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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Crony Capitalism (or Welfare) at the Connected Non-Profit Legacy LA?

The former Mayor Antonio Villar created "Connected Non-Profit" Legacy LA wants your tax credits/ dollars, while turning its back on a neglected, historic Hazard Park, by collaborating with the "University of Scandalous Conduct". 
Mayor Eric Garcetti may want to steer clear of this dubious "501-C3 (supposedly non-political) Connected Non-Profit" Legacy LA.
** Blogger's note: The follow email was forward to us regarding the continuing dubious behavior of the former Mayor Antonio Villar created "Connected Non-Profit" Legacy LA. Its seems that Legacy LA's Executive Director Lou Calanche is collaborating (and always have) with the "University of Scandalous Conduct" (USC) while they sought to desecrate historic green space with a proposed street extension through Hazard Park (** since rescinded due to united community opposition, minus Calanche). Many community members and Hazard Park supporters wonder why Calanche was silent on the Hazard Park Controversy, sadly it should come as no surprise that the politically-connected Calanche put her self (and Legacy)-interest before the historic and environmental heritage of the park space it shares. Then there is the question of the questionable funding request for capital improvements to its Hazard Park Armory location. Again, Calanche (and her political supporters) places their self-interest before the needs of a neglected park, more thoughts below---Scott Johnson. 
From: Lou Calanche
To: santa@msjdominicans.org; Yamil Verde ; Mario.Ramirez@lacity.org; Ruben.lopez@lacity.org; Ramonagardensrac@att.net; "Gutierrez, Margarita" ; Daniel Zamora ; mario.ramsey@hacla.org; KENNETH EDWARDS <35476 lapd.lacity.org="">; MISHELL HARVEY-DIXON <37486 lapd.lacity.org="">; 315460@lapd.lacity.org; 31895@lapd.lacity.org; 36348@lapd.lacity.org; 36067@lapd.lacity.org; alma ; Jtorres@lausd.net; OSCAR CASINI <26110 lapd.lacity.org="">; Cindy Paz ; Jennifer Martinez ; Leticia Gonzalez ; William Alamo ; erika.cuevas@lausd.net; Rick.Ornelas ; George Sarabia (** sure its not Jorge Villapudua?) ; Victoria Ortega ; "Sarkis, Sevanne" ; Lakeya Johnson ; Tony Zepeda ; Rosemary Alamo USC ; Martin.baeza@lapd.lacity.org; "Vargas, Brenda" ; Jessica@boyleheightsbeat.com; Patricia Alexander ; "Breck Nichols (brn@usc.edu)" ; Leticia.urbina@health.usc.edu; Sevanne.sarkis@med.usc.edu; "Medrano, Frine" ; "yarias@lafla.org" ; 32100@lapd.lacity.org; Jeanne Nishimoto ; Egonzalez82203@yahoo.com; 36717@lapd.lacity.org; Sanford Riggs ; Joel Lopez ; Lou Calanche ; R O ; Youchen Wang ; Alan Sanchez
Sent: Monday, September 30, 2013 5:38 PM
Subject: Your participation in the Ramona Gardens Collaborative & Survey (** we should note that Lou Calanche has been told not to use the Ramona Gardens name by HACLA officials due to the established Ramona Gardens Resident Advisory Council Organization)
Hello All,
I hope you had a wonderful summer. The last few months the health subcommittee of the Ramona Gardens Collaborative has been meeting and one of the action items is to try to start documenting the services and programs that are available in our community. Please, please, please take 5 minutes to take the survey so that we can present the information at the next collaborative meeting schedule for the end of the month. Sevanne Sarkis from the USC Keck Hospital has sent you an email with the link to the very short survey. If you need a new email please do not hesitate to contact me or her so that you can get the link. (** wonder if Lu notice the proposed lost of park space? Not likely). 
Thanks again for all your support and work to benefit the Ramona Gardens Community (** correction, to benefit Legacy's grant request, allegedly).
Lou Calanche, Executive Director
Legacy LA
(323) 222-0544 office
(323) 222-0564 fax
(323) 819-4441 mobile
By supporting State Senator Kevin De Leon efforts to save the City of Vernon (and violate tax laws governing 501-C3 non profits), Legacy LA was the recipient of dirty Vernon money. Now its cites questionable figures in its latest scheme to secure new market tax credits/ dollars for "business development"? More later ............... (** Link here for more background on the New Market Tax Credit Program). 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Showcasing potential "Waste, Fraud and Abuse" in CD 14 CLARTS Fund Allocations

