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Monday, August 22, 2011

CD 1 Councilman Ed Reyes "Lincoln Heights Killing Zone" for Family Businesses, Pedestrians, and Ethics

"CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes posing in trouble waters of Lincoln Heights".
 As CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes starts his two weeks taxpayer-financed vacation, this former immigrant (legal) family owned business is shuttered due to Councilman Reyes vision of increasing corporate beer and wine sales via 7-Eleven, in this sensitive Lincoln Heights neighborhood.
Mr Ben Lee a Vietnamese survivor of the communist takeover of South Vietnam and witness to the "Killing Fields" of Cambodia (his Chinese background saved his life) , immigrated to the United States and showed his appreciation by serving eight years in the United States Navy. He started his donut business some twenty plus years ago and became an accepted member and friend to the Lincoln Park Community. But his dream of business ownership was the cost to the community for the Lincoln Heights Chamber of Commerce and Councilman Reyes "vision" of business growth. In Councilman Reyes world, the need for more beer and wine sales in sensitive communities, outweighs the benefits of legal immigrant family businesses.
Under the leadership of Councilman Ed Reyes, this Lincoln Heights Crosswalk at Broadway and Sichel just joined the ranks of multiple fatality crosswalks with the death of an elderly pedestrian on July 8, 2011. Many more have been injured in the past but despite vigorous community protests, what has Councilman Reyes done to protect the "crossing public"? More after the blogging leap.
We found this picture via a Google search of "Broadway and Sichel Crosswalk" but then note the date of the Streetblog LA post that was source of photo "June 17, 2008". But as Erika Gallo noted recently, the crusade to save pedestrian lives at the intersection goes back to last century as Councilman Reyes should know.
Have you witnessed a pedestrian get hit by a vehicle? Does the crosswalk leave you in fear? Are you a driver afraid to drive past this unsafe crosswalk? We have had far too many innocent pedestrians turn into victims. The last victim took his final walk in life at that very crosswalk becoming the victim of a fatality on the morning of Friday, July 8, 2011. The community has been demanding a signalized crosswalk since 1993. Enough is enough.

I am working with the mother of a crosswalk victim to get a signal installed at this location.  But, as you know, there is strength in numbers and she and I cannot do this without community support.  We made this same attempt last summer by collecting signatures and attending a Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council meeting with the current board and Councilmember representatives.  Unfortunately, we (as in you and your community) received no support.  Please do your part and sign this petition and continue circulating it.  If you are interested in assisting, we will be at Sacred Heart Church tomorrow collecting signatures.  We need help.  Stop by, even if just for 30 minutes.

Twelve years as Lincoln Heights councilperson and before that as a staffer to former Councilman Mike Hernandez, Councilman Reyes has let this "crosswalk killing zone" take another life.........
As the lost of a beloved family owned business and pedestrian life in Councilman Ed Reyes's Lincoln Heights is not daunting enough, something called "ethics" has become another victim of Councilman Reyes oversight. Note at the 21:30 time on the video above a "Liliana Martinez" speaking on behalf of 7-Eleven with "one Pedro Carrillo" doing his "bocho best" to translate into English. The Liliana Martinez seen above is the same Legacy LA supporter and former Ramona Gardens Resident Advisory Council member featured on this previous Mayor Sam post. Also "the 7-Eleven Consultant Pedro Carrillo" is the same Pedro Carrillo who was an Ed Reyes Campaign Staffer in 2001 and went on to more dubious political exploits in the City of Bell.
And who benefited from Councilman Reyes prioritizing increased beer and wine sales over protecting immigrant families businesses and pedestrian safety? That is one "legacy" that this blogger can do without.
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger Unknown said:

First, I have to say that I glad you focused on this issue. However, the real story is about Legacy LA, and how decisions are being made at City Hall.

Playing the 7-11 "is not appropriate for this sensitive neighborhood" is just laughable though! We have marijuana clinics, massage parlors, and convenience stores selling bath salts for snorting on every corner. 7-11 is really not the evil enterprise you make it out to be. However the lobbyists and politicians that are brokering the deal...that's another story.

August 23, 2011 9:06 AM  

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