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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Region VIII NC Elections Proceedings for Wednesday

Its Hump Day before Election Saturday for the Region VIII Neighborhood Councils as Independent Election Administrator Jay Handal immerses himself (subjectively?) into the Rough and Tumble Politics of Northeast LA
Is Region VIII NC Elections Administrator Jay Handal (to left of former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar) helping the cause of inclusive, positive NC Elections or merely padding his political resume by overlooking egregious violations of NC protocols?  
** Blogger's Note: Happy Hump Day to all as the eight neighborhood councils that make up Region VIII near its "Disempowerment LA-appointed" Election Day this Saturday and making sure that the candidates play by the rules is noted NC Activist Jay Handal. Handal has been contracted by the City Clerk as the paid Independent Elections Administrator to ensure that proper outreach is conducted and the elections are conducted fairly (meaning in CD 14 that Councilman Huizar's chosen candidates get priority, allegedly). The Westside Eatery Owner (when not entertaining thoughts of becoming Empower LA's GM one day, allegedly) has had a rude awaking to the state of affairs at a few local NCs, which prompted him to extend the candidate filing deadline by one week and caused him to unleashed his ego-driven ire at those who he perceives as "failing" in their task of election outreach. But judging from some of the repugnant, campaign vitriol being directed at certain candidates (including the slanderous attack on this blogger noted below), it may be Mr. Handal who is "failing" to regulate those who are making a mockery of the campaign process. But then, if the purveyors of this gutter campaign tripe are associated with the ruling political representative (Councilman Huizar?), then this is only part of the campaign process (and something to ignore, especially if one is entertaining thoughts of becoming Empower LA's GM someday, allegedly)---Scott Johnson in CD 14 
Boyle Heights is no stranger to dirty campaigning
There are some in LA-32 (including Joe Cano) who know no shame when it comes to making slanderous attacks to cover up inappropriate conduct by other candidates.
What use are Candidate Guidelines when they are subjectively enforced by a politically-connected Elections IEA?

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

BOYLE HEIGHTS NC A TOTAL DISFUNCTIONAL ORGANIZATION, Councilman Huizar cronies at work with the same corruption and missuse of funds from taxpayers. Their webside is has not been working for over a month that I know off, not outreach has been done to the community. yesterday's general monthly meeting were lock out of the Boyle Heights Senior Center, someone failed in scheduling the meeting, outside the center behind close gates, a substantial amount of people and candidates gathered, however, the incompentent parliamentarian announce to some that there was no meeting, when in fact the Vice President had already arrange for someone to come and open the gates and center. by the time they were able to enter into the center, many people had left, they would have had quorum, although, Mago decided to leave, causing quorum failure by one, two board members came late as always, after mago had left. total 9 needed 10 officers. The motion to comply with outreach for elections were on the agenda, two days before, yet no quorum, no outreach. hOWEVER, they ware calling a special meeting for next week so they can approve to give money away, that is all the BOYLE HEIGHTS NC is able to do, and not always right. It is proven by their own behavior that the leadership of the Executive Board is a failure, if you can only bring family members, mom and dad to join, you are not a leader of the community, you are just family that stay together, nothing to do with community outreach. According to Mr. Handal the election coordinator, did not want to listen to the concerns, however, on yesterday's agenda they had to motion to pay for outreach postcards to be mailed, not quorum, so no approval, but yet I was told by Mr. Handal they mailed the the cards out yesterday. let see when the community will get them, nothing has been received in the mail up to today in regards to the elections that are to be held Saturday.

April 24, 2014 11:26 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Jay Handal's neighborhood council allows anyone who walks in the door over the age of 18 to vote in these elections. Since he has aided the local skateboarders group in maintaining a 22,000 sq. ft. skate park in a residential neighborhood, despite sound studies proving that the sound is unhealthful to neighbors, every election day every skateboarder within reach of any social media shows up to vote for him. He holds 'community meetings' on the issue of this skatepark and does not invite the community, but every skateboarder gets a vote, down to 10 year olds.

June 26, 2014 9:57 AM  

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