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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Exhausting all Measures is Paramount in dealing with Delusional NC "Procedural Bullys"

In our continuing series on the punitive actions of "Disempowerment LA" against the LA-32 Neighborhood Council, we expose the husband and wife "Procedural Bullys" of the "El Sereno Delusional, errr, Historical Society", who's ceaseless, costly frivolous complaints against the LA-32 NC, mixed with vile personal attacks against upstanding community members (including LAFD firefighters), are BAD, UGLY and serve no greater GOOD, especially in cost to the taxpayers.   
From the website of the "El Sereno Delusional, whoops, Historical Society".
** Blogger's Note: In our continuing series focusing on our fact-based, Top Ten List  for "Disempowerment LA's" punitive declaration of Exhaustive Measures against the LA-32 Neighborhood Council (today we focus on # 7), we introduce you to the husband (Jorge Garcia) and wife (Yolie Garcia) duo behind the "El Sereno Delusional, correction, Historical Society". When these two are not filing frivolous lawsuits against the City of Los Angeles over a neighborhood name, delaying a critical public works project, or demeaning community members for not agreeing with their revisionist, El Sereno-centric historical pronouncements, they can be found lurking in wait, for the slightest reasons to file complaints against the community elective body, with "Disempowerment LA". Thus, being dubbed the "Procedural Bullys of LA-32". Most, if not all NCs city-wide have these types of community personas, who are always waiting to complain and find alleged, nefarious conduct during any given NC's proceedings. That said, the respective public/ private entities that have oversight of "Disempowerment LA", need to create a protocol for dealing with the expenses incurred in responding to the frivolous complaints of "Procedural Bullys" (which during this term of the LA-32 NC, must be in the upper four figures). But most important, the volume of frivolous complaints should not be a consideration for "Disempowerment LA" to place a NC on Exhaustive Measures. Meanwhile, as we wait for a dysfunctional "Disempowerment LA" to address the issues of "Procedural Bullys", lets not waste any more bloggin time in keyboarding our fact-based dissertation, on the "Delusional Society of NC Procedural Bullys of LA-32", in their own words---Scott Johnson in Disempowerment LA-occupied LA-32.
1. Should serious students of history make this type of degrading comment regarding city-recognized communities, in the course of a supposed historic dissertation, as noted on their website?
Delusional to say the least.
2. How can a husband and wife duo be taken seriously as students of history (or as community members) when they attack the brave LAFD Firefighters of the Hillside Village Community Station 16, for merely noting the community on its truck?

 The Hillside Village placard on Engine 16 prompted this vile attack below ..........
We need to make sure our fire stations are staffed with city employees who are proud to serve the industrious working-class community of El Sereno.  The current staff at LAFD #16 are a pathetic bunch who are too embarrassed to represent El Sereno.  Let's get rid of these bums and request, demand, fire station personnel who are proud to work for and with our community.  Plain and Simple; our tax-dollars pay their salary, yet they slap our faces with these idiotic and unprofessional actions.  Forward your complain to the Battalion and Division Headquarters.  The information is provided at the bottom of this section. Delusional (and a vile attack on those who place their lives on the line daily) to say the least.

3. Do serious students of history (or upstanding community members), need to resort to racist attacks in the course of a dialog (or diatribe in the case of the Delusional Society) on the history of our Greater Community?
Can you find a tone of racism in this article by Hillside Village Property Owners Association President Ray Rios? The Delusional Society opines ....................
We read the newsletter and could not believe that a person with such ignorant mentality could really be the head of  Hillside Village POA.  Incredibly the President of Hillside Village POA threw out what little common sense and decency he had out the window.   The hateful mentality is so ingrained within this group that Ray-cist Rios (seriously?) actually thought it was really okay to write, print, and pass out this newsletter with the POA's offensive statements--to hundreds of residents within the El Sereno community.  To boot, Ray Rios includes a photo of himself and his full name. Delusional (and repugnant) to say the least.
4. Do serious students of history (or upstanding community members) need to resort to comments stating that those who do not agree with their revisionist rhetoric should "cleanse themselves" from a Greater El Sereno Community?
Former LA-32 NC Board Member RJ Andrade's comments drew this response from the supposed "El Sereno Historians of Record" .............
This person seen above is RJ Andrade, former El Sereno (LA-32) NC Board Member.  It’s easy to see the level of hate these people have against El Sereno.  Our message: Be proud residents of El Sereno, it’s a great community. If people like RJ don't like living in El Sereno and are not willing to put in the effort to improve it, maybe they need to move. Delusional (and hateful) to say the least.
5. What good is it for El Sereno to have a Husband and Wife Duo, who bully community members who do not believe their El Sereno-centric revisionist history, while causing the waste of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money, with their ceaseless attacks of the LA-32 NC? Maybe those who would use their attacks to prompt "Disempowerment LA" to silence the LA-32 NC with punitive Exhaustive Measures .................
  ........., that is of no good to El Sereno (or the five other recognize communities of LA-32) and is truly Delusional to say the least.
** Disclaimer: Yolie Garcia is a member of the LA-32 NC and was appointed by President Connie Castro to the Elections Committee (which is supposed conduct a fair, inclusive election process). Further, for the record I am the Recording Secretary of the LA-32 NC, but the comments here are my own and not reflective of any formal board position.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

This Husband & Wife dual are simply a joke. Their website is a complete disaster as well. Their delusional tactics are not only laughable but a complete waste of time. For the sake of providing positive progress to the residents of the NC, it's time the LA32NC put out a community statement to disassociate themselves from this group. The NC president has to step up NOW before this group runs the NC further in the ground.

FYI, I hear this group is recruiting parents, teachers and administrators from Semillas to get on the board. GOOD LUCK!!

February 20, 2014 11:21 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

This husband and wife dual are simply a joke.

February 21, 2014 9:14 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I was eating at the restaurant Hecho bout 7-8 months ago when I was asked to sign petition against " Semillas". I only went here to eat not to get into politics.. Won't go there again..

March 01, 2014 7:03 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I was also at the restaurant eating when I was asked to sign some petition against Semillas by
a member from the El Sereno Bicentennial. She got annoyed for not signing her forms then she asked me if I would like to donate money towards the parade. Last time I'll eat there. I felt harrassed by this woman..

March 06, 2014 8:45 PM  

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