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Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Morning Brief on Antonio "Tony" Villar's latest and past Flings for Thursday

Yes!! We still bloggin care to report on a former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar's present and past relationships. Care to join us? 
 LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus broke the latest regarding former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar's "new serious relationship", with 31 years old New York City Saleswoman Kim Honig. As a bloggin gift to the young Ms. Honig in honor of her new union, we thought we share some flashbacks from some of her new Sugar Papi's past relationships and prep her for life with Tony.    
 As the young Miss Honig will soon find out her Sugar Papi craves, loves, adores attention, witness his past infatuations with Telebimbos, who's reading of his political exploits, or in the case of the photo above, dropping out of the race for governor, led to romance (with Lu Parker). Then when the fine wine (and medical drugs) brought out his "inner-Machismo", breakup (allegedly).
 In the spirit of building that special bond in their budding romance (at least to the next Telebimbo catches Tony's always, straying eyes), young Kim should consider a thematic, Date Night, where she role plays an aspiring, young politico bed-hopping Telebimbo. Remember Kim, your ability to handle the "microphone", will keep the Sugar Papi happy.
 Young Kim should understand that her new Sugar Papi will need to spend quality time with his guy pals on occasions. Both don't worry, what happens with the guys (and their hired party companions), stays with the guys, unless somebody tips off TMZ.
 Some day, if this new father/daughter, whoops, romantic relationship gets really serious, then the Sugar Papi may jet Kim out west to meet the family, well political familia. Just think how proud Kim will be to meet her future "Political Mijo in Law", CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar. Maybe Huizzy will hire her as an "Office Scheduler" (with monthly pay raises for performing "assigned tasks") but that may provoke anger from Sugar Papi.
 Being objective and contrite, we hope that young Kim has the mental fortitude to handle all the gossip (and truths) regarding her new Sugar Papi's proclivities to stray away from the main love nest. Just remember that the thoughts behind that bleached-white smile, are not always innocent and focus on maintaining any semblance of fidelity. Just ask his ex. wife. 
But lastly as parting advise to the young Kim, remember in your current union with the Sugar Papi known as the Failure Mayor, you are in Tony's World now. And all the attention this fleeting blog post will bring, is all about him, with Tony's current fling for the moment, to be soon filed away in the bloggin archives (** BTW, wonder what Tony's fellow City Terrace OGs, think about him dating a young Gabacha?).
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Oh , Villar. Thank God you termed out. Now, you can make arrangments to visit your friends in jail soon. I'm sure the FBI is on to you guys.

Best of Luck, hiding.

March 06, 2014 8:39 PM  

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