In honor of Mayoral Candidate Wendy "The Villar Greuel" Eagle Rock "Meet and Greet' with CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, we bring  you this bloggin teachable moment in identifying potential "Waste, Fraud and Abuse", in the latest Central Los Angeles Refuge Transfer Station (CLARTS) Amenities Fund allocation request. 
Would the current City Controller and Mayoral Candidate Wendy "The Villar Greuel" care to comment about the vagueness of the Motion pertaining to the latest CLARTS Fund allocation request?
** Blogger's note: As supporters, associates and staffers of CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar and Mayoral Candidate Wendy "The Villar Greuel" coalesce this afternoon for their "Meet and Greet" enabling at the home of Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council President Michael Nogueira, we bring your attention to a questionable CLARTS fund allocation Motion and provide background on the possible usage of this fiscal request. Further, we provide documentation that cast a troubling light on possible illegal past fiscal abuses by associates of the group LA Vioce PICO/ Legacy LA. We would invite CD 14 Boyle Heights Field Office Director Jennifer Martinez, along with representatives of LA Voice PICO, Legacy LA, HACLA and the City Controller's Office to respond to our missive. We should state that this post is an exercise in asking detail questions about the specific usage of the proposed allocation and demanding answers to the alleged questionable past actions of the associates of the organizations and agencies involved---Scott Johnson.

Late last week a Mayor Sam reader brought our attention to this upcoming Wednesday City Council Motion by CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar to allocate $17,000 dollars from the CD 14 CLARTS Fund to LA Voice PICO, a Catholic Church affiliated, progressive practitioner of liberation theology organization.
MOTION The Central Los Angeles Recycling and Transfer Station (CLARTS) Community Amenities Trust Fund provides funding for community amenities within Council District 14.LA Voice PICO works to promote policies that strengthen families and improve quality of life in communities.This effort is of special benefit for the residents of the City and for CD 14 and deserves financial assistance from the City.Sufficient funds are available in the CLARTS Community Amenities Trust Fund for this purpose.I THEREFORE MOVE that $17,000 in the Central Los Angeles Recycling and Transfer Station (CLARTS) Community Amenities Trust Fund No. 47S, Department 14, be utilized to fund any aspect of the activities of LA Voice PICO to promote policies that strengthen families and improve quality of life in communities. I FURTHER MOVE that the City Clerk be directed to prepare the necessary document(s) with, and/or payment(s) to LA Voice PICOa, or any other agency or organization, as appropriate, in the above amount, for the above purpose, subject to the approval of the City Attorney, if needed; and that the Council member of the District be authorized to execute any such documents on behalf of the City. I FURTHER MOVE that the City Clerk be authorized to make any technical corrections or clarifications to the above instructions in order to effectuate the intent of this Motion.

On Friday, this blogger was made aware of a 6:30 PM meeting of the Santa Teresita Chapter of LA Voice PICO which the main item of discussion was the future of Ramona Gardens Saturday Farmers Market. According to a source who was in attendance, CD 14 Boyle Heights Field Office Director Jennifer Martinez stated that LA Vioce PICO and Legacy LA would take over the operation from the current person who is permitted to operate the weekly event Toni Juarez. Further, it was alleged that CD 14 staff was working on a business plan with LA Voice PICO/ Legacy LA in regards to the operation of the Farmers Market

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political machine for Monday

We proudly bestow the moniker of "Villar Greuel" on the City Controller formerly known as the "Valley Greuel"
For the reigning opportunist of the 2013 Mayoral Campaign Wendy "Villar Greuel", being a former republican turned democratic opportunist, may not result in a July "mayoral designation".

