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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Just Say (and Vote) NO to "Save Our Streets LA" SOS Sale Tax Hike BS

With no apologies to City Clowncil Central Committee Members Joe Buscaino, Mitch Englander and Mayor Garcetti-appointed Board of Public Works President Kevin James, the only thing your $4.5 Billion Dollars-plus, "Save Our Streets Scheme" will preserve, is high-paid, union patronage at City Hall, that has been responsible for the current conditions pictured below.  
Will "Save Our Streets LA" only serve to delay the fiscal crumbling of  Los Angeles into "Detroit on the Pacific"?
** Blogger's Note: As a blogging disclaimer, I take no responsibility in accepting a copy of the City of Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee's latest assault on timber reserves, but then when has the Clowncil Central Committee feign accountability for any fiscal transgressions in recent memory? That said, Neighborhood Councils Members at Saturday's Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANNC) Meeting were treated to a copy per NC, of Clowncil Central Committee Blue Dog Democrat Joe Buscaino and RINO Mitch Englander's proposed $4.5 Billion Dollars plus, Sales Tax Hike Scheme to "Save Our Streets and Sidewalks". We should note that the additional weight of this voluminous report in the respective vehicles of LANNC Meeting attendees was bound to have an immediate impact on LA's crumbling streets. Thus, in a moment of civic compassion, we embarked, in the spirit of activism, to find quick, bloggin usage for this latest political production, as noted below---Scott Johnson.
Living in CD 14, you do not have to venture far from home to find examples of civic neglect (especially ethical). The picture above was taken on Indiana Street between Alcazar and Valley Blvd (information for Councilman Huizar's Staffer assigned to monitor this blog).
In the spirit of objectivity, Clowncilman Huizar recently garnered fellow Clowncil Central Committee approval to transfer $250,000 from the balance of the CLARTS Fund to pay for sidewalk repairs. But one does not need to be a Princeton Graduate, to discern how many pot holes like this one, his recent $185,000 Accident could of repaired in CD 14. 
Despite the best effort of Clowncil Members Buscaino, Englander and sadly, former City Hall Watchdog, turned paid Board of Public Works President Kevin James, this report will not stand up to Angelino's ire over irresponsible fiscal priorities, that can't be tax over in correcting.
At this time in civic history, LANNC needs to take a stand in opposing any tax hikes until City Hall undertakes concrete fiscal reforms that combat growing employee obligations against the General Fund. No shadow can hide the fact that "the growing pot hole of pension obligations", will swallow up all proceeds from any short term tax schemes. Thus Angelinos should ask the likes of Clowncilman Buscaino, Englander and former Talk Radio Populist, turned paid Political Opertative Kevin James, to show us the savings in reforms that will pay for this proposed Sale Tax Hike (to paraphrase Collectivist Dependentcrats, in asking Republicans how they would pay for tax cuts).
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

That THICK S.O.S. report in the craters, is not only hilarious, but useful in helping put them in perspective, visually. Not just superfluous use of comedy. LOL!

April 07, 2014 1:12 AM  

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