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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mayor Sam Exclusive: More Accusations of Financial Malfeasance at Academia Semillas del Pueblo

Mayor Sam has learned of more accusations of financial malfeasance at Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School and its defunct Xocolatl Coffee Shop.
 According to our source, it is alleged that Academia Semillas del Pueblo School Officials require all parents of Academia students to purchase a gift card  for the noted coffee shop. As reported  here earlier, Xocolatl was conceived as a revenue-generating entity to support educational programs at the Charter School.
Yet, as noted via the Los Angeles County Health Department website and via discussions with health department officials, Mayor Sam learned that Xocolatl never had a health department license to operate its business. Further, once the coffee shop was close, the school used the location to prep student meals, again without proper health department permits. Mayor Sam is in the process of filing a California Public Records Act request with the Health Department for documentation regarding the licensing, or lack of. regarding Xocolatl. 
 Meanwhile, for those parents who were allegedly force to buy the gift cards, one parent who supplied this balance posted above, is demanding a refund on the balance since the coffee shop is close for business (... and never should of been open in the first place according to a Health Department officials). But the allegation that Academia forced parents to purchase gift card for a coffee shop (that did not have a permit to operated), raises more ethical questions about the lawful operations at the controversial charter school. Policies governing the operations of charter schools, prohibit any form of "tuition" being charged as a condition of enrollment, whether it is in the form of set hours of non-paid work (by parents) or direct  payment.
Your thoughts and responses from school officials are welcome.
Scott Johnson in CD 14



Anonymous Anonymous said:

This is illegal and even more tragic, unethical. This school is suppose to serve low income students from a low income neighborhood. If the parents had the means, there are two parochial schools that charge tuition in El Sereno. What's worse and highly illegal is the rumors that parents were forced to work the campaigns of a local sitting councilman. This should be grounds for the revocation of their non-profit status.

June 13, 2012 11:15 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Maybe we need to RECALL council member HUIZAR too like we are doing it to MONICA GARCIA. KEEP POLITIC FAVORS away from our children.. I guess because their child doesn't attend the school it doesn't matter. LET's RECALL!!! Then politicians will remember WE THE PEOPLE VOTED YOU TO OFFICE!! NOT YOUR PRINCETON EDUCATION..

June 13, 2012 1:03 PM  

Anonymous Le Femme Voltaire said:

Hey I agree that this practice involving giving free work to unethical so called public office holders or as they should be public servants. is outrageous. The practice of pressured volunteering or de facto demanded free labor from those who have problems in paying their bills and feeding themselves seems to be catching on espeially on the part of some non profits. These organizations are supposed to be assisting children from low income families, not gaining political influence from those who are struggling to survive.

June 17, 2012 5:03 PM  

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