Great Monday to all as so called objective political pundits opine on Saturday’s televised Mayoral Debate from Little Tokyo. Thus, let this subjective bloggin political observer start today cyber dialog by bestowing a new bloggin moniker on a former republican, turned auditing political opportunist City Controller Wendy "the formerly Valley Greuel"..

In the wake of her "groundbreaking endorsements" from the likes of Senator Barbara Boxer, Assembly Speaker John Perez, CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar and fundraisers hosted by the connected wind energy speculator Ari Swiller, we are honor to bestow the moniker of “Villar Greuel” on the formerly known “Valley Greuel”.

In Saturday’s debate, the newly bestowed “Villar Greuel”, showed that she shares the same opportunist proclivities as the former Tony Villar of City Terrace, by her attack on supposed “Radical Right-Wing Radio Host” and fellow mayoral candidate Kevin James.

The “Villar Greuel’s” planned attack on James may prove costly in more way than one. First, when your campaign consultant is none other than “Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" Johns Shallman, the cost of planning an attack on your debate opponent, is likely to be way above the market rate. Second, unlike other consultants who are true to their political beliefs, Shallman (or was it his wife?) is not above making seven-figures bank, from the likes of  I.E. group “ED Voice”, who had connections with the supposed “Radical Right Wing” Walton Family and the Tea Party.

The “Villar Greuel” should also remember that many in the San Fernando Valley’s CD 2 will remember her attempt to carpetbag Chris Essel into her former City Council seat. CD 2 constituents may also remember who appointed Chris Essel to the head of the defunct CRA LA. None other than the “Villar Greuel‘s” namesake and out-going Mayor Antonio Villar.

** The Downtown News Editor and "Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie has his second installment of the "Super Fantastic Mayor's Race Quiz". We excerpt this quiz question.

4) Which event did not cause Wendy "the Villar Greuel" to send out an email to supporters asking for money? a) August 2012 arrived b) the end of the September 2012 filing period was 11 hours away c) a Super PAC was established on behalf of Republican candidate Kevin James d) USC played UCLA in football e) Wendy got a new puppy f) the 2013 mayoral election was exactly one year away g) the 2013 mayoral election was exactly 100 days away

** The Downtown News in its latest edition calls upon the City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson, to apologize to former Mayor Richard Riordan for his disgusting behavior at a recent City Clowncil meeting, I"ll bet a 30 day suspension from City Council Public Comment, that "Mini Amin" replies NYET to the Downtown Weekly.

** What would a Monday be without the Daily News Rick Orlov's "Tipoff Column", where you can find out what side the various Los Angeles politicos will take, in regards to the proposed sale tax hike?

Questions regarding Mayor Antonio Villar's GRYD Program, awarding of sub contracts to politically connected non-profits.
Legacy LA employees Issac Caldera (left) and George Sarabia (right, **or is it "Jorge Villapudua"?) with Hollenback LAPD Sargent Marquez. 

The 2013 mayoral candidates may want to opine how a politically connected non-profit like Legacy LA could be awarded contracts , when one of its employees has an alias that is unknown to most of the community, which he works with. Maybe the reason for the alias has to do with the follow "past episode"?.
It is Jorge Villapudua AKA: George Sarabia
Date of birth is May 2, 1970 Hispanic Male, height 70 inches, weight 160 pounds, black hair and brown eyes Arresed on March 1, 2008 by Los Angeles Police, Hollenbeck Division booking number 1197275.  Referred to LA Muni court, Division 83.  The charge is not listed.

