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Monday, June 18, 2012

"Checks to Self" via the former Ramona Gardens "Resident Advisory Council"and Legacy LA Supporters

** Blogger's note:: Recently, this blogger obtain hundred of pages of public documents from the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) pertaining to the financial operations of the Ramona Gardens Housing Project Resident Advisory Council.Late last spring, HACLA dissolved the RG RAC due to financial questions (ie.embezzlement, graft, fraud). Over the next few days, we will share documentation that will show how questionable legal behavior is not only confined to the gangs that inhabit the various public housing projects, but to politically connected organizations---Scott Johnson
Previously here at Mayor Sam, we noted that Liliana Martinez had spoke (at the 26:30 mark on the video) on behalf (with Hollenbeck CPAB co-chair Margo Amador translating)of the Ramona Gardens RAC and Mayor's Villaraigosa's Gang Reduction and Youth Developement Program sub-contractor Legacy LA, in supporting 7-Eleven's successful efforts to build a store that displace the community respected business of United States Navy Veteran and Cambodia "Killing Fields" survivor Ben Lee. While documentation that Martinez had the approval to speak on the behalf of the Ramona Gardens RAC is in dispute, it is clear that Legacy LA derided benefits from Martinez support of 7-Eleven.
Legacy LA benefited from the former RAC members Liliana Martinez, Martha Gonzalez and Alma Ortega testimony on behalf of 7 Eleven as seen on the video above and below (at the 21:30 minute mark).
According to HACLA Commission Nominee Isabel Ayala who's husband Lupe was the RAC President" of Ramona Garden, the issue of supporting 7-Eleven was never agendise by the Ramona Gardens RAC. But who did the RAC members (and Legacy LA) support of 7-Eleven's beer and wine license benefit, if not the community?

It also easy to see that community benefit was not the number one priority of the past RAC Board. We found this invoice from a movie production company that gave a $1,000 dollars donation to the Ramona Gardens Community in appreciation for their access to the neighborhood for a film..

The Bank of America accoount statement belonging to the RG RAC shows the check being deposited  (as noted by the HACLA auditor) but also money going out in the form of checks. were these checks being use to fund community amenities?

No. Instead RG RAC members were given personal checks for $150 dollars each from the film money, which prompted this HACLA memo above.
Thus, the guilty board members sign this "Letter of Apology" and did they learn their collective lesson? More on that in the days ahead.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD14

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