter for me to begin to discuss the still-in-litigation redistricting process that removed the Coliseum from my district 2) the Coliseum is a facility not only for the district in which it resides; it’s for the whole city to use. 
Furthermore my district starts literally a few feet from the property line of Exposition Park which houses the Coliseum. Are we really going to draw lines in the sand? 
It’s no secret that I was the only one to object to the giveaway of the Coliseum and Sports Arena to USC. This looks like petty high school payback. I thought as you get older you don’t have to put up such foolishness but it looks like it never ends.

....., as Clowncilman Price digs out of the political rubble of his attempted looting of a CD-8 created community event, he can regroup knowing that  "Baghdad Betty" Pleasant still has his back (with permission of "Mini-Amin" Wesson), ready to unleash "WMD's" of "Written Missives of Distortions", that doubles as weekly "Soulvine Columns".

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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