But when you pay the "proper tribute" to Mayor Villar, then the community be damned when someone living a double life is paid to work with "youth at risk", in sensitive areas.

06/27/08 Maria Lourdes Calanche (Instructor, LA Community College District) Los Angeles, CA 90031 Antonio Villaraigosa Mayor 1305101 - Antonio R. Villaraigosa for Mayor 2009 A - Monetary Contribution Received (IND - Individual) [Period: 01/01/08-06/30/08] $1,000.00

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Monday, June 18, 2012

"Checks to Self" via the former Ramona Gardens "Resident Advisory Council"and Legacy LA Supporters

** Blogger's note:: Recently, this blogger obtain hundred of pages of public documents from the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) pertaining to the financial operations of the Ramona Gardens Housing Project Resident Advisory Council.Late last spring, HACLA dissolved the RG RAC due to financial questions (ie.embezzlement, graft, fraud). Over the next few days, we will share documentation that will show how questionable legal behavior is not only confined to the gangs that inhabit the various public housing projects, but to politically connected organizations---Scott Johnson
Previously here at Mayor Sam, we noted that Liliana Martinez had spoke (at the 26:30 mark on the video) on behalf (with Hollenbeck CPAB co-chair Margo Amador translating)of the Ramona Gardens RAC and Mayor's Villaraigosa's Gang Reduction and Youth Developement Program sub-contractor Legacy LA, in supporting 7-Eleven's successful efforts to build a store that displace the community respected business of United States Navy Veteran and Cambodia "Killing Fields" survivor Ben Lee. While documentation that Martinez had the approval to speak on the behalf of the Ramona Gardens RAC is in dispute, it is clear that Legacy LA derided benefits from Martinez support of 7-Eleven.
Legacy LA benefited from the former RAC members Liliana Martinez, Martha Gonzalez and Alma Ortega testimony on behalf of 7 Eleven as seen on the video above and below (at the 21:30 minute mark).
According to HACLA Commission Nominee Isabel Ayala who's husband Lupe was the RAC President" of Ramona Garden, the issue of supporting 7-Eleven was never agendise by the Ramona Gardens RAC. But who did the RAC members (and Legacy LA) support of 7-Eleven's beer and wine license benefit, if not the community?

It also easy to see that community benefit was not the number one priority of the past RAC Board. We found this invoice from a movie production company that gave a $1,000 dollars donation to the Ramona Gardens Community in appreciation for their access to the neighborhood for a film..

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bloggin Happy Hour Musings on the LA Political Machine for Thursday

Great Bloggin Happy Hour Musings on the local political machine for the eve of another TGIF. Join us as we tip the glass and enlighten you on these political musings that may find their way into someone's decaff morning coffee in the A.M. ; ) --- Scott Johnson..
** Bummer and major drivin burden or those this evening in a radius around the Studio City Enclave of George Clooney as President Barack "H" Obama comes trolling into the San Fernando Valley in search of millions in Limousine Liberal's disposable income. In honor of the President's first visit to the north side of the Santa Monica Mountains, the top earning scribe at the "Old Gray AARP Hag on Spring Street" Steve Lopez, has one word for Clooney and friends, who are willing to dispense $40,000+ in cash to mingle with a "forlorn hope" (blogger commentary), HYPOCRITES!

Yeah, pardon me for being such a party pooper, but isn't it a little offensive that 150 of L.A.'s high rollers would shell out $40,000 to kiss Clooney's ring and get maybe 10 seconds of face time with Obama?

Thus, a brief stray, contrary commentary from the "LA Obama Times".

**  It may be Thursday according to the Blackberry, but our normal "Another Soulvine Thursday" with commentary from the "William Randolph Hearst of South L.A. Journalism" Betty Pleasant, has gone two weeks without a Councilman Bernard Parks rant, but this will do for now.

