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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Noontime Munchie on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

Two well-known politicos enjoying some lunch time King Tacos.
Great Hump Day Lunch Hour to all as we crest another work week and cruise downhill to the next weekend. Here is a tasty lunch time political bloggin munchie missive to ward away the post noontime political brain drain.
City of Los Angeles Police Commission Nominee Andrea Ordin 
Not everyone is happy with the nomination of former LA County Legal Council Andrea Ordin to a second stint on the City of Los Angeles Police Commission. We receive this email from retired Parole Officer Caroline Aguirre which has several allegations pertaining to an Ordin Associate. We welcome Ordin to respond to these allegations via Aguirre.

Mayor V wants to name former member of the LAPD police commission  back to being a member again. But wait former Deputy US Atty. left her position with the LAPD Police Commission to become to head council for the LA County Board of Supervisors. She left the LA .Co. position after it was brought out by the LA Times that she allowed ( had full prior knowledge ) of the meeting which was held behind closed doors with Gov. Brown and the LA. County Board members ( Violation of the Brown Act. ) This Brown Act violation cost California Taxpayers more than 14 thousand  dollars.

Here is more information. This same female has a part time employee named H. Ruiz who resides in Highland Park. As per. this employee she was advised by 2 people to provide housing for illegal individuals . One being her part time employer former member of the LAP police commission and a Catholic Priest who Ms. Ruiz stated is a member of the LAPD clergy team.  What this Highland Park home owner was doing was charging $ 800.00 per. month to reside in converted tool sheds. Also Ms. Ruiz used her deceased mother' disability placard on her vehicle for more than a year after her mother died. Mr. Ruiz also stated that her part time employer advised her to use this placard.  To add insult Mr. Ruiz  told elderly neighbors that one of her undocumented renters ( failed to inform elderly neighbors that the female in question was undocumented ) was a very good person and they should hire her to assist them with care giving duties. The elderly couple and within one week this undocumented female stole money and jewelry from the elderly couple.

This female whom the Mayor wants to  again become another member of the LAPD Police Commission should not be approved by the LA City Council Members.
Again, these comments are via Caroline Aguirre and we accord Andrea Ordin the opportunity to respond.                                                                                                                                                                                           

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