YOU GO, GREUEL! — In a sign of growing momentum, City Controller Wendy Greuel announced last week the formation of her “Women for Wendy” Committee in her campaign to become the next mayor of Los Angeles. Comprised of female community leaders, grassroots activists, professionals, students and small business owners, the committee will also serve as an advisory group to the campaign for women’s issues. “With their help, we’ll get one step closer to breaking that glass ceiling and electing our city’s first woman mayor,” Greuel said.

Betty, what about "Sister Jan"?

** A Downtown LA happening, especially those that involves a former City Terrace youth-turned-Mayor Antonio Villar (formerly raigosa officially in 2013) musing and photo op, is kitty box liner without commentary (mixed with theater analogies) from Downtown News Editor and Scribe of Wit Jon Regardie. Regardie's latest is on the evolving Farmers Field site plans and its supposed "tight timeline". But pause with me for a moment when I ask, "why is the City of Los Angeles going to front hundreds of millions dollars in bonds to replace the Convention Center, when the plans call for Farmer Field and a new Convention Center to be one in the same, as in same building?

“The key to the success of the project is that it’s one building,” said Ron Turner, the director of Sports/Entertainment for Gensler, the architect of the proposed Farmers Field.

 When is the next viewing of "Chinatown"?

** Lastly, nothing like ending the first edition of Bloggin Happy Hour Musings with this salient story from CD 14 via the Eastern Group Publications.

Responding to public outcry about public safety and quality of life issues related to alcohol sales, 40 alcoholic beverage control and Los Angeles police officers conducted inspections at nearly 200 alcohol beverage selling outlets in Boyle Heights and surrounding communities last week 

Some stats from the story.

 March, the Boyle Heights Coalition released preliminary findings of their then just completed alcohol-availability study. The data showed there were two felony DUIs with injuries, 349 alcohol related traffic violations, and a host of other crimes in Boyle Heights where alcohol played a factor during a six-month period in 2011. During the meeting organizers and residents discussed a moratorium on new alcohol sale licenses for off-site consumption.

But what connected non-profit and GRYD sub-contractor supported more corporate (7-eleven) beer and wine licenses in sensitive communities within the Hollenbeck Division?

Legacy LA supporter and Ramona Gardens Resident Advisory Council Member Liliana Martinez testifies (at 26:45 mark on video) on the behalf of 7-Eleven as noted in previous Mayor Sam post.
 What did Legacy LA get in return for their support of 7-Eleven at this hearing?
...... hopefully not a renewal of their GRYD contract.

Your thoughts and drink responsible ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is More Beer and Wines Sales Conducive to Women Health in Sensitive Communities?

They team up again. The latest collaboration between politico State Senator Kevin de Leon and connected non-profit Legacy LA.
Just over a week after a ground-breaking community summit on the troubling rise of beer, wine and liquor establishments in Boyle Heights, two supporters of expansion of corporate beer and wine sales via 7-Eleven, collaborate on a "Woman's Health Fair" near the Ramona Gardens Community this A.M.
.Senator Kevin de Leon and Legacy LA enjoying "the fruits of their labor" on the behalf of corporate beer and wine seller 7-Eleven.
The last we saw the collaboration of State Senator Kevin de Leon and Legacy LA was at a fundraiser for the connected non-profit, in which 7-Eleven was a partial sponsor. This came after the corporate beer and wine chain won approval for a second beer and wine license in Lincoln Heights and forced a much loved American Veteran survivor of the Cambodia "Killing Fields" to lose his American Dream of business ownership, to make way for a third 7-Eleven store in Lincoln Heights next to Lincoln Park.
Legacy LA supporter and former Ramona Gardens Resident Advisory Board Treasurer Liliana Martinez spoke on the behalf of Legacy LA and the Ramona Gardens Community at the 26:45 mark on the video above (with translation help from Councilman Huizar crony Margo Amador). Since then, she and other associates were forced to resigned from the Ramona Gardens RAC because of "financial irregularities".
As previously noted here at Mayor Sam, Martinez can be seen with Gonzalez and Ortega standing with her, at the 21:30 part of the video speaking on the behalf of the Ramona Gardens Community in support of 7-Eleven's efforts to secure a beer and wine license for its store on Broadway and Eastlake in Lincoln Heights. 
Its disturbing to review these videos and ponder how State Senator Kevin de Leon and Legacy LA's support of establishing more options for the purchase of beer and wine in sensitive communities such as Lincoln Heights, increases the chance that women will be prone to more acts of domestic abuse, rapes, robberies and other crimes. But then political and financial considerations has never been a priority when it comes to shilling for corporate beer and wine, right Senator de Leon and Lou Calanche?  

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Hot Political Rumor: Did State Senator De Leon secure $5 Million Dollars of City of Vernon Money for "Connected Non-Profit" Legacy LA?

Blogger Notes: ** Disclaimer, this is only speculation that should never approach the level of reality, but the source of this information is very reliable and well-known in the community. We hope that this post serves as a pre-emptive strike against those who think that "Dirty Vernon Money" will open doors within any community outside of the City of Vernon, especially in CD 14. As former Montebello City Councilman Robert Urteaga remembers,, shilling for the City of Vernon did not open many doors in Boyle Heights and if the likes of Legacy LA's Lou Calanche and State Senator Kevin de Leon think that Vernon money will buy support for the Armory Project, then I predict stormy days ahead for their respective "legacies"---Scott Johnson
What is the bill due to State Senator Kevin De Leon for his support of an "Incorporated City of Vernon"?
Assembly Speaker John Perez and State Senator Kevin De Leon sparing over the City of Vernon "spoils"
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Monday, August 22, 2011

CD 1 Councilman Ed Reyes "Lincoln Heights Killing Zone" for Family Businesses, Pedestrians, and Ethics

"CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes posing in trouble waters of Lincoln Heights".
 As CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes starts his two weeks taxpayer-financed vacation, this former immigrant (legal) family owned business is shuttered due to Councilman Reyes vision of increasing corporate beer and wine sales via 7-Eleven, in this sensitive Lincoln Heights neighborhood.
Mr Ben Lee a Vietnamese survivor of the communist takeover of South Vietnam and witness to the "Killing Fields" of Cambodia (his Chinese background saved his life) , immigrated to the United States and showed his appreciation by serving eight years in the United States Navy. He started his donut business some twenty plus years ago and became an accepted member and friend to the Lincoln Park Community. But his dream of business ownership was the cost to the community for the Lincoln Heights Chamber of Commerce and Councilman Reyes "vision" of business growth. In Councilman Reyes world, the need for more beer and wine sales in sensitive communities, outweighs the benefits of legal immigrant family businesses.
Under the leadership of Councilman Ed Reyes, this Lincoln Heights Crosswalk at Broadway and Sichel just joined the ranks of multiple fatality crosswalks with the death of an elderly pedestrian on July 8, 2011. Many more have been injured in the past but despite vigorous community protests, what has Councilman Reyes done to protect the "crossing public"? More after the blogging leap.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Legacy LA Fundraiser co-hosted by Richard Alatorre and sponsored in part by 7-Eleven

 If anyone questioned the notion that the politicians-created non-profit Legacy LA was not connected, the picture above of Legacy LA's Executive Director Lou Calanche with former boss and CD 14 City Councilman Richard Alatorre should end that thought. BTW, wonder if Alatorre shared with his former staffer what he did for the $79,200 dollars that the City of Los Angels Housing Authority paid him without written contract, between 2005-2008?
 Turnout for Legacy LA Fundraiser at the Hazard Park Armory.
 It pays to shill for more corporate beer and wine sales in sensitive communities. Legacy LA's Mission Statement should state, "supporting increase beer and wine sales in sensitive communities to better serve at-risk youths". (and garner future GRYD Contracts).
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